7 Tips for Humanizing Your Brand

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Humans trust, relate to, and connect with other humans. This is why it’s critical to provide the names and faces behind your business. It demonstrates that your branded content reaches far beyond just a corporation set on making a profit. In fact, some businesses have mastered the art of humanizing branding by balancing it with the people behind it, making it memorable and relatable to the audience. Here are the top seven ways to show your customers the remarkable people that make up your brand.

  1. Transform employees into brand promoters. Encouraging employees to share positive content about the business or even building a team of thought leaders can help humanize your brand in a very impactful and positive way.
  2. Highlight your staff. Recognizing that there is a team behind the brand is in itself influential. Use photos of real people who are employees at your business and emphasize the relatable and humorous characteristics of your staff members. Showing the people behind the industry helps develop trust with potential consumers and also increases loyalty.
  3. Customize your automated campaigns. To humanize your brand, you need to ensure that you personalize every touchpoint you have with a lead or customer. Whether it’s using the person’s name in an email or utilizing direct first or second person language, implement marketing tactics with personalized messaging. Connecting on a personal level helps your customers feel the human components of your brand.
  4. Showcase your social team manager. The brands that excel at humanizing are those with a dedicated, collaborative group working together to build that component of the business. Someone who’s social, creative, and a natural problem-solver with enthusiasm for supporting people is the ideal team leader.
  5. Write with character. Infuse all of your website content with personality, including emotion, humor, and wit. The character-infused segments will fluctuate depending on the writing style of your content contributors and that’s okay, because your brand doesn’t have to cling to one voice.
  6. Send swag and welcome letters to new and loyal customers. It might not be possible to send something to each new client, but you can provide a personalized thank-you letter and exclusive offer to regular buyers, or design a custom onboarding experience by sending out a message from their dedicated account manager greeting and welcoming them to the family.
  7. Share failure stories. Your audience will relate when you share your failures and frustrations, not just successes and achievements. People like making connections, so share with your blog readers a few of your stories about how your business helped a customer overcome disappointment and failure.

The difference between branding we remember and one we easily forget is the ability to create humanized and relatable content that sparks a connection between audiences. Humanizing your brand is crucial to long-term business growth and gaining more loyal customers. Infusing your brand with human elements is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.

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