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How SEO and AdWords Can Work Together

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What if you threw a party and no one came? Most people have faced this fear at least once in their lives. Businesses face it every day, and the consequences are more dire than temporary embarrassment. Search engine optimization and Google AdWords are two tools you can use to ensure customers show up to your party. Understanding how SEO and AdWords work together will help you get the most out of both tools.

How SEO and AdWords Work Together

Blending SEO with Google Ads helps you get the most out of your marketing efforts by:

  • Increasing the opportunities potential customers have to visit your site
  • Driving more traffic to your site
  • Boosting efficiency via the use of the same tools, such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console

The result is more leads and conversions for you at a lower cost.

The Difference Between How SEO and AdWords Work

difference between seo and google adwords

SEO and AdWords are complementary, but are different tools.

How SEO Works

Whenever a potential customer searches for something on Google, the Google algorithm provides a ranked list of relevant search results based on several factors. These factors encompass:

  • The inclusion of relevant keywords
  • The quality of the content
  • Security compliance
  • The user-friendliness of the site
  • The mobile-friendliness of the site
  • The loading speed of the pages

SEO focuses on optimizing your site for search engines and customers by improving these ranking factors. Successful SEO campaigns boost your rankings on the search engine results page and make your content more useful for potential customers.

How AdWords Work

Google Ads are a type of pay-per-click advertising. Google displays these ads alongside organic search results and on partner sites based on various factors, including which keywords you pay for, how much you pay, and the quality of your content. When a user clicks on your ad, you pay a predetermined amount of money to Google.

Ways Google Ads Improve SEO

Both SEO and AdWords work by targeting relevant keywords. You can use Google Ads to test out how well various keywords perform, and then focus on the high-performing keywords when you create your SEO content.

How SEO Improves Google Ads

Google Ads only get people to look at your site. If they don’t like what they see when they get there, they will likely leave without making a purchase.

SEO techniques make your content better. Customers are more likely to stick around and make purchases when clicking an ad that leads to an SEO-optimized site. Additionally, you can use keywords that perform well for your SEO content in your AdWords campaigns.

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Benefits of Using Both SEO and AdWords Together

Combining SEO and AdWords has several advantages over using either tool alone.

Increases Trust

Customers tend to trust organic search results more than paid ads. However, when they can see both in the search results, it creates the perception that your brand is a legitimate player in the industry, and not a fly-by-night operation that just bought some ads on Google.

Increases Return on Investment

SEO costs less money than Google Ads. However, just using SEO means you miss out on the benefits of AdWords. Combining the two reduces your reliance on ads and makes your ads more effective, so you get more bang for your buck.

Builds Lasting Value

AdWords tend to drive traffic to your site faster than SEO techniques. However, the increase in traffic stops when your campaign ends.

SEO techniques build long-term value. SEO-optimized content works together with AdWords to retain customers who visit your site due to an ad campaign long after the ad campaign is over.

Increases the Chances That Customers Will See Your Ads

seo adwords

Google prioritizes customers who bid more for keywords. However, it also factors in the quality of your content when deciding whether to display your ad for a given search. SEO improves your quality score, helping your ads appear more often in search results.

Expands Your Reach

The more businesses there are trying to rank for a keyword, the tougher it is to get to the top of the SERP for that keyword. This is why SEO campaigns typically focus on keywords with high search rates and low competition.

AdWords campaigns can help you show up in search results for keywords that are difficult to rank for in the organic results. Additionally, because Google Ads appear in places other than the SERP, customers have more opportunities to see your ad campaigns.

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