seo article writing service benefits

7 Benefits of a High-Quality SEO Article Writing Service

by | Jan 21, 2021 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

7 Benefits of a High-Quality SEO Article Writing Service

by | Jan 21, 2021 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Marketing your business online isn’t easy. There are thousands of other brands competing for the attention of your audience. One of the key challenges is making sure your business appears at the top of the results when your customers search for relevant terms. Often, the best way to improve your visibility is to work with a high-quality SEO article writing service.

Search engine optimization is a set of processes and strategies designed to ensure that your website is attracting as much organic search traffic as possible. This can be significantly supported by a good content strategy. This has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years for one simple reason: it works.

If you want to set your business up for success online, you should consider creating SEO content. However, you may be uncertain of how to start. One of the best options is to work with a high-quality article writing service, and we’ll show you why.


First, What Are Your Options for High-Quality SEO Article Writing?

seo article writing service

Selecting the right source for your SEO content is essential for making sure your strategy is successful. Here are the four major ways that you can create content for your business:


Do It Yourself

The first option is to write articles yourself. Many business owners default to this strategy, thinking that they can’t afford to hire a writer or a service. However, it takes a lot of effort to create high-quality SEO articles, especially if you aren’t very experienced. Most of the time, the results are less-than-ideal and require a major time investment. Alternatively, you may have someone who is already on your team do your writing. This often has similar results: work that costs too much time and doesn’t achieve your goals.


Hire Someone

hire a SEO content writer

Instead, you could consider hiring a professional writer. An experienced and capable employee can generate high-quality content. However, a full-time employee may be more than you require. After all, you probably only need a few hours of work per week at the most. Additionally, having a single writer working for you means that you are out of luck if that person is out of the office or takes a new job.


Use a Cut-Rate Service

There are myriad blog writing services that will produce SEO content for incredibly low rates. Unfortunately, the adage that “you get what you pay for” is very true for writing. The majority of these almost unbelievably cheap services produce low-quality work that doesn’t yield results.


Use a High-Quality Content Service

For most businesses, the best option is to hire a high-quality SEO article writing service. They may require a slightly larger investment (at first glance) than the lower-quality providers; however, the results more than pay for themselves.


7 Benefits of Choosing a High-Quality Article Writing Service

benefits of using high-quality seo article writing services

Your SEO content has the potential to push your brands to new levels of success online. However, whether you see positive results rests significantly on the quality and efficacy of the content and search engine optimization. The following are seven of the biggest reasons why you should look for a professional SEO article writing services.


1) They Focus on Your Business Goals

All content is not created equal. Knowledgeable and experienced writers can craft high-quality SEO articles that will consistently deliver your desired results.

While your main goal is likely to increase your profits, you likely have some other goals that will support your primary objective. For example, you may want to increase brand visibility by improving organic search traffic. Alternatively, you may want to bring in more leads to your sales team.

Although many of these goals can support each other (you need more traffic to also get more leads), targeted content can help you to be more intentional. A well-written landing page, for example, can increase your lead-capture rate while also increasing your traffic.

Working with a writing service that is focused on your business goals will mean that the content helps your business grow. With a cut-rate service, you could potentially be working with writers who don’t know how to help you realize your strategic goals. Therefore, you are investing time and money and not getting what you want in return. With a high-quality article writing service, you can get specific with the content you need while still getting a wide range of originality.


2) They Create Targeted Content for Your Audience

targeted content

You likely spend a lot of time and effort thinking about and planning the marketing for your business. So, you undoubtedly know how important it is for campaigns to be targeted to the audience. An article that will attract the attention of the general consumer audience isn’t much help if you are trying to bring in enterprise clients.

High-quality SEO article writing services know how to target content to the desired audience. This includes writing about topics that are interesting for that audience and using appropriate language. It also involves selecting keywords that are likely to appear in the audience’s searches.

Better yet, the best blog writing services can create content for multiple audiences. For example, you may sell products for beginners and advanced users. Some content should be targeted at people just starting but other content will need to be more in-depth and complex.


3) They Understand SEO

As mentioned above, SEO and content marketing work best when they are done together. Creating a great website without good search engine optimization is like publishing a book and never telling anyone about it. If no one knows it exists, no one will read it.

Research by Ahrefs indicates that less than one in 10 web pages ever get organic search traffic from Google. In other words, you have your work cut out for you if you want to get your website seen.

The good news, however, is that a high-quality SEO article writing service can help deliver the visibility you want. Experienced SEO writers know how to get your content to rank highly on search engine results pages.

Ahrefs also found that if you can achieve top ranking for one keyword, your page is likely to be in the top 10 for more than 1,000 additional keywords. In other words, if you invest in doing SEO right, you can see serious results.


4) They Write Professionally and Persuasively

professional writer

Most people can write well enough to communicate a simple idea. However, there is a big gap between being able to write acceptably clearly and being able to persuade people with your writing. As a business owner, you want your blog content to be persuasive. You want it to be able to sell readers on your brand, products and/or services.

If you try to write SEO articles yourself, you may struggle to create content that is sufficiently persuasive. Similarly, if you designate someone from your team who isn’t an experienced writer, he or she may not produce content that is up to the standards of your brand.

The same is true for cut-rate blog writing services. Creating high-quality content requires experienced and capable writers.


5) They Are Flexible, Scalable and On-Demand

The best SEO article writing services offer very flexible writing services. So, if you have something that is very time-sensitive, you can usually get a fast turnaround time. Additionally, they can scale with your need and are available on-demand. In short, you are never paying for more than you need and can always get the writing services you want.

Conversely, hiring someone to work on writing in-house is not very flexible. You only have that person’s time each week. If he or she is out of the office, you are out of luck. Similarly, even if you don’t need them full time, you are still paying them. You can’t pick and choose when you want writing services.

Many of the cut-rate services involve a bidding process for hiring freelancers. This is because there are no account managers or dedicated writers. So, although you may want to turn around a topic quickly, you have to wait for someone to bid on your task. Then, you need to hope that the results are good enough.


6) They Take Less Time

The experienced writers working at a high-quality service provider can turn around work much faster than less capable writers. So, you will get good-quality content more quickly than trying to do it yourself or working with a cut-rate provider.

Additionally, it is important to remember the value of your time. Doing it yourself means that you will potentially spend hours on content writing. That time could be better invested in other ways to grow your business. For most business owners, the opportunity cost of trying to write themselves is greater than the cost of hiring a good writing service.

The same is often true of working with a cut-rate provider. The number of revisions necessary to get it right can take so much time that it is more expensive than if you simply hired the right service in the first place.


7) They Offer Superior Returns

return oninvestment from seo article writing services

As with all types of marketing, content should be evaluated based on its ability to provide a return on your investment. This may be in added sales, more traffic, new leads or any other metric that is a goal for your content marketing strategy. Regardless of how you measure success, if an SEO article writing service isn’t delivering on your goals, you may as well be throwing away your money.

When you choose a cut-rate service to try to save money, you may find yourself spending money for very little in return. Just because work was inexpensive, it doesn’t mean that it is a good value. You wouldn’t spend your hard-earned money on useless widgets just because they are on sale. You shouldn’t waste your money on less-than-effective content writing services, either.

Instead, select a content writing agency that can deliver results.


How To Select a High-Quality SEO Article Writing Service

how to choose a high-quality SEO article writing service

Hiring a high-quality writing service can help to ensure that you achieve your business goals. Knowledgeable and experienced writers can deliver results and offer the best possible return on investment. However, you may not be sure how to select the right blog writing services. Here are a few tips you can use to help your search:


Commission a Sample

Find a writing service (or multiple services) and request a sample. In other words, order just one topic. Use this sample to judge the quality of the content. You can see how professional and persuasive the writing is. Additionally, you can even judge whether it is likely to achieve your business goals.


Do a Test Run

If you like the sample but aren’t completely convinced, try running the content on your website. You can track your key performance indicators and empirically determine if the writing service is able to deliver the results you need.


Look for Understanding of Your Business

Although a writer working for your brand for the first time may not be an immediate expert, he or she should have some understanding of your business. So, you should look for an SEO article writing service that has writers who can research and comprehend your business quickly. As you continue to work with the service, that understanding will continue to improve.


Find a Well-Structured Team

choose a structured seo content writing service

One of the apparent differences between high-quality content agencies and cut-rate writing services is that the former group typically has a good management structure. Agencies have account managers who will work with you. They will help to ensure that you are getting what you want. On the other hand, many cut-rate services simply have a bidding platform for finding freelancers.


Check the Revisions Policy

Sometimes revisions are necessary, even when working with a great writer. Some revisions will be the result of you wanting to change or add something to the topic. Others will be the result of the writer misunderstanding your instructions. Understand the revisions policy before you start working with a service.


Find the Right SEO Article Writing Service for Your Business

Working with a high-quality content writing service can help your business flourish. Using the above tips, you can realize all the benefits of working with an excellent service.

If you are looking for better blog writing services, consider BKA Content. We have an organized, capable and efficient team that can deliver a diverse selection of SEO articles based on your unique requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow.

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