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Learn How To Generate Leads For Your Travel Business

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According to Expedia, 68% of Americans plan to take big vacations, eyeing international destinations such as Bali and Rome. Forty percent of travelers plan to splurge like never before. Now is an excellent time for your travel business to serve customers ready to take the vacation of their dreams. How can you find them, though? One way is learning how to generate leads for travel businesses.

What Is Travel Agency Lead Generation?

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Perhaps you’ve never heard of lead generation. That’s OK; you don’t need a sales or marketing degree to understand it. Leads are consumers who show an interest in your service. Lead generation identifies those people and works to turn them into customers.

Lead Quality Matters

Not all leads are the same, though. Your focus should be on quality leads — in other words, those who are most likely to buy services from your travel business.

Low-Quality Leads

Low-quality leads show up when you pursue the wrong avenues. You may be casting your net too wide.

For example, say you spend several hours cold-calling companies to offer business-travel services. While some express a vague interest, most don’t send employees on business trips or have contracts with travel companies.

High-Quality Leads

On the other hand, consider these examples of high-quality leads. A higher percentage of them are likely to convert into customers. Suppose that the next time you make cold calls you do some research first. You only call businesses that use travel services. This time you have better luck. Some companies are nearing the end of an existing contract and want to look at more options; others aren’t using a travel service and wish to learn more.

You probably don’t spend most of your day making cold calls. Therefore, it helps to know how to generate leads for your travel business with other methods.

How Can a Travel Business Generate Leads?

how to get leads for travel business

Lead generation is a challenge for most businesses. Studies show that 85% of B2B marketers report struggling with it. If you are running a small travel agency, you might not have a sales team to do the legwork for lead generation.

What can you do to generate high-quality leads? Fortunately, you have many tools at your disposal.

1. Posting Consistent, High-Quality Blog Content

A blog is one of the most valuable and effective ways to generate leads. Fundera reports that blogging marketers create 67% more leads than those who do not use blogs.

How Blogging Generates Leads

Does it seem surprising that writing about travel can drive so much potential business your way? Remember that people often look online to seek information or solve a problem. Your blog can answer their travel questions and provide the expert knowledge they want.

People also read blogs for education and entertainment. A reader interested in travel may come across your blog and decide to follow it. Someone conducting travel research may find helpful information and use it as a source.

Now you know some of the reasons people read blogs. Next, it’s crucial to understand how to generate leads for travel businesses by making yours stand out.

Staying Consistent

Consistency benefits your blog in several ways. It entices web crawlers to return to your site to add new pages and deliver results to search engines. Google also ranks websites higher when they have fresh, high-quality content. Additionally, your knowledge database grows with each blog post. Before long, your travel company has a library of information for knowledge-seekers to peruse.

hubspot lead generation case study

Hubspot’s study on compounding leads from consistent blogging.

Many projects are easy in the beginning. You’re fired up and ready to start your blog and add new daily posts. Then other work gets in the way. Soon you find yourself posting a few times a week, and suddenly you realize you haven’t updated your blog in six months.

However, you shouldn’t fret if you don’t have the time or resources to blog regularly. Hiring a blog writing service can keep your travel blog updated with consistent, high-quality content. BKA Content knows how to generate leads for your travel business. It is an industry leader that offers a monthly blog service to keep your content fresh and up-to-date.

Creating High-Quality Content

Naturally, the quality of your blog content affects how people perceive it. Quality also determines if anyone finds it at all. How do you write high-quality content for your blog? You should keep a few key points in mind:

  • Know your audience: Identify who you are writing for, then publish blogs that interest them. If you’re primarily a B2B agency, for example, you may focus on business travel instead of family vacations.
  • Conduct research: Your blog should position you as a travel authority. You probably know your industry and can write as an expert. However, it’s good to verify statistics and link to high-level sources.
  • Write error-free posts: Errors and inaccurate information detract from your credibility. Make sure your grammar and spelling are perfect and double-check facts and figures before posting.
  • Post good SEO content: Part of knowing how to generate leads for a travel business is understanding SEO. Effective SEO content helps you rank high in online search engines.

Get High-Quality Travel Content Written For You

Check out our monthly blog writing services for affordable travel content that is fully researched, search engine optimized and engaging to readers.

2. Enhancing Your Website for Lead Generation

You put lots of hard work into your blog content. Naturally, your website should reflect your company’s quality. Blogging is also an essential element of generating leads for your travel business.

Using a CTA

Research the pages your visitors frequent most often and put a call to action on each of them. They may include your home page, chat window or email marketing click-throughs. Put one on your home page if you’re unsure where to start.

Some CTA ideas are:

  • Offering travel eBooks
  • Joining an email list
  • Subscribing for updates

Consider personal CTAs to get more bang for your buck. Calls to action with a personal touch perform 202% better than standard CTAs.

Generating Leads for Your Travel Business With Photos

get travel leads with photos

Can you imagine a travel site without any photos? No beaches, nighttime cityscapes or mountain vistas? Most people would probably navigate away in a hurry if they didn’t find images. Your travel site should visually advertise the benefits you bring to your customers.

Choose images that reflect your niche. An agency specializing in international travel can include photos of exotic locations. A corporate travel company may display pictures of relaxed and confident business professionals in various locations.

Invest in professional, high-resolution photos and videos for your website. Your images are a reflection of your company’s quality.

Writing Easy-to-Read Content

The copy on your website should have short, clutter-free sentences that are easy to skim. People scan website content, looking for keywords, bullet points, subheadings or other information in a hurry. The more you can break your copy into skimmable content, the more effective it is.

Keeping Contact Information Prominent

Part of generating leads for your travel business is helping your customers reach you. Readers should find contact information on every page. You can also include a separate “Contact Us” page with detailed information and an online form.

3. Using Social Media

With more than 70% of adults on social media, it’s crucial to harness its potential for lead generation for travel companies. Social media platforms are excellent channels for:

  • Sharing eye-catching travel photos
  • Posting polls and questions to encourage engagement
  • Offering up-to-the-minute travel advice

The best strategy for social media lead generation is to limit promotional posts. Make about 80% of your posts personal or informational.

Are You Ready To Generate Leads?

Does this information on how to generate leads for travel businesses sound like a lot of work? It can be. However, partnering with a professional content service can ease the burden. BKA Content checks the boxes with high-quality blogs, SEO content writing and subscription services. Get in touch today to see how BKA Content can help with your travel agency lead generation.

The BKA Writing Team

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