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The Complete Guide To SEO for Painters

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Brushes may be great for detail work, but rollers are kings of coverage and speed. In the same way, search engine optimization delivers benefits that traditional marketing can’t even come close to. Every type of painting business, including the following, can get better results online with expert SEO for painters:

  • Automobile painting companies and body shops
  • Commercial painting businesses
  • Residential painters and drywall installers
  • Industrial coating, finish and paint contractors
  • Wholesale paint suppliers and retail paint stores

Whether you offer painting services locally or operate a national brand, investing in SEO is one of the smartest moves you can make.

Why Use SEO for Painters and Painting Businesses?

SEO uses keywords, links and high-quality content to help your business rank higher in search results. When potential customers search for “best painters near me,” “affordable painters in [city]” or “cost to paint a house,” you want to be on page one.

Incredible Benefits for Your Painting Business

Getting new jobs through painter search engine optimization.

The benefits of SEO content are a perfect fit for small businesses and include:

  • Saving your business money compared to TV ads, paid search campaigns and other marketing
  • Providing search benefits for years, instead of weeks
  • Helping you attract more valuable leads
  • Boosting your company’s reputation
  • Reaching a larger volume of potential customers

SEO is the most effective avenue for directing people to your website, delivering 3X the visitors compared to paid ads. From there, you can sell products online or persuade visitors to schedule an appointment.

Common Obstacles in SEO for Painters

Many painters run into a few obstacles when getting started with SEO. Try the following solutions.

Problem #1: Feeling Overwhelmed

SEO opens up a whole new world of opportunities, but it can also feel overwhelming. In the beginning, you may wonder which direction to go in.

The solution is surprisingly simple: Choose an experienced “guide.” Our team walks you step-by-step through the process. We offer recommendations, show you options and adapt to your budget.

Problem #2: Struggling With Brand Identity

Attracting customers isn’t just about following search algorithms. A good brand identity is what motivates people to choose you instead of your competitors.

Highlight features or qualities that make your team special, such as offering remodeling services or taking the time to move furniture for older clients. Some painting companies use a trendy, edgy vibe as their “calling card.”

Expert SEO Strategy for Your Painting Business

Learn how we take a custom approach to create a strategy that’s perfect for your website.

Problem #3: Not Having Enough Time for SEO

The majority of the over 300,000 house painting businesses in the U.S. are small businesses. When you have a small team (or work alone), it’s practically impossible to give SEO the attention it needs.

To avoid juggling different hats, outsource content creation to us. You focus on your clients, and we take care of your business’s SEO needs. Your business benefits all around.

What Type of Search Optimization Does Your Painting Business Need?

Search engine optimization for painters.

Full-service SEO for painters includes a wide range of improvements for your website.

SEO Content for the Painting Industry

Authoritative content is the foundation of SEO. When you combine the right keywords with expert information, your website naturally ranks higher and gains popularity. Good SEO content should include trending painting topics, expert tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

Website Search Optimization

Like home exteriors, websites require periodic maintenance for SEO:

  • Foundational SEO review: Determines the best way to help your website reach search goals
  • On-page SEO improvement: Adds meta descriptions and title tags to encourage clicks
  • KPI tracking: Monitors key performance indicators such as search engine results page position, keyword activity, clicks and other metrics
  • Content refresh: Keeps top content up to date with revised statistics, new links and fresh information
  • Ongoing keyword optimization: Makes changes as needed to focus on keywords that perform best

If it’s been more than a few years since the last time you gave your website a fresh coat of SEO, it’s time for a makeover.

Technical SEO Audit

Improving search rankings also means checking and fixing technical problems. An SEO audit can:

  • Resolve slow loading times for web pages
  • Improve the layout of your website to make pages user-friendly
  • Make the site look and work better on mobile devices
  • Optimize images for search value
  • Repair broken links

These factors can have a huge impact on site visitors. By shaving four seconds off page loading times, you can increase conversion rates by 200%!

Local SEO

Depending on the size of your business, many of your customers probably live in your city or region. Local SEO techniques, such as geo-targeted landing pages, can give you an important edge for search rankings. Over 70% of users who perform a local search contact a business less than five miles away.

Link Building

Links from respected sources are one of the top factors Google looks at when ranking content. White-hat link-building techniques (such as reaching out to non-competing businesses) follow SEO best practices to help your site gain links. In turn, high-value backlinks tell search engines you have trustworthy content, directing more traffic your way.

How Can We Supercharge SEO for Painters?

Painter SEO.

When it comes to SEO for painters, we’re the Michelangelo to your Sistine Chapel.

High-Quality Content

We believe in quality before quantity. Clients love our in-depth guides, helpful information and dynamic SEO content.

SEO Services Customized for Your Painting Business

We adapt content topics, tone, layout and SEO to your specific objectives. Whether you prioritize commercial bids or luxury homes to paint, we know where to focus.

Painting Industry Expertise

We have over a decade of experience in SEO, white-hat link building and content marketing services. Over the years, we’ve partnered with painting businesses around the world.

Phenomenal Customer Service

Our team pays attention to every detail to make you happy. With our managed service options, you get a dedicated project manager to coordinate your SEO.

Effortless Social Media Management

Search results get even better when you add social media channels to the mix. We can take care of planning, topics and posting automatically.

SEO is our life. We eat Google Analytics for breakfast.

Where Should You Begin With SEO for Painters?

Getting started with SEO for painters isn’t difficult. You just need to decide which spots to “cover” first. Our team can help you analyze your content and develop an effective SEO strategy. Learn how to make the most of your free SEO brainstorming session.

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