Top 5 Tips for Improving Email Content Marketing

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When was the last time you took a close look at your email content marketing? Since email is one of your most lucrative marketing channels, it is important to regularly check in and adjust your email marketing content and campaigns. This is so you can continually get the most out of your efforts.

Not sure how to improve your email marketing campaign? We have a few tips.


Why Is Email Content Marketing Important?

importance of email content marketing

Why does it matter? Well, according to statistics, those who receive email offers spend a whopping 138 percent more than those who do not. You want to take advantage of the medium of email marketing to capitalize on this type of spending.

Along with that, here are few additional benefits of email marketing content:

  • You can communicate with your consumers directly. Once you get into their inbox, you can build trust and improve communication by sending quality emails. As you navigate the line between disruptive and enjoyable, you can build loyalty and improve sales.
  • You can create effective campaigns. With enough time to prepare, you can create timely email marketing campaigns that impress your audience and prepares them for new products.
  • You can stay in touch with consumers who care. Looking to boost loyalty? Email subscribers can opt-out, which means the ones who stick around value your products or services. You can provide updates, introduce products and reach the right people when you want to.

If you think email content marketing can help your business, then get started! If you already have a few email marketing campaigns but haven’t seen any results, listen up! These tips can help you improve your email content marketing.


5 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Content

improve email content marketing

Anything good can become better. Email content marketing is a smart way to reach customers and build up your brand, but it takes a little strategy and improvement to create a system that works for your business. If you find that your email conversion rates have started to suffer, or you have never quite gotten them to the level that you want, then try some of the following actions to help you improve your email marketing content and boost your campaigns.


1. Define Your Objective

Successful email content marketing starts with a strong content marketing plan in which you clearly define the objective of your emails. It is beneficial to have tiered goals for email marketing. Your overall email marketing campaign might have one overarching goal, while each individual email will have a smaller goal that helps you reach the larger one.

For example, your overall objective for your email campaign might be to improve your sales numbers. An individual email within this campaign might have a goal of converting customers for a specific product type, which over time helps to increase your sales numbers.

email content marketing

Many marketers make the mistake of not defining their objectives or simply not writing the goals down. However, this makes it harder to develop an email marketing strategy that supports your overall business goals and the content marketing strategies in your other channels. Therefore, take the time to write down your clearly defined goals of email marketing, even if you rely on a content marketing service to actually craft and distribute the content.

Aside from creating email marketing campaign goals, don’t forget to have some overarching goals for your email content marketing. These goals will align closely with your brand image, voice and values. With these important parts of your business in mind, you can create email marketing campaigns that sound and feel like your company.


2. Personalize and Target

goals of email marketing

To achieve the full power of email marketing content, you must personalize your emails. According to one study, personalized subject lines had a 26 percent higher open rate compared to those without the name. Luckily, most email marketing programs make it easy to include names in bulk emails.

In addition to adding the name of your customers, it is also beneficial to tailor the email marketing content to the individual. How can you do this? By using data-driven personalization. You can take data from your website, social media sites and other digital properties to learn more about a customer’s search habits, buying patterns, preferences, demographics and psychographics.

Then, you can segment your customers based on these habits and develop relevant email marketing content for each of these lists. Your customers will respond because they find the information in your email campaign content relevant. For an even more effective impact, use tailored landing pages to enhance the customer experience.


3. Don’t Forget a Call to Action

When you send out emails to your customers, do not forget to include a call to action to increase engagement. Like any blog post, email content marketing is all about making something actionable. This might include clicking to read more blogs, shopping on your website, scheduling an appointment or something else.

Email Marketing content

Source: WordStream

There is one rule to follow: focus on one clear call to action. It can be tempting to ask customers to do many things in email marketing content, but this actually weakens the success rate of your emails. To get the most out of your email campaign content, stick with just one CTA per email. Studies found that having one single call to action had a 1,617 percent increase in sales and a 371 percent increase in clicks.

Try to make the call to action easy to read. Email content marketing often incorporates a large button with the CTA words that link to the website or survey. This guides the readers to the action. However, there is more you can do to guide the reader’s eye. If the purpose of the email is to lead a customer to the call to action, focus the email marketing content on that action. Use bolded letters, larger font and headers to help readers who skim know what’s going on. Pictures and infographics can also help the reader understand.


4. Grab the Attention With the Subject Line

how to improve email marketing campaign

Your email subject line is the location where you attract the attention of customers, and they decide whether or not to open it up. You might have fantastic information within the email content that could change the life of your customers or clients.  However, if they do not open the email, they will never be able to take advantage of it — and you miss out on the opportunity.

There are a few different ways to utilize your subject line to increase your open rates:

  • Keep it short.
  • Include the person’s name.
  • Add some numbers.
  • Try some emojis.
  • Add some creativity.
  • Use a hook.
  • Make it clear what the email includes.

The most important component of your subject line is that it clearly imparts what the email message contains, as well as a reason why people should open them up. Numbers, emojis and similar characters can help your subject line stand out among the many emails that your customers most likely receive. In fact, 56 percent of brands that incorporated emojis in their subject lines increased their number of unique open rates. Just be sure to use emojis in email marketing content sparingly and in a way that adheres to your brand’s voice and style.


5. Offer Value, Not Just Promotion

The most important factor in your email marketing campaign is that you do more than simply promote your business. People are surrounded by ads, so much so that it almost becomes white noise. They need — and expect — more from your email content marketing methods. They gave you their email address to remain in contact with you. If all they get is promotional emails, they will quickly unsubscribe.

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So, how do you or your email content marketing service create valuable content? There are many different types of emails that your customer base might find valuable:

  • Offers and deals.
  • Information about your business.
  • New products or services.
  • Your latest blog posts.
  • Invites to events.
  • Curated content featuring helpful blog posts relevant to your business.

To help you create email campaign content of value over promotion, develop your content marketing plan with a customer-centered focus rather than a company or profit-centered focus. Find ways to increase engagement and enhance the customer experience through expertly crafted email marketing content.

Along with providing information, try to incorporate your brand voice and image within the email content you write. Each email is an opportunity for you to build your identity in the eyes of your consumers.



Make Your Email Content Marketing Count

email marketing campaign tips

Tried and true email marketing methods have the potential to assist you in reaching your business goals. Just make sure that you find ways to attract your customers with your email marketing content. This starts with crafting goals for email marketing campaigns and extends through to the CTA included at the end of the email. Follow through on any promises given in the headline by providing high-quality information in the body of the email.

And if you don’t get results as quickly as you’d like, take time to analyze your campaigns. Do they fit with your brand voice and image? Are they providing valuable content to readers? With a few tweaks, you can create successful email content marketing that boosts sales and helps your company keep in touch with customers.

If you need help crafting email marketing content to help fuel your campaigns, let us know!


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