Why BKA Content Is the Best Place To Work

by | Nov 12, 2015 | Reviews | 0 comments

While some might consider working at home with three crazy little boys running around to be a curse, there are some who actually love it. With the help of BKA Content, mothers (like me) are able to stay home, take care of their family, do something that they enjoy, and earn money all at the same time. The benefits of working for BKA Content heavily outweigh the disadvantages (none of which I have actually found…yet). The following are some of the reasons why I love my job:

An Outlet for Typing

I love to type. Ever since my Junior High keyboarding class, I have been an addict. Not only do I type on the keyboard, but I “air-type”. When I drive down the road, I find my brain typing out the road signs. While my fingers are not actually moving, my brain is telling them to. Weird, but true. I also type conversations that I have with people, and even just random songs that are stuck in my head.  All without consciously realizing it. Come to think of it, it could possibly be a disease.  Either way, that’s part of who I am.

The Home Factor

I admit, I love being home with my kids. When the possibility arose that I might be required to get a job in order to survive, I almost had a heart attack! Could I possibly leave my children for hours at a time in the hands of someone else?  You just never know, they could end up being corrupted. Luckily, I found BKA Content from a job ad at KSL.com and sent them an email, completely oblivious to what an SEO article even was. By some miracle, they saw potential in me (I guess…). The result: a job. Not just any job, but one that I could do from home, in the midst of the chaos, the temper tantrums, the snacks, and the bug collections. It’s great! Seriously, who would want anything more?

Lessons Learned

Through my experience with BKA Content I have learned many lessons. The top ten lessons I have learned are:

  • I can type 113 WPM. Yes, I am awesome.
  • There are  certain products and services that I’ve written about that I will never buy.  Amazing how a little bit of good research can be enlightening.  Not everything out there is awesome.
  • Greg and Phil totally seem like family guys. Awesome? Yes!
  • Matt seems like a party animal and should get married (source; Facebook). Also awesome!
  • “Catch Phrase” is the perfect game to brush up on SEO writing/thinking skills (I’m done with awesome’s).
  • I shouldn’t procrastinate work that is due on Monday morning at 8 am. I think I have done it every week, however. Maybe that one is a lesson still to be learned.
  • It is hard to be objective on some topics. Hard, but not impossible.
  • Home Depot sells a lot of unexpected, yet cool things!
  • It is easier to type with short fingernails (which also makes it easier to play the guitar. Killing two birds with one stone…).
  • Just because Google finds it, that doesn’t mean an industry “professional” had to write it. There are thousands of informative, high-quality articles on the internet that were written by a 30 year old stay at home mom who, in the beginning, didn’t have a clue what she was actually writing about (and I always considered it scripture. Ha!).
  • You can actually trust people you meet on the internet!  Well… some of them anyway.

As you can see, there are actually eleven top lessons I have learned. That’s just how fantastic it is working for BKA Content!