Coming Up With Blog Topics

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Do you have trouble coming up with interesting ideas to write about? While many successful bloggers can tell you that they often make lists of things they want to write about, they also know that they can’t just write about the things they want all of the time. No matter how much you may like the subject you are writing on, there will be times where your mind draws a blank. What do you do on days where coming up with a topic is like finding a needle in a haystack? It’s simple! You just need to find another way to come up with ideas. Here are some ways to find the best topics for your blog.


While the fastest and most convenient way to research something nowadays is the internet, don’t forget to read newspapers, magazines and even the tabloids for some new ideas. Go to the library and check out books from the reference section to see what subjects they have that pertain to your blog.

See the Scenery

Sometimes the best way to become inspired is to change your scenery. Go for a walk, jog or take a drive and take the scenic route to your destination. Turn on the radio or your favorite CD and let the change of pace and music free your mind so that your thoughts just flow.


Go Out

Surprisingly, one of the easiest ways to hear a myriad of point of views and ideas on any topic is to go outside and talk to others. You don’t need to hunt down scholars and professionals just to find out what someone thinks about something. The most interesting and newsworthy blog posts are those that come from regular and everyday conversations with people.

Look at Other Blogs

Sometimes the best way to come up with an angle to write about is to visit the blogs of your competitors. Visit different websites and blogs to see what they are writing about. While you don’t have to write on the same things, you may find that their blog posts inspire you to write about a topic that they briefly touched on or something similar.

Shift Your Focus

If all else fails, it may be best for you to call it a day. That doesn’t mean to give up and scratch that blog post from your to-do list, it means to go and do something else or rest. You need to remember, your brain is a large muscle and it requires a fair amount of rest too. If you are tired, stressed or simply have too much on your mind, you are less likely to be successful at coming up with fresh, new, and interesting ideas for your blog. Taking a nap or simply calling it a night gives you the opportunity to wake the next day feeling refreshed. You’d be surprised at how many fresh and interesting ideas you come up with for blog ideas first thing in the morning. Just make sure you keep a pen and notepad nearby to jot those ideas down before you forget them.

Now Start Writing

You don’t always have to take the traditional approach to a blog topic, loosen up, think outside of the box and don’t be afraid to take a controversial point of view to create a truly thought provoking and sensational blog post. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to contact a content writing service for assistance.

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