Giving Back, One Page At A Time

by | Dec 19, 2014 | Community | 0 comments

by | Dec 19, 2014 | Community | 0 comments

This year, we had an incredible opportunity to donate over 40 coats and 100 books to Mountain View Elementary School in Salt Lake City, Utah on Friday, December 12th as a part of their “Giving Back, One Page at a Time” project.

Mountain View Elementary is a Title I School. It is a school rich with cultural and ethnic diversity, with over 31 different languages spoken there.

When we found out there was a need for coats as well as books for the kids at this school, we jumped at the opportunity to help.” – Katie Price, BKA Account Manager

We worked in tandem with third-grade teacher Tyson Price, as well as other faculty members, to collect the books and coats and to deliver them to the students in person. We made a short video of the entire experience which you can view below.

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