One Writer’s Recipe for Overcoming Writer’s Block

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I have been writing for BKA Content (a website content writing service) for over four years. During that time I have written more articles than I can remember; and naturally, I have experienced writer’s block a time or two. This was especially true during a few months back when the queue was filled with countless articles on every type of energy efficient light bulb you could imagine: CFLs and LEDs and halogens . . . OH, MY!  Somewhere in the middle of the 75 (No exaggeration—I counted!) articles I wrote on light bulbs I felt as if my own lumens were officially burnt out. Yet, I powered through, lit up the keys and turned out some more. There have been other times when I have battled writer’s block as well. Here is my recipe for overcoming that unpalatable beast!

Add A Dash Of Caffeine

Caffeine is scientifically proven to boost your brain’s intellectual activity when you become fatigued or bored. I’m not talking about pounding a 5-Hour Energy Drink every time you sit down to write articles; this much caffeine typically overstimulates the brain. You want to make sure your articles are still creative and contain concise information, not rambling, run-on sentences. My drink of choice to help me overcome writer’s block is a can of Pepsi. It contains 39 mg of caffeine, just enough to get my synapses firing again. Coke, green tea or coffee all work wonders as well. Just remember that experts recommend that you limit your caffeine to less than 200 mg per day.

Let It Simmer

There are times when even a dash of caffeine doesn’t help me come up with creative, quality content.  In this case I typically choose a block of articles, research them a little bit and then walk away from the computer. I let the information simmer while I do something mundane like fold the laundry or pull weeds in the garden. I can usually come up with a different spin on the information if I’m not actively trying to do so. You have to be careful when doing this, however. There is a fine line between simmering and procrastinating. The latter is a recipe for disaster. Rather than concocting the perfect potion, you may just feel that wrath of a Project Manager boil over if you miss a deadline.

Serve It Al Fresco

Similar to letting information simmer, I find that fresh air helps me think better. Some time ago, I composed a 1,500 word article for TWINS Magazine entirely in my head while snowshoeing. Getting outside and enjoying the beautiful scenery was refreshing and helped clear out all of the other clutter in my head. When I got home, I immediately sat down at the computer and started typing everything out. My fingers were having a hard time keeping up with my mind; something that doesn’t happen very often! I’ve had similar experiences while jogging or hiking. The endorphins released when exercising tend to help me, but the same sort of thing could be accomplished simply by taking your laptop out on the deck on a nice spring day, going to a park or whatever you prefer.

Spice It Up

As a self-proclaimed HGTV junkie, I tend to gravitate towards articles on the spreadsheet that are home related in some way. Over time, however, I begin to feel as if I have exhausted everything I have to say on such subjects. I now realize that it is to take different topics that I really know nothing about from time to time. Not only do I get to digest new and interesting information, but writing on an unfamiliar topic also helps prevent writing fatigue. Even taking a block of articles that are longer or shorter than what I typically write helps to keep the creative juices flowing. It’s true what they say: variety is the spice of life!

Add Other Ingredients To Taste

Just as every oven cooks a little differently, every writer functions a little differently as well. Feel free to tweak this recipe as needed, adding other ingredients to taste and mix well. Place the finished product in the Submit Box and don’t forget to sprinkle the spreadsheet with your tantalizing new titles!

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