BKA Partners with SEMrush To Offer Users 20% Discount

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Every good SEO knows that keyword research is an essential part of coming up with relevant and competitive topics for creating great content.

However, not all keyword research tools or methods are created equal. Some methods can point you in the right direction but lack the deep analytics that SEO’s can really benefit from.

SEMrush is one of the most well-known keyword research platforms in the industry. The world’s leading companies such as Disney, Amazon, Ebay, and more choose SEMrush for their keyword research.

Good tools often come at a higher price, but we have great news! BKA Content has partnered with SEMrush to offer customers 20% off of their annual plans!

How to Save 20% on SEMrush

Click on the link below to view the three annual plans that SEMrush has partnered with us to offer a discount for.
When you consider all of the features you get with SEMrush, it’s easy to see that 20% off is an incredible deal. Here are a few features that we like to highlight as they relate to content creation:

Analyze Your Competitor’s Keywords

SEMrush has an advertising research feature which gives you access to your competitor’s top performing keywords. Why is this helpful? It’s helpful because it can show you which words are worth going after based on how competitive they are.

Too often companies try going after keywords that are unattainable in their content. This feature helps you to zero in on keywords that are much more realistic to win.


Keyword Research

SEMrush allows you greater insight into the keywords that you want to target and even keywords that you haven’t thought of targeting. The keyword research dashboard shows you CPC, volume, the number of results, trend, and ad copy information for each queried term.

The dashboard will also show you which of the biggest players on the web are targeting and using each keyword, which can be extremely helpful in deciding if it’s a keyword worth targeting in your content.

Our favorite feature is the ability to gather related keywords and phrase matches. The related words are ranked by Bing and Google as well as providing you with a list of different synonyms and variations relevant to the queried keyword to help you grow your keyword pool. These new ideas also help you to better know how to use keywords in your content.


Knowledge is Power

The amount of information that SEMrush puts together is pretty impressive. Don’t believe me? Put your domain into the box below to see just how powerful SEMrush is when it comes to data collecting and presentation.


If you are not using a keyword research tool, or if you are unhappy with your current keyword platform, BKA Content makes it easy to switch with our 20% discount on all SEMrush annual plans.

Using SEMrush can only improve your SEO efforts, so what are you waiting for?

Want to check it out?

Click on the link below to view the three annual plans that SEMrush has partnered with us to offer a discount for.
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