Creating Branded Content To Tell Your Company’s Story

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Branded content assists customers in relating and engaging more with your company, and one way to develop this is to create a story. Narratives activate a variety of elements in the brain that helps solidify the experience and related emotions in our memories, which can even have the power to alter our actions, according to The New York Times.

Storytelling in business is not about fictional content; it is about adding character to your brand so that people engage with you on a more personal and emotional level. To create the right branded content for your story, there are a few key components you must have.


One of the most important components of your content marketing campaign is that it is authentic. Consumers often turn their back on brands that do not come across as transparent and authentic. Your brand’s story also must be original to stand out from your competition and make an impression. A simple, honest and original story goes a long way in building a relationship with your customers.

The Human Element

A good story ultimately engages with consumers on an emotional level by illuminating the human element of your company. This helps your customers to buy into your brand, not just make a one-off purchase. Write about your staff, owners, founders, customers and other people involved in your business. However, do not create a story that simply applauds your corporation. Tell people why your company is unique and interesting and include them in the conversation.

Create an Identity

For a story to work, it is essential you feature characters. To do this, create an identity for your company. This could be the caring therapist, the laid-back surf shop or the fun-loving café. Consider the personalities of your target audience and create a persona for your company that matches them to help them relate to your company.

Considerations For Your Own Story

There are many aspects of your company that could contribute to your brand’s story. Look closely at the internal aspects of your company and your typical interactions with consumers for ideas. Contemplate the culture of your workplace and how it nurtures the voice of your company and your interactions with customers. Consider the branding you already have in place and how a story could be created to back it up.

Branding is about creating a universal image for consumers to recognize at all times, so it takes multiple messages to cement it while also elaborating on the story for additional insight into your brand. When developing the story to tell, it is most important that you develop engaging content that is memorable for your users and utilize it throughout your content marketing campaign.

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