Website content creation for about us pages

16 Examples of Website Content Creation for Amazing About Us Pages

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

16 Examples of Website Content Creation for Amazing About Us Pages

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

When building a website, it can be so tempting to get caught up in all the bells and whistles of the design. While aesthetics and layout are essential to retaining website visitors, content is key to attracting the right people and convincing them to choose you over your competitors. However, not just any content will do the trick. You need compelling content that tells a story, which is why many businesses choose to outsource their content needs to website content creation companies.


Your About Us Page: Does It Really Matter?

While every piece of content on your website should reflect your brand’s identity, goals and values, your About Us page should serve as the foundation on which you build your entire website. As such, it needs to be well-written and, because it’s often one of the most overlooked pages, it needs to stand out.

Using website content creation service for About Us page

While it may seem unimportant to you to focus your resources on a page that not everyone will read, your efforts can pay off. Individuals who do read company profiles are likely in the process of making a major purchase decision. Below are a few examples of people who commonly refer to company profiles, and in what situations:

  • Individuals who are in the market for legal, medical or consulting services.
  • Professionals who wish to partner with new vendors.
  • People who are interested in organizations with which they have never done business.
  • Investors who want to learn more about a potential new partner.
  • Job seekers who want to determine if an organization is a good fit for them.
  • Influencers, journalists and content creators who need to learn more about a company to craft strong and accurate content.

To drive home the importance of an About Us page in the sales process, Nielsen Norman Group studied this overlooked asset for over a decade. In one study, the group asked 20 participants from various backgrounds to attempt to learn more about organizations’ purposes, locations, values, missions and histories from their websites, and to complete a series of tasks. As Nielsen Norman Group anticipated, participants rated the About Us page as the most helpful of all landing pages. The participants also shared what made an About Us page stand out in favorable ways.


The Makings of a Strong About Us Page

In the course of its research, Nielsen Norman Group has consistently found that website users appreciate About Us pages that are easy to find and understand. However, recent studies reveal that consumers are pickier today than they were 10 years ago. Now, users prefer company profiles that are authentic and transparent. Elements participants cited as being the most helpful in achieving both characteristics include the following:

  • Realistic and/or candid photography
  • Storytelling
  • Unbiased employee and customer reviews
  • Multiple ways for individuals to connect with real people within the company

Out are the days of corporate-speak, incomprehensible jargon and bad stock photography. In are the days of human, customer-focused and conversational content that reveals a company culture in which people are proud to be themselves.

Creating a profile that does all that and then some sounds easy, right? Not so fast.

There’s a reason people outsource their landing pages — including the About page — to content creation services. If you want to realize all your goals for your website, you would be wise to do the same.

Before you order your content from a website content creation service, put together a loose concept of what you want your About Us page to look like. Use these examples to guide your efforts.


Our 16 Favorite About Us Pages and Why We Love Them

Other than being authentic and transparent, there isn’t exactly a formula you need to follow to deliver a stunning About Us page. You simply need to give prospects a reason to fall in love with your brand. Below are 16 About Us pages that effortlessly accomplish this goal.


1. Harley-Davidson

Harley Davidson

When people think of freedom on the road, they think of Harley-Davidson. This is the case despite the fact that there are other motorcycle companies that manufacture machines that are just as timeless as the Harley. The brand knows what it stands for, and it embraces it wholeheartedly through a stunning hero image that showcases equal parts of its bike, its riders and the everyday American scenery passing by in the background.

The hero text is pretty powerful, too. Then there’s the navigation bar beneath it, making it easy for visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for. Do you want to know what Harley-Davidson stands for? Click “Our Mission.” How did the brand get where it’s at today, and where does it plan on going? Visit “Our Strategy.”

The page’s copy, which begins with a story that dates back to four guys in a garage in 1903, is simple yet speaks exactly to what the brand stands for. Evident by the use of terms and phrases such as “proudly,” “authentically,” “rebel spirit,” “timeless” and “adventure,” it’s clear that the brand’s copywriting services knew exactly what it was doing.


2. Cultivated Wit

Cultivated Wit

Cultivated Wit’s motto is “We Make Fun,” and everything about its website (from its straightforward copy to its very important poll to its colorful portfolio) tells us that this is true. In case you don’t believe the homepage, though, head over to the About Us page.

If this picture alone doesn’t make you want to meet these guys, the brand’s simple mission statement and surprisingly deep “Why Us” section will change your mind. The great thing about the company profile — and the entire website, actually — is that it speaks to a company that truly embraces its own brand of quirk and that doesn’t care if you accept the people behind it or not.


3. Eight Hour Day

Eight Hour Day

EHD is a company that has designed for the likes of Target, Facebook, Random House, The New York Times, Purina and Lowes. Despite its impressive client roster, its About Us page is down to earth and introduces you to the real people behind the brand. When you click on the link, you’re immediately greeted by a simple mission statement and a pair of smiling artists.

When you scroll further down, you learn the names behind the faces, what they stand for and why they do what they do. The page then ends with straightforward contact information, as well as other ways visitors can connect with the duo. It’s simple website content creation at its finest, which is why the page is so powerful.


4. Less Films

Less Films

LessFilms promises to create videos you love, that your customers love and that convert. It’s all they do, so it makes sense that its About Us page would lead with a video. As its name implies, less is more with this brand — and, as a video company so confident in its artistic capabilities, it assumes the video will tell you everything you need to know. While content creation services were likely not necessary to build out the “LessFilms Facts” section, the fast facts do tell you wonders about the people behind the videos, what they value and what they do.


5. Humaan


Humaan’s About Us page contains all the makings of a great company bio:

It has the stats.

It tells visitors about the people behind the brand, what they do and how long they’ve been doing it.

It includes a rotating roster of clients.

It shares client testimonials.

It covers the brand’s services and solutions.

It lists its awards, contains videos and closes with all the ways visitors can contact the team.

And it’s just plain fun. Seriously, check it out for yourself.


6. A&W

A & W

When it comes to storytelling, the A&W website content creation team hit the ball out of the park. “It started with a cold, creamy root beer on a hot day …” the hero heading begins. We don’t know about you, but that sentence alone takes us back to the simpler days of trying to eat a soft serve before it melted, of chasing down the ice cream truck, and of evenings at the ice-cream parlor grabbing an after-dinner milkshake.

From the humble opening of the first root beer stand in 1919 to A&W’s 100th anniversary in 2019, the page chronicles, in timeline style, all the major moments in the brand’s history. To complement the copywriting services, the brand pairs each blurb with an authentic, historic photograph. The page is truly a work of art that informs, tells a story and evokes a variety of emotions — one of the strongest of which is nostalgia.


7. Lateral-Inc.

Lateral Inc

“To care, beyond the ordinary.”

This is the mission of the San Francisco- and New York-based “Creative Company” made up of self-proclaimed dreamers and inventors who “think differently.” And think differently they do, evident by every aspect of their website, from the quirky Design page with a button that says “Don’t Click Me!” to the interactive About Us page, where you learn each team member’s name, where they’re located and how they spend their time.

As wordsmiths, we believe in the power of strong website content creation; however, we can’t help but applaud this brand’s ability to convey its core values and competencies through design alone. However, it’s clear from the get-go that this brand doesn’t just talk about it — it is about it. The About Us page showcases the team’s design and technological capabilities, its ingenuity and, of course, its caring nature in little more than 100 words. Now that’s impressive.


8. Full Sail University

Full Sail University

What’s not to love about this university’s About Us page? Though the hero banner, which makes use of imagery, text and video, is designed to appeal to the dreamer in all young people, what lies beneath the fold reassures skeptics and parents alike that this university has the resources and experience to help students realize their full potential. The copy clearly conveys that the university’s leadership is serious about helping students hone their art forms and develop relevant skills that will allow them to pursue their career goals in real-world environments. Some other things the page does right are as follows:

  • Includes statistics
  • Lists awards and recognitions
  • Covers the university’s history
  • Explains the school’s mission
  • Redirects parents to a page with additional information
  • Redirects visitors to an FAQ page


9. Quip


Through storytelling, photography, graphics, emojis and employee testimonials, Quip cleverly guides visitors through its story in a compelling way. Though the founders certainly have impressive backgrounds — one is responsible for Facebook’s “Like” button, and the other brought the Google App Engine to life — the cool thing about this page is that it focuses on the company as a whole, not those two.

As a brand focused on making the most of each minute of every workday, Quip uses each element of the About page wisely. Every word, visual and design element serves a purpose and guides the viewer one step further along the journey to get to know the team, its values, its capabilities and its purpose.


10. Marc Ensign

Mark Ensign

Marc Ensign’s About Us page is a testament to the power of quality website content creation. Marc’s company profile differs from others on this list in that it almost exclusively relies on strong storytelling to pull readers in. Evident by its place on this list, the text-happy tactic works.

Of course, there are a few visuals on the page, as it’s copywriting 101 to break up large blocks of text in some way. However, we’re confident it’s Marc’s ability to tell his story in a conversational manner that secured him shared spots on the stage with the likes of Simon Sinek, Gary Vaynerchuk, Chelsea Clinton and Jay Baer.

At the end of his story, Marc signs off with a personal call-to-action: “Let’s be friends.” As if anyone can deny that offer, he throws in some humor for good measure.


11. Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Hammocks in and of themselves make people happy, but when those hammocks are brought to you by a company that’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty, one hand-woven hammock at a time, they become irresistible. So, too, does the company.

Every block of text on Yellow Leaf’s About Us page hits all the feels and makes you want to shell out a good portion of your paycheck to, as the brand so eloquently puts it, “Do good while relaxing.” To complement the thoughtful website content creation, the page uses video to take you on a tour of the hills of Northern Thailand, photography to teach you more about the people behind the hammocks and imagery to inspire new ways in which you can use your own hammock to escape. The page incorporates each new element seamlessly and in positive and inspiring ways.


12. Tumblr

Talk about a brand that believes in being one with its community. Tumblr’s About Us page is not only unpretentious but also seamlessly integrated into the platform itself.

A mere three paragraphs, the copy on the page is short and sweet, but it clearly conveys what the platform is all about. Come, create, explore and connect, the site says. And, the profile assures you, if lurking is more your speed, feel free to hang around — it’s no big deal.

In addition to featuring a conversational, down-to-earth tone, the page boasts a hero banner that transitions between several attention-grabbing images from users across the platform. It also gives credit to those users and makes each image shareable and heart-able, indicating that it believes Tumblr isn’t about the company itself, but rather the users.

Quick stats at the bottom of the page tell you when Tumblr was founded, who runs it, where it’s located and how many posts it boasts today.


13. Facebook


If you’ve never actually visited Facebook’s corporate website, you’re not alone. Consider hopping off the social platform and over to — a whole website dedicated to discussing the brand’s mission, vision, values and people. Talk about going above and beyond with your About Us section.

As to be expected from this social media giant, the execution of this multi-page company profile is flawless. It incorporates video, images of real people in real-life scenarios, employee testimonials, hard-hitting content, numbers, interactive charts and more to tell its story. The website is easy to navigate and seamlessly guides you from one page to the next with strategically placed calls-to-action, links and buttons.


14. Nutshell


Let’s the count the ways we love this brand’s About Us page, in a nutshell … (See what we did there?)

  • The hero banner is a compilation of GIFs of salespeople we presume are loving their jobs and passionately pitching the sale.
  • The next fold explains why we were greeted with that banner, in a nutshell. (OK. OK. We’ll stop.)
  • The majority of the page is dedicated to the people behind the technology, which is just the way we like it. When a cursor is placed upon each image, it reveals a very important tidbit about the team member in question. For instance, Jack enjoys compulsively turning content into memes. Anne is an expert at throwing tea parties, and Andy’s favorite mode of transportation is the bicycle.

We also want to give a shout out to the leadership team for recognizing that every team member’s role is of equal import. Instead of listing founders, co-founders and board members first, the page lists bios alphabetically, meaning you’ll find co-founders Ian, Guy and Lindsay mixed in with all the other VIPs from various departments. It’s little details like this that may seem trivial to some but that can make a lasting impression on others.


15. SpaceX


SpaceX is an organization that researches and invests in rocket science, but its website content is down to earth. The content explains the brand’s mission in a way that’s not just easy to understand but also inspirational. It convinces anyone who reads it that nothing is impossible — not even multi-planetary humanity.

Through an interactive timeline that dates back to 2008, the Mission page tells SpaceX’s story — successes, failures and all. This is inspirational, as it proves that for every step back, humankind takes a giant leap forward.

The page appeals to investors and the everyday consumer alike, as it focuses almost exclusively on what makes SpaceX rockets different: their reusability, namely. To prove this point, SpaceX provides handy illustrations of how the rockets can safely land on the organization’s floating spaceport drone ships and land-based landing zones.

Below the illustrations, the page invites you to learn more about SpaceX and its facilities, along with multiple ways to reach out to the brains behind the missions. The SpaceX team did an out-of-this-world job on their website content creation.


16. Yummly


Yummly claims to be the smartest food platform in existence, yet its About Us content is to the point and speaks to every home cook’s pain points. This simplicity, combined with stunning images of prepared and savory-looking meals, is precisely what makes the page so impactful.


Is Your About Us Page Living Up to Its Potential? Hire a Website Content Creation Team

Though often overlooked, a well-thought-out, visually appealing and content-rich About Us page can set you apart from your competitors in all the right ways. If your company profile is another uninspired landing page, it’s not doing your brand any services. Find inspiration in one of the above 16 pages, or research some of your own. Then, when you’re ready to take this forgotten page and turn it into the heart and soul of your website, reach out to our website content creation team. We’re ready to deliver the powerful content you need to make your About Us page work harder for you.

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