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White Label Guest Posts: How They Work and Where To Find Them

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Guest posting is a great way to drive more traffic to your company’s website. However, creating high-quality guest posts requires a significant investment in time and money. Purchasing white label guest posts is a way to reap the benefits of guest posting without the high costs associated with traditional guest posts.

What Are White Label Guest Posts?

Guest posting is when you create content for someone else to publish on their website under your name. A white label guest post works the same way, except instead of creating the content yourself, you hire a third party to do it, while still being able to put your own name on the content.

What Are the Advantages of Using White Label Services?

Publishing a white label guest post has multiple benefits.

Saves Time and Money

Low-quality guest posts that do not add value for the reader of the publisher’s site not only won’t benefit you but can damage your reputation. However, producing high-quality content requires significant research on topics, keywords, and your target audience.

Hiring a third party to do this work for you saves you time and money. There is no need for your in-house staff to spend time creating the posts or for you to spend time and money hiring writers.

Companies spend an average of $4,000 and 24 days hiring each new employee, so outsourcing your content creation can save you significant cash and manhours. Additionally, you can focus your resources on your core business activities.

We Create White Label Guest Posts

We have the expertise to create guest posts that rank. Our writers can take on topics for a wide range of industries, giving you content that is compelling and well-optimized. 

Ensures High-Quality Content

The writers who create white label guest posts are professionals who can leverage their expertise to produce better content than you could produce yourself. Working with a third party provides you with access to a wide range of subject matter expertise you may not have on staff.

Improves SEO and Brand Awareness

Guest posting exposes your brand to a new audience and establishes you as an industry expert. It also provides you with high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites. This improves your search engine rankings and drives more traffic to your site.

Helps You Build Your Network

Guest posting is an opportunity to build relationships with industry influencers. This can lead to future collaborations and partnerships.

How Do White Label Guest Posts Work?

Link building through blog exchanges.

Publishing guest posts by using white label services is a multi-step process.

1. Establish Your Goals

Define what you want to accomplish by guest posting. Are you trying to drive more traffic to your website, increase sales, or build brand awareness? Your goals will inform the best types of content to produce and the types of websites you should publish your content on.

2. Research and Contact Site Owners

With your goals in mind, identify high-quality, authoritative sites that accept guest posts and are relevant to your industry and target audience. Reach out to site owners with a compelling pitch.

3. Partner With a White Label Provider

Research and vet agencies and freelance writers who provide white label guest posts. Check their reputation and reviews. Look closely at their portfolio and past work.

Make sure the provider you select has the expertise required to speak authoritatively about your industry and the SEO skills to ensure your content performs well. The provider’s writing style and tone should align with your brand’s tone and values.

Make sure the provider has a quality control process in place and that you understand the revision policy. Check the pricing structure and turnaround time for orders. Find out if the provider offers a trial or probationary period.

4. Discuss Your Target Audience and Niche

Make sure the white label guest posts provider you choose understands your niche and your target audience. Your content won’t produce results if you aren’t writing for the correct audience.

5. Order, Edit, Revise, and Finalize Content

Provide writers with accurate guidelines to ensure content meets your standards and the submission guidelines of the site you want to publish on. Review the completed content and send it back for revisions if necessary before finalizing it.

6. Publish Your Posts

You own all white label guest posts you purchase and can publish them as if you created them without mentioning the third-party writers. Submit your completed content to your target website for publication under whichever byline you choose.

7. Evaluate Content Performance

Monitor performance metrics, such as organic traffic, time on page, and bounce rate to determine if your guest posts are meeting your goals. Collaborate with your white label provider to improve future performance.

Where Can You Find White Label Guest Posts?

BKA provides high-quality white label guest posts to clients in a variety of industries at outsource pricing. Our team of professional writers craft content from scratch to ensure it is always high quality, original, and SEO-optimized. Contact us today to find out more.

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