Why I Love My Job (and Legos too)

by | Nov 11, 2015 | Reviews | 0 comments

I’ve known Matt and Greg since long before they were even legally allowed to have a job.  So when the opportunity to write for their growing company opened up, I jumped on it, knowing that they are great people and that they would help make this a positive experience for me.

I was nervous about my ability to understand and write what they needed, but felt encouraged by their excitement in helping me to succeed.  Along the way I had the chance to meet Phil, who might be the nicest of them all.  All three men are honest and hard working, and are willing to help their writers in any way they can.

I am a mostly stay at home mom to four kids, so my days are consumed with multiplication tables, sippy cups, and lots of whining.  Writing for BKA gives me a chance to flex my brain and develop my writing talent.

I’ve always loved writing and felt it came naturally to me, and turning that skill into a moneymaker seemed like the perfect idea.  What sounds better than working from home, choosing how much I work, and working at my own pace?  Add to that the fact that I get to interact with the outside world on a professional level, essentially choose the amount of my paycheck, and buy plenty of Lego sets for my kids without guilt, and the opportunity was too good to pass up.

One day I was driving home from one of many doctor appointments and I realized that I was truly excited to check the spreadsheets to see what new work had come in while I was gone.

I started thinking of the fact that every morning after my kids left for school, the first thing I did was open up my computer and look for new work to complete.  I realized in that moment that I was more excited to see the spreadsheets than I was to check out my Facebook page!  Apparently the perfect opportunity had turned into the perfect job that made me excited to “go to work” every chance I got.

I’ve always felt that the best jobs are the ones that you enjoy, no matter how much they pay.  No amount of money is worth being unhappy every day.  I love writing for BKA not only because of the flexible schedule, set your own pace mentality, and regular paycheck, but also because of the positive feedback I get in creating something that is unique and original every time I write.

Granted, I’ve made four humans, but there is something rewarding about knowing that my brain and the way I think is valued by the world.  In knowing that I have a talent and skill that helps businesses to be successful that I get paid to use.  I feel an obscene amount of pleasure that goes beyond monetary value as I save a piece of work that I feel was written particularly well.

I love my job because I have an investment in something that is growing and expanding every day.  I feel excitement for Matt, Greg, and Phil every time a new opportunity opens up or a new client is landed.  I take pride in knowing that my content has helped them to be successful, and am excited for what the future holds.