6 Ideas for Great Evergreen Content on E-commerce Sites

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Although trendy, topical content has the capacity to spread quickly, it has a shelf life, limiting its long-term impact. Evergreen content, on the other hand, remains relevant for years, so new customers regularly find it. It also provides an opportunity for your content to organically make its way up the page rankings since it will continually be shared and found. That is why it is a pillar of a strong content marketing strategy. As an e-commerce site, there are plenty of opportunities for solid evergreen content for your website.

3 Steps to Create Evergreen Content:

The steps for creating evergreen content do not differ much from creating any type of content. It all begins with the right content marketing strategy that incorporates high-quality, relevant and unique content.

Start With Keywords

One of the best places to mine for evergreen content ideas is your keywords. You can search through Google’s Keyword Planner and Google Trends to get an idea of the most relevant keywords and topics for your company. Not every keyword works as a topic itself, but they provide a great springboard from which to build topic ideas.

Google Trends

You might even have the opportunity to create several pieces of content off of the same general topic and keywords. For example, you could create a blog that covers a general topic and then have shorter blogs that go into more detail about the items brought up in the blog. Remember that content is not just about articles; you can also create videos, infographics, podcasts, webinars and more around the same keywords.

Create Content of Value

When developing content based on keywords, go beyond just stuffing in the words for your SEO rank. Find ways to answer the most important questions that customers might have while in the buying process, especially during the research phase. Demonstrate your extensive knowledge and provide service through your content. This helps you to also build your authority on the topic, and you offer something of value to your consumers.

Update As Needed

Although this content might be evergreen, it does not mean that you simply publish it and never think about it again. There are times where you might need to update it. For example, if you create lists of the best products, you might want to do a new one each year to feature new and improved products. Infographics or content incorporating statistics might require an update after a new study comes out.

6 Non-Blog Ideas for Evergreen Content

As stated above, do not only think of blogs in terms of evergreen content. There are plenty of content marketing methods to include in your content marketing strategy that provides quality evergreen content ready for sharing and ranking.

Case Studies and Testimonials

One place to mine for evergreen content is from user reviews. Take success stories from your satisfied customers and create a narrative that tells the story of how your product helped them overcome a challenge or achieve their goals. Create a case study that details the process from beginning to end, demonstrating ways in which your products helped the customer. For example, if your store sells home improvement products, you can tell the story of one customer as they renovated their bathroom. 

5 Star Review

Product Details with Video

As an e-commerce site, you want to provide information to customers to help them decide what to purchase. You have the opportunity to do more than just share the basic product details from the manufacturer. Not only can you create content through unique product descriptions, but you can also generate more information on the products through video, frequently asked questions and additional information. Add a size chart for anything that might have dimensions, such as snowboards, furniture, tools and of course clothing. Incorporate an infographic that breaks down the item or include a video that gives a 360-degree view of the item.

Buying Guides

Another great service you can offer your customers is a buying guide. This details what they need to know to purchase a certain item, including ways to compare different brands and choices. For example, if you sell televisions, then create a buying guide that describes the different features customers should compare, such as screen size, picture quality, pixel quality, device compatibility and more.

Glossary of Terms

If you work in an industry with a lot of unique terms, then a great idea for relevant evergreen content is a glossary of terms. This provides customers a resource that also helps you to build your reputation as an authority in the industry. It also has a high chance of organically having a high click through rate, which improves your SEO. Take MarineDepot.com for example. They have created a lengthy page on the many terms used in the aquarium hobby.

Marine Depot Glossary

Tips and User Guides

Another rich area from which to mine for evergreen content is tips on how to use your products. You or your content marketing service can create white pages and videos that are tutorials on how to use your products. Alternatively, you can offer tips on maximizing the lifespan of a product. Even simple products have a wide variety of uses that could be incorporated into a blog post on tips on how to use it. For example, you could create a user guide for binder clips that incorporates different uses, such as using them in lieu of bag clips to store food.

Complementary Content

Relevant content is a solid part of any content marketing strategy. Do not be afraid to go beyond your basic content and incorporate some additional information that complements your products and services. You can find great topics on which to write through looking at data that shows you what your customers are interested in. Review the data to see what information people tend to search for in connection with your products. Then, provide that information for them all in one place so they never have to leave your site. For example, if you sell travel packages, then you could have evergreen content with the best places to visit while in a particular country.

There is a wide range of evergreen content that you can incorporate on your website to offer a rich array of resources for your customers. This improves the customer experience and provides them with all the information they need to make decisions on buying an item. As an added bonus, the content improves your search rankings and has an increased chance of going viral, all of which brings you more traffic.

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