What Is Enterprise SEO?

What Is Enterprise SEO?

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If you think of your website as a dinner party, you can consider search engine optimization strategies as the invitations you send to guests. The strategy you use to invite close friends and family members to your home for a casual dinner differs from the one you would use to invite guests to a wedding, right?

Just like invitations draw guests to an event, a good SEO strategy draws customers to your website and makes it more visible on search engines. As your corporation grows, it needs the more sophisticated marketing tactics of enterprise SEO to stay competitive. But what is enterprise SEO, exactly, and how can it help companies thrive?

What Is Enterprise SEO?

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SEO is the practice of creating website content with specific keywords so they are more likely to rank highly on search engines. Enterprise SEO scales traditional tactics to meet the needs of larger corporations with thousands or even millions of web pages on a single domain.

Enterprise SEO is a more sophisticated version of best SEO practices. Large companies need these complex tactics to manage and optimize a larger number of web pages. The goal is to keep individual web pages ranking highly on search engines.

There are five defining characteristics of enterprise SEO. While traditional SEO focuses on improving keyword content for small businesses, enterprise SEO uses other tactics to optimize content on websites that have many pages. These strategies include:

  • Data collection: Websites with thousands of pages have much more data and content than those with only a few hundred. The content volume makes it easier to analyze data and see what users find useful and which keywords are the most effective.
  • Scalability: Enterprise SEO optimizes content across many pages of a website. Each page should have informative, engaging content that is also fresh and unique.
  • Brand recognition: This strategy relies on the recognition of the brand to draw in users and generate sales. It involves carefully crafting content to ensure it accurately reflects the voice of the brand.
  • Cross-channel marketing: You can target a larger number of consumers if you advertise on various platforms and channels. Finding your audience on various platforms boosts your click-through rate and improves the rate of organic searches.
  • Collaboration: Many smaller businesses leave SEO to one person who may also work as a social media manager. Dedicating a team to SEO is a good way for large companies to collaborate with various departments and ensure their marketing strategies are effective.

What Is the Difference Between Enterprise SEO and Traditional SEO?

Enterprise and traditional SEO have the same goal. They are practices to improve search engine rankings, drive traffic to your website, and generate sales. The primary difference between the two is the scale they work with to boost businesses.

Traditional SEO works for small businesses with up to a couple hundred web pages on their site. It focuses on optimizing keyword content to improve organic traffic. Most companies that rely on traditional SEO to boost business can give the job of content creation and optimization to one person.

Enterprise SEO uses the same tactics but on a larger scale. It requires a team of dedicated workers that create content. A large-scale SEO strategy may optimize hundreds of pages with the same template or layout and add unique content and keywords to each one. It may also involve building a bank of backlinks and internal links to boost search engine ranking.

Manage Your Large Business More Efficiently With Enterprise SEO

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What Is the Difference Between Enterprise SEO and Local SEO?

Enterprise SEO is a global strategy that doesn’t target specific locations. Local SEO is commonly used to drive traffic to brick-and-mortar stores or answer questions about a specific region or location.

Local SEO is small-scale optimization. It uses longer keywords that often include specific locations to drive local users to the website. Small businesses that aren’t concerned with using the most competitive keywords benefit from local SEO. Large companies that want to appeal to a global audience should opt for enterprise SEO instead.

Because enterprise SEO competes with global sites instead of local ones, it benefits from using short, highly competitive keywords. It focuses on content expansion rather than making a sale by driving local traffic to a website.

Local SEO gives users specific information related to a location. It may help them find a service company in their area, or it may show them where to buy a certain product in a nearby location. Enterprise SEO, on the other hand, offers broader information. It works well for companies like Amazon and Forbes that have a global presence.

How Do You Succeed With Enterprise SEO?

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The key to creating an effective strategy for enterprise SEO is the same as for traditional and local SEO. You must know your data, analyze your metrics, and tweak your strategy occasionally as needed.

First, make sure your page speed is on point. Users will move on to competitor websites if they spend too much time waiting for your page to load or can’t find the information they are looking for. 

You also need to look at the quality of your keywords to ensure you choose the best ones possible. Enterprise SEO allows you to select short, competitive keywords so you can compete directly with other large businesses.

You must also refresh content periodically. The subject can remain the same, but altering the keywords and adding current statistics builds credibility. Inserting new links into existing content is also helpful.

Finally, ensure that all of your content meets the best SEO practices on a scalable level. Combining pages with certain keywords into subdomains or producing new product descriptions for every page may be helpful. 

Analyze your strategy periodically so you know what is and isn’t working. This information allows you to tweak your enterprise SEO strategy as necessary so you can enrich your company.

Can Enterprise SEO Benefit Your Business?

If you want to do business on a global scale, you need enterprise SEO to take your website content to the next level. Ranking highly on search engines is essential for driving sales to your website, and BKA Content can help with all types of SEO.

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