The Four Excellent Reasons That I Love My Job

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There comes a time with every job where you take a step back and ask yourself if you really want to be doing this ten years from now. When I look at my job as a content writer with BKA, a year and a half after starting it, I realize that this job makes me happy enough to keep doing it forever.


Why I Love My Job

I love my job for four main reasons, the working conditions, the flexibility, the creativity, and the title.


1. Working Conditions

why i love my job

One of the main reasons why I love my job is because of the working conditions at BKA. This is probably because I have a lot of control over them and I am somewhat of a control freak. As long as I write a minimum number of articles and check my email a couple of times a day, then I am doing my job. I don’t have to deal with the same kinds of conditions that I did while working in retail/customer service jobs. This includes dress code, customer interactions, and a schedule set by someone else.

The fact that BKA does not have guidelines for dress and appearance has actually helped me potty train my son. I was trying to figure out how to change my bland and short hairstyle and my son suggested blue and spiky. So we made a deal that if he had no accidents for a week, I would dye my hair blue and spike it. He hasn’t had an accident since. If I still worked in customer service then chances are my job would not have let me dye my hair blue and I couldn’t have made the deal with him.

One of the things that I used to dislike the most about customer service jobs was the direct interaction with customers. This was usually because I was not able to fill every request within the parameters of my job. At BKA, the management works out the specifics with customers and then passes them on to the writers. I know what is expected of me and what the job parameters mean to the customers, making it easier to have a positive attitude about work and still be anti-social when I want to be.

Of course, sometimes my workspace is a royal mess between the two kids, husband, and two cats; but, that is also something that is within my control. If I want to spend half the day cleaning before I sit down for my work time then I am able to do so without worrying about punching in late.


2. Flexibility

I love my job because it's flexible

As a mother of two, flexibility is a big plus for any job or activity. By writing SEO content from home, I can have a lot of flexibility in my schedule and still have the ability to contribute to the family budget, which is a very big deal with one kid still in diapers. I can schedule my two to four hours of work during nap and school times and still be available if someone needs mommy. This comes in handy because my spouse is working and taking college classes towards a degree of his own. As his school and work schedules change for him, I can change mine without approval of management.

The fact that the job is all online means that I can work when we are not home as well as when we are. This is one of the things I love about my job! Several times a year I travel a long distance to visit family. Since they have an internet connection, and go to bed before I do, I am able to take my work with me. This means that I have fewer days off and bigger paychecks. I have also found that when I do need to take time off, such as when my daughter was born, it is easy to shoot the boss an email explaining the situation. In many other jobs, you have to fill out paperwork for days off, hope that they are approved, and lose a full day’s worth of pay to attend an hour long activity.


3. Creativity

i love my job

In a job where you are writing articles based on hard facts, existing websites, and specific word counts, you don’t expect to be able to flex your creativity that often. I have found, however, that being able to come up with engaging titles and topics for many different keywords, or multiples of the same keyword, can really work the creativity muscles.

I have also found that when I get stuck on my more creative writing pieces, working on SEO content can help me get unstuck. The reverse is also true; I have learned that writing a little poetry or prose can help me get back to a challenging article or batch much quicker than just staring at the computer until I figure it out. Creativity also factors into finding the right words to create unique and interesting content for my SEO writing. You never know what kinds of articles will be available to write and there have been a couple of times that the research for work is in line with research that I need to do for my creative writing endeavors.

The prime example of this was when I was writing a batch of articles for an archery site and learned some specifics about bows and other equipment that I could put into one of my novels and get unstuck during a battle scene.


4. Title

things I love about my job

The last reason I love my job is because of the job title I now have. I graduated college with a Bachelors’ Degree in English: Creative Writing, and with family and friends laughing at my career prospects. By telling people that I am a Freelance Writer of SEO articles, I am able to prove that I can use my degree for something other than fast food. Having the title of “writer” also gives me more ambition to finish and publish the various other projects that I am working on, such as novels, poetry, and plays.

Recently I have picked up a novel project that had been on the back shelf for almost four years and doubled the page count in less than two weeks. If I can keep the momentum up for all of my writing projects, work and play, then I should be able to keep supporting the family and have a novel published by next year.


I Love My Job and You Can, Too!

In all, I love my job. I enjoy writing for BKA because it is a rewarding job that provides me with the flexibility to be a stay-at-home mom, watch and help my kids grow up, and still call myself a writer. There is a certain amount of satisfaction in being able to tell people that I am doing something that I love, namely writing, and making money doing it. If you’ve ever been interested in writing for a living, apply today!