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How To Build Brand Authority With Content

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Brand authority. What is it and why is it important? And how can you improve it?

These are good questions to ask. As with any growing business, you are looking for ways to build your credibility in the eyes of consumers. This involves a lot of work, effort and honesty. But did you know that original content on your website can greatly improve brand authority and attract leads? One of the fastest ways of increasing brand authority is by producing relevant, high-quality content that users use and trust.

We can show you how to write content in a way that gets this kind of attention and builds your brand authority blog post by blog post.


What Is Brand Authority?

Brand authority is the level of trust your customers have in your business. It is the overall perspective of your brand and how knowledgeable and trustworthy you are as a company. This develops over time with the help of content you post online, reviews from customers and the expansion of your company’s online footprint. The more accurate and relevant knowledge you publish online, the more consumers will trust the expertise of your brand.


Why Should You Develop Brand Authority?

Creating brand authority

Developing brand authority can help you achieve several strategic goals. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to invest in authoritative SEO content writing:

  • It Increases Sales: First and foremost, if you have an authoritative brand, customers will be more likely to buy from your business. It gives them a strong incentive to choose your company over that of your competitors. Additionally, by using authoritative content, you can attract the attention of potential customers who may be seeking relevant answers and information.
  • It Develops a Stronger Customer Base: Brands with strong authority tend to retain their customers better. If a buyer has chosen your business because he or she perceives it as trustworthy, that customer is more likely to return than if the decision was made based on price or another factor. Authoritative brands have strong customer bases, which is something a professional copywriter can help you grow with lead-grabbing content.
  • It Differentiates Your Brand: Brand authority is a great way to set your business apart from your competitors. Consumers are bombarded with marketing from numerous competitive brands. Frequently, it is challenging to clearly differentiate all but the best-known, global companies. Brand authority could be your secret for differentiation.
  • It Enhances Brand Recognition and Value: Brands that are known for their expertise are more visible and more likely to be discussed and shared. Furthermore, the brand itself becomes a valuable asset. In terms of increasing the value of your business (thereby increasing your own wealth), investing in brand authority is a no-brainer.

The more brand authority you have, the more ability you have to reach customers and improve your business’s standing in the industry. In other words, you begin to be seen as an expert in the field.


The Power of Brand Authority and Content

power of brand authority

Trust is an important element in marketing. If your audience doesn’t trust your brand, your messaging will fall on deaf ears. There are two key elements to establishing trust: knowledge and reliability. In other words, you need to show your audience that you know what you are talking about and that you consistently provide accurate and relevant information.

Your brand authority establishes trust with your audience by demonstrating that your team is reliable and has the expertise to address key customer needs. A strong SEO content creation strategy can help to establish authority.

For example, if you run a store selling off-road vehicle accessories, you could create a buying guide for overlanding gear. This content shows that your team understands the products it is selling and the needs of the customer. Additionally, it demonstrates that you are able to provide the solutions that your customers need.

And because the guide you wrote contains such useful information, people will start looking at it. If they are satisfied with the information, they will likely view your business as an expert in off-road vehicle accessories. They may even buy the gear you suggested and share the article with friends who are also interested in overlanding gear.

It’s a snowball effect, and it all starts with 1500-2000 words that an interested reader finds on your website.


How To Write Brand Authority Content

As with most marketing strategies, developing brand authority through content marketing is easier said than done. There will be others trying to do the same. So, it is something you have to take seriously if you want to succeed at it. The following tips will help you achieve the kind of content you’re looking for.


Use Google’s Search Quality Guidelines

build brand authority using SEO guidelines

If your content marketing strategy will be primarily realized online (as is the case for most brands), you will need to think about search engine optimization. SEO and content marketing go hand-in-hand, enhancing each other’s effectiveness. For authority-oriented content, it is helpful to follow Google’s search quality guidelines. These suggest that all pieces of content exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Expertise: The content should demonstrate the expertise of the author. It should be well-written with a clear command of the topic at hand. Additionally, you can include author bios that describe the credentials of the writer. A technically sound website also contributes to this.
  • Authority: The content should be recognized as authoritative, which reflects brand authority. This is challenging to build yourself. However, it will be reflected by others’ reactions to your site. When people share and link to your website, it helps to build its authority.
  • Trustworthiness: The information provided by your content needs to be accurate and reasonably neutral. Someone reading it should be able to trust that it is providing useful information. You can improve this with source citations and links, contact information and a clean, reliable website experience.

As you strive to write content of this caliber, you increase the chance of actually helping customers. Of course, people need to be able to find your content online. Don’t forget to include other aspects of SEO writing to help improve the search engine results of potential customers.


Perform Original Research

Delivering value is the key to successful content marketing. You can enhance your brand authority while also offering value by presenting original research in your SEO content writing. While it is unfeasible to present new data with every blog post or article, releasing an annual or quarterly report with relevant data for your audience is a great option.

Original research can be as simple as conducting a survey to learn more about consumer perceptions of the market. Alternatively, you could delve into performance data of different high-end products in your catalog if you are a retailer.

By offering original research, you are promoting your brand with information that cannot be found elsewhere. Additionally, if the research is of good quality, there is a high likelihood that others will link to your content. This is an excellent way to improve your brand authority.


Use In-Depth Secondary Research

use secondary research in content to improve brand authority

As mentioned above, it is impractical to always use original research in your content writing. As the old adage goes, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Plus, research from other sources can add to the trustworthiness of your content.

You may want to hire a professional copywriter to ensure that all the research done for your content is in-depth. Gathering the necessary data can be time-intensive. So, it is valuable to have someone focused on it.


Invest Time To Get Each Article Right

Similarly, taking the time to get each article right is important to establishing authority. If you want your audience to trust your brand, you need to prioritize quality over quantity or speed. In short, your SEO content creation needs to be a serious marketing channel rather than just something you try to do on a shoestring budget.

Although releasing content on a consistent schedule is good, it is better to produce one piece of high-quality content per quarter rather than weekly rushed posts if your goal is brand authority. Again, your goal should be to deliver value in your channel. If your content pieces are not worth reading or sharing, they will be ineffective.


Develop a Long-Term Content Plan

Develop a content plan to improve brand authority

Although quality is extremely important, consistency and timeliness cannot be completely overlooked. After all, most content needs to be released on a reasonable schedule to be relevant to the readers. (There is no point in sharing data from five years ago as new research).

The best way to balance these competing priorities is to develop a long-term plan for your content. By establishing a content calendar, you can plan most of your content significantly in advance, giving your writer the necessary time to get it right.

Additionally, having a well-thought-out plan will help you to deliver consistent pieces to your audience. This can help to further develop your trustworthiness and brand authority. Your readers will learn that they can count on your brand to produce high-quality work regularly.

Along with planning content, make sure you know which platforms you’ll be using to distribute and promote the content. If you post articles on your site, don’t forget to share the links on your social media accounts. This can also help you have an active presence on social media.


Build Brand Authority Today With SEO Content

With these tips in mind, you can start building brand authority. As your business develops, expertise and trust should also improve.

Growing your brand and business with quality content is challenging but the return on investment is significant. For SEO content writing help, turn to BKA Content. Our professional copywriter team can help you build brand authority with each piece of content. Contact us today to learn more.

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