5 Ways To Improve Your E-Commerce SEO

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Although you might find link building as one of the best content marketing strategies in guides around the internet, it is not the only way to improve your e-commerce SEO. To start with, focus on creating a great user experience with an easy to navigate site, fast page speed and great content. Additionally, have a safe and secure site that incorporates an SSL certificate with an HTTPS.

Once those basics are complete, there is still no need to delve into the complicated nuances of link building with your content marketing agency. Instead, enhance your content marketing plan through implementing one or more of the following.

Build Out Your Category Pages

When you build your website, you probably put a lot of thought into the layout and navigation. This includes creating category pages for your products. Do not simply create pages that only curate the products; instead, build out your category pages with keyword rich content, one of the best content marketing strategies. What is the advantage to this? You have more content to optimize and improve your organic rankings. Take Auto Anything for example, they have inserted relevant content on every category page of their site.

Category Descriptions

It does not need to be extensive, long-form content. Even a short description at the top provides a place for SEO content. Avoid the temptation to simply keyword-stuff the content. Instead, focus on details that provide value to consumers, such as answering commonly asked questions.

Category Keyword Opportunities

When creating your website, do not simply focus on the keywords that match your broad categories. Instead, perform some keyword research to find subcategories that might provide some opportunities for additional pages and content. For example, a clothes retailer might have categories for shirts, pants and dresses. Then, they might have subcategories for different styles, colors and/or sizes, each one with new keyword-rich content ready for ranking.

For every new category you include, you create more opportunities. As an added bonus, you have less competition for many of the keywords for the subcategories. Once you have built your site, do not become complacent. Always keep an eye out for new and fresh keyword possibilities for different categories and subcategories your customers might appreciate.

Create Original Product Descriptions

Writing unique product descriptions might seem like a lot of time and effort for no reason. However, you miss out on an opportunity for quality content when you use the manufacturer descriptions. Again, you want to avoid keyword stuffing. Pick one or two of the top keywords for that product to incorporate into the description.

Custom Product Description

To start, take the information from the manufacturer and write a short description that details the product, using some of the popular keywords. This is also a great opportunity to promote the product and reach the customers on an emotional level through telling a story. Consider the function as well and incorporate information that answers questions that consumers might have. This also helps your ranking, since many search engine algorithms take into account how a page answers common inquiries. If this sounds too difficult or you just don’t have the time, hire a content writing company like BKA to come up with and create unique product descriptions for you.

“Best of” Guides

A widely popular type of content that you can easily add to your site is a “best of” guide. To do this, rank certain products based on criteria like price, usability, durability and quality. You also should include some key pros and cons of each item, as well as details about the basic features. Expect this type of content to take some time to curate and build. They should be in-depth, with word counts above 2,000.

Consumers in the research stage of their shopping experience often search for guides or comparison lists to help them decide what to purchase. This gives you a great opportunity for evergreen content that provides something of value to your customers. It also provides content in which to incorporate keywords to optimize. Another bonus to this type of content? If you do it well, it helps to develop your reputation as a trusted authoritative voice in the field.

How do you write this type of content? First and foremost, you want to create something authentic, not just a vehicle for selling certain products. Take the time to look at customer reviews, buying habits and other data that you might have from your own site. You can also do some research around the internet, especially from trusted resources such as Consumer Reports.

Rich Snippets

One of the best content marketing strategies to help boost your page rankings is rich snippets. Rather than having your search result display a basic title tag description along with the URL, add some additional information, such as price, model number, short descriptions and more. Before customers even click on your page, you have already started to answer their questions.

Although rich snippets are not used for ranking the same way that title tags and meta descriptions are, they do increase your chance of a user clicking on your site. People respond more often to search results with more information on the results page. This leads to more traffic and a higher organic click-through rate, which ultimately increases your rankings. Google offers free resources to help you mark up your content without having to create code.

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Although rich snippets might help increase your chance of someone clicking on your site, do not underestimate the power of a strong title tag and meta description. Rather than focusing on optimizing for the search engine and stuffing in keywords, create a title tag and meta description with the user in mind.

Nike Meta Description

Internet searchers read the title tags and meta description and use this information to determine if the page has the information they want on it. Through creating content with the user in mind, you once again increase the organic click-through rate because they click on the descriptions that have meaning to them. Rather than just describe the content, you can also incorporate selling points and highlight promotions or sales for additional impact.

Many of these actions not only help to increase your e-commerce SEO rankings but also create a better user experience on your website, which is one of the best content marketing strategies. It increases your SEO rankings, lead conversion and number of repeat customers to ultimately help your business. If you need help creating category descriptions, product descriptions, “best of” guides or any other type of content for your site, let us know and we’d be happy to help.

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