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The Top 7 SEO Content Writing Benefits

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When it comes to the top SEO content writing benefits, the numbers don’t lie. High-quality SEO articles can be a huge asset to your business strategy.

Of course, content isn’t just about numbers. Here at BKA, we understand the effect the written word has on brand image and authority. Content can be both persuasive and useful, which is why more and more companies are implementing a content marketing strategy to reach their customers in new ways.

Because content is so valuable, it’s important to create articles and blog posts that are top-notch and optimized. That’s where SEO content writing comes in. With the help of findable content that is engaging and persuasive, your business can thrive and become an expert in the industry.


7 SEO Content Writing Benefits

seo content writing benefits

If you haven’t implemented a content strategy yet (or are reconstructing your previous strategy), you may wonder how SEO content writing can help your company. We guarantee that buying and publishing high-quality SEO content is worth the time and money to create. To prove it, here are seven incredible SEO content writing benefits for your business.


1. SEO Content Writing Improves Search Engine Rankings

Search engines (like Google) bring blog posts, landing pages and websites to users who are looking for them.

But when someone searches for a topic relevant to your business, how do they find your article?

This is where SEO plays a huge part in the success of your content marketing strategy.


How Do Search Engine Rankings Work?

Search engines make it simple for users to find answers to their questions. This is possible due to the complex nature of search engines and their algorithms. Search engines discover URLS, send computer bots (called spiders) to visit and download the websites they find and process key information from the websites they crawl. Once this is complete, the page is indexed, which then makes it available when search users are looking for similar pages.

But how do search engines know when an article can answer a search query? Basically, when a user searches a specific query, Google and other search engines sort through their indexes to find the most relevant articles to answer the query. Specific algorithms rank content based on their relevancy and other SEO factors.

Your goal as a business is to make sure you get on the first page of Google results. To get the most traffic, aim to be in the top ten ranking results. After all, not many people go past the first page, even though there may be thousands of blog posts concerning a certain topic.


How Do You Improve Search Engine Rankings?

how to increase seo content writing search rankings

SEO content writing is written in a way that can easily be interpreted and indexed by search engines. Luckily, Google doesn’t have favorites, at least when it comes to organic content. All you have to do to improve search engine rankings and get to the top page is to incorporate SEO techniques. These include some of the following:

  • Focus your content on specific keywords.
  • Use headings like H2 and H3.
  • Include metadata such as the meta description and title tag.
  • Insert images and use bullet points.

SEO techniques combined with quality content writing can help your blog posts show up when people search specific keywords. You can use content marketing tools to decide which keywords are worth trying to rank, and what keywords people are looking up that are related to your industry.

Because of the many SEO content writing benefits, many companies turn to content agencies to produce the level of quality a piece of content needs to successfully rank. Outsourcing can also save you time so your marketers can spend more time reoptimizing articles, promoting new content and creating topics for new blog posts.


2. SEO Content Writing Brings Traffic To Your Website

increase traffic with seo content writing benefits

Simply put, your search engine ranking efforts are all directed towards one goal: gaining more traffic. When people search keywords related to your industry, you want to be the one who answers their questions. Especially when they are looking for a product or service, you want your website to show up as a good candidate.


How Do You Increase Traffic?

The best way to increase traffic is to up your SEO game. Great content has the potential to earn you backlinks from other industry professionals and insiders. While all relevant (read: relevant) backlinks are helpful, those from popular domains can lead to a surge of traffic in little time.

Not only will backlinks give you traffic, but they can also earn you Google’s esteem, as backlinks are one of the criteria that the search engine uses to rank sites. This, in turn, leads to more traffic as people start to find your website organically – all thanks to your article writing endeavors.

And although search engine rankings should be one of your top priorities, you can gain a lot of traffic through social media sites. SEO content writing is persuasive and high-quality, which entices readers and improves your traffic.



3. SEO Content Writing Builds Brand Authority

increase brand awareness with seo content writing benefits

Included in the many SEO content writing benefits is the capability to build brand authority. Have you ever wondered why some sites with seemingly no reputation are commonly cited by industry experts and major news publications? The answer is simple: The website owner built a reputation for being an industry expert through authoritative content.

Authoritative content is the type of content that informs and helps readers to understand something. You are giving valuable information to someone who needs it, therefore making your business an authority on the subject.

This is a powerful way to show your expertise in your industry. Creating blog posts that answer customer questions directly can help you be seen as a trustworthy source of knowledge. This can be done by any business with information or helpful advice that benefits their customers.


How Do You Create Authoritative Content?

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when creating content that builds brand authority.

First, you need to be honest. Writing false or exaggerated information can repel customers and negatively influence their perspective of your brand. To be an authority in a field, you have to have the knowledge required.

However, there are many ways you can slowly build up authority. Share informational content about basic things in the industry, compile (and cite) resources of other experts and teach consumers about the benefits of the products or services you offer. As you begin to grow as a business, so does your expertise. Content marketing can help you along this journey.

Next, create content for the benefit of the reader. If you want to build brand authority, sometimes you need to sacrifice the desire to advertise or sell your products and instead write something that doesn’t have strings. Sure, you can include links and CTAs, but readers will trust your words more when they don’t suspect you’re trying to sell something to them.

Stick to your brand voice, be honest and find creative ways to help readers. Brand authority is just one of the SEO content writing benefits you can have with a content strategy.


4. SEO Content Writing Increases Brand Awareness

build brand awareness with seo content writing

As you increase traffic and build up your brand authority, this creates ample opportunity for new audiences to find you. Content marketing is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to target new audiences, increase brand awareness and generate new leads.

When you create informative content writing that is optimized for relevant search terms, you increase the likelihood that Google will place your site before new audiences that are interested in what you have to say and offer. High-quality website content writing also increases the likelihood that other industry professionals will link to your content.


Why Is Brand Awareness Important?

Simply put, brand awareness is the first step of any potential customer. Without sufficient knowledge of a brand, people won’t buy your products. If you can create positive brand awareness through content marketing, you help readers feel familiar and comfortable with your company, which can lead to promising relationships and partnerships with them.


5. SEO Content Writing Forms Relationships With Customers

There’s a reason why this kind of content catches the attention of readers and builds up your brand: it’s useful and attractive to the reader. And if you can touch the heart or mind of a reader, you can create a connection that leads to more sales and referrals (which may be one of the most important SEO content writing benefits).

Great SEO content writing educates, engages, entertains and builds trust. Each of these traits is a cornerstone of any great relationship, so it makes sense that investing in quality content writing services is one of the best and easiest ways to form and strengthen relationships with customers and to build brand loyalty.

And of course, customers are important to any business. You want them to be satisfied with the work or products you give them, and hopefully, they’ll want to share those products with their friends! This added connection of informational content can nourish those forming relationships.


6. SEO Content Writing Generates New Leads

SEO content writing generates new leads

The real reason anyone hires a content writing company is that content generates leads and drives traffic. Businesses always need new sources of leads so they can generate revenue.

SEO content writing is the best way to ensure people searching for your products or services can find your site and, once there, decide to do business with you. This is the reason why you want to target keywords related to your industry. If someone is searching for a specific product or service, you want your website to show up in the top 10 for them to find.

SEO content writing focuses on getting the reader’s attention, but it also persuades them along the buyer’s journey. Use links, CTAs and mobile-friendly share buttons to encourage readers to act on what they’ve learned. Of course, you don’t always want to be advertising to them (as most of your content should be informational), but you can slip some strategic marketing efforts in each and every blog post.


7. SEO Content Writing Can Stay Evergreen

While it’s true that many pieces of content are time-sensitive, just as many will still be relevant years into the future. This type of article is called “evergreen content,” which means it can continue to drive traffic for years after its publication date, depending on the relevancy and quality of a piece.

Another great SEO content writing benefit is that this kind of content is designed to produce long-lasting articles and blog posts. And when you start to see a dip in traffic, you can boost it again with little effort on your part, such as by sharing that still-relevant article on social media or linking to it through one of your more recent articles.

Learning how to create this kind of SEO content writing will ensure that the work and effort you put into an article will not go to waste. As any smart business would want, content should be able to last.


How Do You Create Evergreen Content?

how to create evergreen content with seo content writing

Not every piece of content can be evergreen. Announcements, press releases, posts about current issues and seasonal articles add diversity to your pool of content, but they tend to only be useful at one time. These are important to include, but they aren’t the kind of posts that endure the ages.

The kind of content that lasts years and years are about topics that consistently matter to people, such as how-to guides and definitions. These topics can be discussed any season or year. As Neil Patel says, “evergreen content is ever relevant.”

Once you pick a great topic that seems like evergreen material, use these tips to increase its potential to stay relevant:

  • Don’t use specific events, occasions or dates (especially in your title). Of course, if you are creating a guide for big events such as Covid-19, you may find more benefit in the traffic you get during the timespan of the event.
  • Update your content. Although you may have some solid SEO content writing, you’ll want to periodically update the content to help it stay as current as possible.
  • Use the right keywords. When taking the time to create evergreen content, make sure you pick strong keywords to buoy up your content throughout the years.

If past articles are struggling to rank, you may find it useful to repurpose the content into new, more evergreen content. You could make infographics, cut the article into two new topics or share tidbits on social media. If you have high-quality SEO content writing available, there is always a way to improve and promote it.


Discover SEO Content Writing Benefits for Yourself

At BKA Content, we are, and always have been, in the business of creating optimized content for our customers. In the 10+ years since our inception, we’ve flourished from a small WordPress website with a single order form into a robust team of dozens of project managers, hundreds of writers and dozens of editors. We attribute our growth to several factors, two of which include our commitment to producing quality, well-researched and engaging content, and our dedication to adhering to SEO best practices in our writing.

If you want to discover SEO content writing benefits for yourself, work with a team that already has processes in place for gaining rankings through content, such as ours. Contact us today to learn more.

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