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SEO for Plumbers: How To Attract New Clients With Your Website

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In the plumbing business, the more customers you have, the better. Whether you focus on residential plumbing or commercial services, search engine optimization is one of the best ways to find new clients.

As experts in SEO for plumbers, we can help you build a website that stands out online, gets you valuable leads and boosts your revenue.

What Is SEO for Plumbers?

SEO revolves around improving your website’s search rankings. For example, when a potential client searches for “plumbers for home remodeling,” SEO can help your business show up in the search results — preferably as close to the top of the page as possible.

To accomplish this, you need a website that has all the information plumbing customers are looking for. It’s also important to understand how search engines such as Google work. Good search optimization improves web pages, blogs and other website content.

Local SEO

seo for plumbing


Many plumbing professionals work primarily within a city, county or region. Some commercial plumbers take on statewide projects. In all of these situations, local SEO is ideal for online advertising.

For local search, your business uses web pages with location-specific keywords, such as:

  • Best plumbers in [city]
  • [City] plumbing businesses
  • Water heater repair in [suburb]
  • Emergency pipe repairs near me
  • Commercial plumbers in [state]

When Google sees geotargeted content, it’s more likely to choose your web pages when local families search for plumbers. We can use local SEO everywhere on your website, from landing pages to blog posts created with local clients in mind.

An Attractive Website

The beauty of investing in SEO for plumbers is that you’re killing two birds with one stone. The same steps to improve your search rankings also contribute to a better website.

Regardless of your marketing budget, prioritizing SEO is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Optimized web pages impress clients just as much as they impress Google.

Why Is SEO Important for Plumbing Businesses?

Every business benefits from good search rankings, but SEO is especially vital for plumbers and other professional service industries.

Effective Advertising

In the past, homeowners used the phone book to find plumbers. These days, most people (98%) go online instead, searching the internet for local businesses:

  • Several times a week (30%)
  • Every day (20%)
  • Once a week (25%)
  • Once a month (15%)

If you want those potential customers to find you, your business needs a search-optimized website.

Lead Generation

Commercial plumbers rely on SEO to find and nurture leads. When manufacturers, general contractors, retailers, restaurants, and local small businesses need a trustworthy plumbing company, they do research online. Using professional SEO for plumbers is like having an industry contact to put you in touch with high-value prospects.

Financial Stability

While building a good relationship with clients is important for plumbers, you can’t rely on repeat business alone. A year or more can pass before clients schedule another service call, so you need a regular flow of new customers every month. With the interest you get from SEO, you can enjoy dependable work instead of unpredictable calls — no more relying on winter weather emergencies to cover your expenses.

Business Expansion

Search optimization is also necessary if you plan on growing your plumbing business. Local SEO helps you compete effectively in new regions, from neighboring cities to other parts of the state. As you expand your services and the size of your business — perhaps taking on residential construction and commercial plumbing projects — you need to expand your website with related SEO content, too.

Ranking on Page 1 Is No Pipe Dream

High-quality SEO content doesn’t disappoint. See how we’ve helped plumbing businesses like yours.

What Does SEO for Plumbing Websites Involve?

The main goal of search optimization is convincing Google that your business is a great choice for user needs. When ranking search results, Google looks for web pages that have a combination of keywords, high-quality content and expertise related to the topic. For plumbers, getting started with SEO involves five steps.

1. Keyword Research

Keywords are search terms, such as “emergency plumbing” or “how to repair a broken pipe.” Google tries to pair user searches with websites that match the keyword.

Imagine that someone types “How much does it cost to install a tub?” into Google Search. The search engine would generally look for web pages that contain the same keyword and answer the question.

Performing keyword research for your plumbing business means taking the time to learn:

  • What search terms your target audience is using most
  • Which topics potential customers care about
  • Which keywords competitors are ranking for
  • What opportunities are likely to provide a good return on investment

You don’t need a university degree to do keyword research, though having a professional by your side makes things much easier. Moz’s Keyword Explorer is a free tool that lets you search for relevant keywords in the plumbing industry. You can even put a competitor’s URL in the box and see which keywords drive their traffic.

2. Website Optimization

seo for plumbers

Once you know which keyword opportunities support SEO for plumbers in your area, the next step is to build a website around those keywords and topics. Every web page needs to include SEO, from the “foundation” to the “paint.”

New Website

If your current website is from a free template, it’s time to invest in professional web design. The results are night and day — like hiring a graphic designer to add vinyl lettering to your plumbing truck instead of having your kids create something with art supplies.

Existing Website

If you already have a solid website, you can add new SEO content to target a wider range of keywords. While ranking for “best plumbers in Sioux Falls, SD,” you could also rank for “water heater replacement,” “frozen pipe repair,” and similar search terms.

Local SEO

At BKA, we can create geotargeted landing pages for your locations and services, such as:

  • “Residential plumbing in Portland”
  • “Plumber in Forest Grove, Portland”
  • “Top plumbers in Beaverton”
  • “Fairview plumbers”
  • “Best plumbers near Portland, Oregon”

Local SEO is a smart way to connect with many customers cost-effectively.

3. SEO Content

You can’t just toss keywords anywhere on a web page and hope for success. High-quality SEO content uses search terms naturally and provides valuable information for customers at the same time.

Here are some SEO essentials:

  • Web pages for each of your services (pipe repairs, drain cleaning, etc.)
  • Blog posts that cover industry topics
  • Helpful guides (for water heaters, bathroom fixtures, etc.)
  • FAQs for residential or commercial clients

Good content is valuable because it lasts. The same web page or article can reach hundreds or thousands of website visitors.

4. Link Building

Because SEO focuses more on quality content than your advertising budget, even small plumbing businesses can compete with large franchises. When you have trustworthy, authoritative guides on your website, other businesses are likely to link to you as a source.

Link building has a huge impact on how Google views your company. Pages with nine inbound links get 800% more traffic than pages with a single link.

5. Ongoing SEO Support

When your plumbing business invests in a valuable piece of equipment, you take good care of the tool so it performs well for many years. In the same way, ongoing maintenance helps SEO for plumbers keep delivering results: traffic, leads and sales.

Site Audits

Google improves its search engine over time, and your website needs to stay up to date with SEO changes. A site audit checks for issues with traffic, keywords, loading times and links, helping you improve online results.

Content Updates

Google prefers fresh content that addresses current needs. Instead of completely replacing blog articles, you can update them with new statistics and accurate information. This process saves you money and helps you stay ahead of competitors.

Social Media Posts

SEO content helps you attract new customers in the first place, but social media posts help you build a strong relationship with those clients. From helpful tips to friendly reminders, your posts show people how amazing your team is.

What Are the Benefits of SEO for Plumbers?

plumbing SEO

Our amazing search-optimized blogs, web pages, and location-based landing pages provide long-lasting benefits for your plumbing company:

  • Recognition: When you consistently rank high in search results, more people see your name, contact info, products and services.
  • Reputation: Accurate content impresses potential clients, showing that your team is experienced, trustworthy and professional.
  • Traffic: The first page of search results gets significant traffic — 55% of clicks go to the first three positions — so ranking high delivers visitors and valuable leads.
  • Trust: When your content helps customers find the answers and solutions they need, they trust your business more, often leading to return business.

Whether families are searching for emergency fixes or commercial clients need a plumber with decades of experience, SEO helps your plumbing business make an outstanding impression.

What Is the Key to Success With SEO for Plumbers?

SEO helps you reach homeowners, business owners and other clients online. To get the results you want, you need to work with professionals.

At BKA Content, we have extensive experience with SEO for plumbers around the world. Our team delivers exceptional work, and we can save you money. Discover our full range of affordable SEO content services for residential and commercial plumbing contractors.

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