is seo worth it for small business

Is SEO Worth It for a Small Business?

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Marketing for your small business often feels like a struggle. Have you ever dumped money into paid ads only so they do not go anywhere? Or maybe you’ve spent hours organizing an event that brought in a measly trickle of new customers? You’re not the only one.

Small businesses face the distinctive challenge of marketing on a smaller budget, which makes it even more important for those marketing efforts to actually be worth the investment. If you’ve been burned by your past attempts at getting the word out about your brand, you might be wondering if SEO is worth it for your small business. We’re here to tell you that it is – and here’s why!

Is It Worth Paying for SEO?

seo for small business

Paying for SEO is worth it as long as you work with the right provider. A high-quality SEO provider takes the weight of planning and executing an SEO strategy off your shoulders entirely, leaving you free to dedicate your attention where it matters most. 

Investing in an excellent SEO partner provides more flexibility for your business in terms of both money and time. Your partner enables you to enjoy better and more consistent search rankings as well as increased revenue without pouring hours upon hours into content creation. Instead, you can devote those hours to improving other areas of your business.

Should You Do SEO Yourself?

It’s possible to execute an effective SEO strategy on your own, but it may not be feasible for small businesses that already operate with limited resources. The thing is, anyone can develop an SEO strategy, but it takes a lot of time and effort to create one that will actually bring in more business. 

Even if you take advantage of free tools like Google Keyword Planner, results are not guaranteed. After all, publishing a few keyword-packed blogs doesn’t automatically equate to better search results. 

See Better Search Rankings for Your Small Business

Drive both in-person and online sales with a dedicated SEO strategy from BKA Content that is uniquely based on your small business’s goals.

Can a Business Survive Without SEO?

Technically, a small business could survive without SEO, but it would most likely never thrive. Many small businesses depend on local customers to stay afloat, and a huge amount of local business comes from online searches. 

According to statistics compiled by Forbes, 46% of Google searches are local, and 50% of smartphone users visit stores they find via online searches within 24 hours. Small businesses that fail to utilize SEO (particularly local SEO) will miss out on a vital source of business that could push them into the next stage of growth.

Is SEO Necessary for Growing Your Business?

SEO is a necessity for growth in the modern business landscape. Today’s consumers face a myriad of choices for practically every product or service they seek out, and most of them turn to online searches to help them make those choices. Up to 76% of consumers will check out a business’s online presence before even visiting the store in person. 

If you want to appear on the radar of your potential customers, you need to rank well in online searches and showcase what makes your business unique through quality content. The fastest, cheapest, and most reliable way to achieve that golden combination of keyword results and exceptional content, thus driving organic growth for your small business, is with a dedicated SEO strategy.

BKA Content Makes SEO Worth It for Your Small Business

At BKA Content, we work closely with every client to pinpoint the unique goals they want to accomplish through their SEO strategy. Then, we do the research for you, building a personalized strategy based on your goals. 

We understand that budgets are tight, especially for small businesses, so we make it a priority to offer quality SEO services at an affordable rate, allowing you to optimize your existing content and incorporate new blogs every month that boost your ranking for targeted keywords without breaking the bank.

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