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What Is White Label SEO? Everything You Need To Know

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Did you know that even though nearly 70% of online experiences start with a search engine, less than 1% of those searchers look at websites from the second page of results? Having an online presence that puts a company at the top of search results is more important than ever. More companies are turning to digital marketing agencies for help. In turn, some agencies turn to third-party experts known as white label SEO providers. What is white label SEO, and what can it do for your marketing agency?

What Is White Label SEO?

What is white label seo?

When agencies provide SEO services to clients using a freelancer or other third-party agency, this is known as white label SEO. The blank “white label” means you can put your own branding on the content you are providing to your clients.

Imagine you’re a small digital marketing agency working with 20 clients. Hiring a third-party agency to do site audits, provide the SEO content you need and also obtain back links for clients each month is likely to be easier and more cost-effective than assembling your own in-house SEO team.

For some agencies, hiring white label SEO services is a one-off project when things are busier than usual. They tend to use a provider for the writing services and handle client relationships, uploading content, managing accounts, and tracking performance on their own. For other agencies, it makes more sense to make white label services an extension of the agency and allow the third party to handle all the backend aspects of the client relationship. Typically, the client doesn’t even know that a third party provides the strategy or produces the content and backlinks.

What is Private Label SEO?

You may see SEO private label content offered instead of white label content. The term “private label” can be used interchangeably with “white label” though white label tends to be the more common of the two.

Why Use White Label SEO Services?

Now that you understand what white label SEO is, consider the advantages of these services.


If you hire your own in-house SEO team, you must pay full-time wages and benefits, even if you don’t need full-time services. In many cases, white label SEO pricing allows you to pay only for what you need. Plus, you’re working with people who are already trained, so you save even more money.

Increased Revenue

When you can offer SEO services to your clients without having to invest the time and resources into doing the work yourself, you are more likely to be able to offer more services and, in turn, increase your revenue.

Saved Time

When you hire a third party to provide white label SEO services, you have more time to spend working on and improving other aspects of your business. You can also send out work more quickly, since you won’t need to take weeks or months to train an in-house team.

High-Quality SEO Services

Companies that offer white label SEO are experts in their field. This means you receive high-quality content and backlinks that helps you build your brand’s reputation and paints you as a trusted provider in your industry.

Improved Customer Retention

When you can offer a full range of white label SEO services, you are more likely to keep your clients long-term. You don’t have to send them somewhere else to meet their needs! Improved customer retention rates tend to lead to more sales and higher revenues as well.

No Tools Needed

Creating, maintaining, and changing SEO content to ensure it meets current best practices requires a lot of tools, which can become quite costly and may be hard to learn to use. The same goes for creating back-links, developing relationships, and using PR tools. White label SEO providers already have all the tools required to take care of your organic marketing needs.


Sometimes you might have a one-off SEO project that you need assistance with. Other times, you may have large ongoing projects that require help. White label SEO services are scalable and allow you to purchase only what you need.

Services To Look for From a White Label SEO Provider

White label on page seo

White label SEO providers offer different services depending on their expertise. Some freelancers specialize only in one area, such as writing content, while others provide a variety of services that include everything from managing workflow to creating reports.

Service packages can make it easier for you to find just what you need. There are many to choose from, and many agencies are flexible in what they offer. For example, at BKA, on-page SEO is a specialty of ours, but we also support these efforts with top quality link building, reporting, and more.

What Is White Label SEO Strategy?

SEO providers create their own plans that detail which steps and tactics are necessary to create the best SEO campaign for each client. They then take the steps to execute those plans. This is true for SEO campaigns like blog writing, link building, on-site SEO and more. In some cases, you may be able to purchase white label keyword research or other specific strategy pieces on their own to guide your projects.

What Is White Label On-Page SEO?

Some white label SEO providers may specialize in on-page SEO. Also referred to as “on-site” SEO, this includes all aspects of optimizing individual pages. Common on page components to optimize include title tags, meta descriptions, navigation, headings, and subheadings.

On-page SEO is so important that 60% of marketers agree it adds the most value. When a website loads quickly, is easy to navigate, and is easy to read, the client is likely to have lower bounce rates and to keep people on the page for a longer amount of time overall. Furthermore, improving the structure of a website makes it easier for humans and search robots alike to find what they’re looking for.

High-Quality Content

On-page white label SEO providers can create high-quality, informative content that brings value to a client’s blog or website. A content-centric SEO strategy uses organically placed keywords to bring in traffic, and encourages people to purchase a product or service with a strong call to action. .

Content Refreshes

White label on-page SEO can be an ongoing process. In order to get the best return on investment, blogs need to be maintained and updated. Occasional content refreshes keep blogs relevant. They also allow SEO experts to refocus and adjust pages that may not be performing as well as they could be.

What Is White Label Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO is also vital. While it covers everything from social media marketing and guest posting to public relations, link building is perhaps the most important aspect. To create a strong reputation on the internet, websites must not only link to other high-quality websites but have high-quality websites link to them as well. Backlinks are an important ranking factor and are known to generate leads and increase organic traffic to websites.

White label SEO agencies reach out to authoritative websites to offer guest posting services, ask websites that are talking about the client but not linking them to do so, and submit websites to business directories to further increase traffic. White hat link building services can go a long way to boost the already high-quality content on a website.

What Is White Label Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is about what goes on behind the scenes of a website and requires improving the technical aspects to help it rank better in Google’s search engine results pages. One of the most important tasks is testing websites for mobile responsiveness, since mobile-friendly websites rank higher than others. Other tasks include finding technical issues like 404 pages or broken links, directing search engine bots through the website, using alt descriptions to increase content accessibility, and using schema markup to help crawlers understand what they’re reading.

What Is White Label SEO Reporting?

When the content is complete and on the websites or blogs it’s intended for, most SEO experts offer easy-to-read reports that show how the client’s website is thriving with SEO and where they can make improvements. These reports usually show what content is ranking, the keywords it is ranking for and suggestions for how to improve the content or how many links to build to boost rankings even further. Whether your clients are just getting started with SEO or have a lot of content on their sites already, it is difficult to improve unless you know where things currently stand.

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How Do You Find the Best White Label SEO Providers?

There are a lot of options out there, which can make finding the right fit difficult. Ultimately, you need a provider that offers the SEO services you need, has a proven record of creating organic traffic for clients, and has excellent customer support. There are several factors to consider during your search.

An SEO-Optimized Website

If a white label SEO agency’s own website isn’t optimized, chances are it won’t be able to optimize your clients’ websites, either. Look at which companies rank high on Google’s search results (without paying for a sponsored result) as these agencies are optimizing successfully. Also pay attention to whether the site grabs your attention, how fast it loads, whether it is easy to navigate, and whether it provides easy-to-understand content.

Excellent Customer Service

white label SEO services

What is white label SEO if not a way to save you time? You don’t want to work with professionals you can never get in touch with, as this defeats the whole purpose of finding a convenient solution. The white label SEO agency you choose should be available via phone and email during normal business hours at a minimum. If you can, find agencies that offer a specific point of contact via a dedicated account manager who is ready to help when needed.

White Label SEO Pricing Options That Meet Your Needs

SEO optimization is not one-size-fits-all, so look for companies that provide a range of ways to order services. You may be able to choose between different pricing options:

  • Hourly Rates – Look for an agency or freelancer offering hourly rates if you have a short one-off project that you don’t expect to take much time. Keep in mind that the average hourly rate is $50-$150 per hour, depending on the scope of the project and the SEO consultant’s experience.
  • Project-Based Pricing – If you have a large project that you expect to take many hours, look for project-based pricing. This will likely save you money over paying an hourly rate.
  • Monthly Packages – If your clients require new content every month, consider agencies that offer monthly packages in which you receive a set amount of content pieces per month. At BKA, we have white label SEO packages of various sizes to accommodate different budgets and goals.

Of course, if you fall in love with everything else about an agency but don’t see a pricing model that fits your needs, you can always ask about custom white label SEO pricing options.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Look for white label SEO companies that have plenty of reviews and testimonials to back up their services. Most providers have testimonials and reviews listed on their websites, but naturally they’ll only show you the positive ones. It’s important to check third-party websites such as Google Business Profiles, Facebook page reviews, and the Better Business Bureau. Pay special attention to whether there are negative reviews and, if so, how the agency handled them. It may also help to ask other business owners which white label SEO agencies they use and why.

Positive Case Studies

Case studies allow you to see examples of a white label SEO agency’s previous work, the results of the work, and how it achieved them. A good case study explains what the client’s challenge was, how the agency created a solution, and what the outcome was. The best ones also show you how long the project was and its budget, which helps you to learn whether the agency has worked with clients with budgets and project expectations such as yours.

Keep in mind that many white label agencies sign non-disclosure agreements. If you can’t find samples of their work on their websites, be sure to ask for them.

Ethical Work Practices

The SEO agency you work with should be transparent about what it specializes in, how long it’s been in operation, its processes, the tools it uses, and how it manages projects. Keep an eye out for unethical business practices such as stuffing keywords, buying backlinks, or creating unoriginal content.

Partnership Compatibility

white label SEO partnership

Sometimes a white label SEO agency just isn’t a good fit, even if it looks good on paper. Review some final questions about your partnership when choosing your provider. Will the agency speak with you the way you prefer, such as via email or video calls? Is the agency too busy to handle your projects in a timely manner? Does it provide regular progress updates as it works on your projects? Think of any questions you have and be sure to ask them during the process of contacting potential partners.

What Is White Label SEO With BKA Content? Simple and Effective.

What is white label SEO? Now that you know, let us help you complete your white label on page SEO projects! BKA Content provides a wide variety of services to meet your SEO needs and those of your clients. Whether you have a one-off project or an ongoing one, we have a plan to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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