The Top 5 Ways to Grow As a Writer

by | Feb 27, 2020 | GrammarSpot, Writing Tips | 1 comment

The Top 5 Ways to Grow As a Writer

by | Feb 27, 2020 | GrammarSpot, Writing Tips | 1 comment

Caffeinate. Write. Check social media. Write more of the same. Sleep. Repeat. It’s easy to get into a routine, churning out assignment after assignment for the same client, the same topics, or the same type of content. We all have our niches, and there is comfort in finding your rhythm as a writer. But how do you grow as a writer when you’re doing the same things day in and day out?

There is also a fine line between a routine and a rut. If you don’t take on different projects, you can’t grow as a writer. You also run the risk of burning out. Still, change is sometimes nerve-wracking—especially when there’s a learning curve.


How to Grow As a Writer

Here are a couple of ways to overcome the trepidation and difficulty involved with writing new content and become a better writer as a result.


1. Keep an Open Mind

Your attitude largely shapes your ability to learn something new. Don’t automatically assume that because you don’t know anything about a subject (Cars? Motorcycles? Insurance?), you can’t write the assignment intelligently. One of the best things about being a content writer is that you get paid to learn new things.

Similarly, don’t let a lengthy client style guide deter you from taking an assignment. Sometimes highly structured or formulaic assignments are easier to write than those that require a lot of creativity.


2. Try Again

Practice makes perfect. To be able to truly learn something, repetition is required. Sure, a new assignment may take you longer than you expected, but you’re likely to remember the guidelines better the next time you accept similar work from a client. Before long you’ll be a master of yet another project or niche.


3. Ask for Feedback

You won’t always receive feedback when creating SEO content, but don’t be afraid to seek clarification when needed. Doing so is better than making a mistake.

But what if you do make a mistake. Don’t worry! We all err sometimes (some of us more than others!), so keep your head held high. What matters most is that you apply the feedback given and learn from the experience; that’s one of the quickest ways to learn how to grow as a writer.


4. Bookmark Resources

Did you discover a killer resource that made a certain writing assignment easier? Be sure to bookmark it for future use. If it’s something that you think other writers will find helpful, share it! Professional writers are always excited for news ways to make work easier.


5. Don’t Stop

The learning process should never end. Don’t stop accepting different assignments because you discover a type of content that comes naturally to you. With more variety in your writing repertoire comes more opportunities. And more opportunities mean more income.


Growth As a Writer Comes Word by Word

If you want to learn how to grow as a writer, you have to step out of your comfort zone and work on projects that may intimidate you. But as you work toward overcoming your fears, I can guarantee you that you’ll never regret it.

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