The Many Benefits of a Guest Blog Writing Service

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Guest blog writing is one of the best ways to increase your authority within an industry, boost your brand exposure and increase the number of backlinks to your site from high-ranking domains. With all the benefits that come from guest blogging, why don’t more businesses do it? The issue lies in an organization’s ability (or inability) to increase their content writing bandwidth.

Without professional guest blog writers to help, you’re at the mercy of who you have on staff as well as how much individual time you can devote to the task of writing and editing. In order to maximize your exposure and make the most of your guest blog writing campaigns, you need the help of a guest blog writing service.


What is a Guest Blog Writing Service?

A guest blog writing service is just a fancy name for a content writing service. Essentially, any blog can be used as a “guest blog” – what really matters is that you find the best guest blog writers to work on your articles to ensure you have created fantastic, shareable content that paints you as an authority in your industry. A good guest blog writing service is one that understands how guest blogging is done, knows that guest posting sites have their own linking/formatting/content rules that have to be followed and can match you with expert ghostwriters.

Guest blog writing services specialize in finding expert writers for their clients. Typically, content writing services have their own internal processes for evaluating a writer’s skill level, segment them based on industry expertise/interest, train them on internal guidelines for SEO-optimization and keyword usage, and then pair them up with clients looking for a writer of that skill level in that particular industry. Writing services spend years mastering the ability to identify writing talent and take the hard work out of finding, evaluating, contracting with, training and managing a freelance writer on your own.

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Benefits of Guest Blog Writing Services

Now that we’ve gone over what guest blogging services are, it’s time to drill into why hiring a guest blog writing service is a very good idea. Did you know it can take the average writer 3 and a half hours to write a single high-quality guest blog post?! And that’s someone who writes for a living! If you’re not a writer by trade, you can expect that hourly number to increase even more.  Now think about trying to create multiple blogs a month, and you’ll see the hours start to add up fast.

Do you, as a business owner or content marketing manager have that kind of time? Likely, you don’t. The most efficient way to execute your guest blogging efforts and increase the number of backlinks, authority and branding being sent back to your site is to employ a guest blog writing service to help you build out the meat of the content.


1. You Can Save Time and Money

As a business owner or marketer with a set budget, it always comes down to money, right? Since time IS money, the case has already been made on how much time you could end up spending if you’re writing business guest blogs all on your own. You are limited by both hours in a day, bandwidth, and likely by the idea of wanting to stay sane. Also, depending on your salary, the hourly time that you might spend writing may be MUCH more expensive than if you had outsourced the guest blog writing in the first place.

Now you might be tempted to go and just find your own writer without using a guest blogging service to help with writing posts. This is one way to do it. However, you are incurring all of the extra costs of finding, vetting, training, hiring and managing that in-house or freelance writer you might bring on. Not only that, how do you evaluate that writer’s ability to follow directions, as well as their knowledge of the industry? With a guest blog writing service, they’ve already mastered the art of finding, securing and managing talent without you having to spend the time and money doing it.

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2. You Only Pay For Exactly What You Need

Next, most guest blog writing services charge per word/per piece. You can pay a fixed cost based on how long the article is, and the level of depth that you need. This allows you to manage your guest blogging tactics and volume around your budget and gives you an easier way to track ROI. Greater control when it comes to marketing costs is always a good thing.

The other nice thing about using guest blog writing services when it comes to paying, is there aren’t any surprises. With hiring and managing freelance blog writers on your own, you are at the mercy of whatever rates they each individually offer and if they want to help revise the content or not in the event they make mistakes. When you’re ramping up your guest blogging efforts to try and get posted on many sites and you’re having to use multiple writers, managing them all can become a full-time job. You’ll be responsible for editing their work, giving feedback, remembering rates and making payments.

Knowing what you’ll pay before you get started is a huge benefit, and it also allows for a more risk-free writing experience. Greater control when it comes to marketing costs is always a good thing.

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3. You Can Hire a Guest Blog Writer That Talks Like You

One of the best parts of hiring a guest blog writer is that they’ll essentially be your ghostwriter. If you have a writer that can capture your tone, style and level of research, you can rest easy knowing that the content will be up to par.

Utilizing a professional ghostwriter can help you save time and money as well as improve your original message by nature of having an experienced writer crafting the message. That being said, there are some key things you’ll need to provide your writer to make sure you get the best possible content product back:

  • Provide the writer with any style guidelines the publication you’ll be posting on has. There are typically restrictions for how to do linking, formatting, font and word size for each site you’re publishing on, and you’ll want to make sure you have all your bases covered.
  • Provide the writer with the blog topic and a detailed outline. While your ghostwriter will have either the experience or research know-how to fill in the blanks of the content, remember that you’re still the expert. Part of building your brand is staying on brand – and that brand is you. If you give an outline with headers and bullet points of all the beats you want to hit in the article, you’re much more likely to end up with a great final product without having to go through rounds of revisions.
  • Provide the writer with detailed feedback. Early on, you and your ghostwriter will have to take a little time to find the right level of research/style and word choice to make the pairing a great fit. No professional writer is going to be able to talk like you on the first go-around. Take time to provide detailed, constructive feedback and your guest blogging service can work to create a comprehensive style guide that the writer can follow so they can improve with each blog post written.
  • Be prepared to add a few tweaks before publishing. Again, no one is you but you, so plan on a writer being able to get 85-90% of the article perfect. For the other 10-15%, plan on adding some finishing touches of your own before posting. No matter who is writing your posts, you’ll want to make sure each article has your stamp of approval so no rogue blog gets posted that could potentially damage your hard-earned blogging reputation.

As you can see it’s still important for you to be involved, provide guidance, feedback, outlines and key points to hit, but if you’re doing all of the writing yourself you’ll either burn out or always be behind.



4. You Can Hire a Professional Writer That Has Industry Experience

Talking like you is only half the battle – you need a writer that has some experience in your industry or at least has a journalistic background to be able to research and talk knowledgeably about the topics at hand. As we’ve mentioned above, guest blog writing services specialize in one thing – writing. That means that they’ve spent time and money to tap into writing talent across many locations, industries and interests, and can quickly pair you with a writer who can handle your subject matter. You want to feel comfortable that the person writing your content not only appeals emotionally to the people reading it, but also comes across as an expert since they’ll likely be writing as if they were you.

Be aware that depending on the technicality of the subject matter you need written, you may have to pay higher prices than writing other, more general topics. For instance, anything in a specialized industry (technical, medical, financial, legal, engineering, manufacturing) would be labeled technical by a content writing service and probably be priced higher than B2C, more consumer-friendly content.


5. You Can Regularly Contribute Guest Blog Posts

To stay a contributor on many guest posting sites, you have to be an active writer. If you let too much time pass between writing authority blog posts, you may lose your access to the site. With how much time it can take to develop a guest blog writing relationship in the first place, this can be a big content marketing loss. Using a guest blog writing service, you can make sure you have articles written well before posting deadlines without you even having to touch a keyboard.

Once you’ve already worked with a guest blog and earned a spot on the writing roster, don’t give it up! Your writer can help you scale your writing keeping the same level of quality without adding stress to your plate of having more and more to do. This allows you to maintain your presence and expand it, rather than feeling like you’re always just trying to keep up.


6. You Can Scale Your Guest Blogging Much Quicker

Building off of the last step, the idea is to work smarter, not harder, by employing professional guest blog writing services to help you write your content. When you find the right writing company, you’ll be able to scale up your content production while still keeping quality high. You’ll be able to regularly contribute to many more online publications than you ever could writing on your own. You’ll be able to dedicate your own time to finding new publications that give you another domain link. The more the merrier!

This can be a huge advantage when vying for search engine rankings within a competitive industry. The more audiences you reach, backlinks produced and authority gained, the better positioned you are to viewed as a leader in the industry. Industry leaders have a much easier time attracting and keeping a market share in their space.

Scale guest blog writing

When it comes to content marketing and guest blogging, you need results. Doing the bare minimum because you’re doing it on your own isn’t going to raise the bottom line, and won’t get you ahead of your competitors. If you really are in it to win it, you need scaling solutions and that’s what guest blog writing services provide.


7. You Likely Have Access to Editing Solutions

Another huge bonus to using professional guest blogging services is they usually have an editing department – something you likely also need if you’re not currently a writer. You can usually customize a setup with your guest blog writing service to have the guest blog post go through an editor’s hands before coming back to you.

It’s no secret that content should always at least have two sets of eyes on it before publishing – one set to write it, and one set to review it for any spelling or grammatical errors. Rather than keeping the editing portion on your plate, you can outsource that to the writing service and focus more on the meat/information of the content when going through it once it’s been delivered back to you.


8. You Can Get Additional Custom Writing Solutions

Another great benefit of using a guest blog writing service is that you now have a resource you can utilize for any other writing projects that may pop up. Whether you have a new web page that needs to be written, an email newsletter that needs to go out, some blogging for your own site, or anything else, you won’t have to stress about where to find a writer each time the need comes up.

Not only that, many guest blogging services have additional things related to content writing that they can provide. Here are a few examples:

  • SEO title tag and meta descriptions
  • Stock photos to add for blog posts
  • Social media posts about the piece of content being written
  • Ability to upload to the guest blog site, or your own site
  • And more

You’ll likely need to consult with the guest blog writing service first to see what items you can offload to them, and be prepared to pay a little bit extra for any time-consuming tasks. That being said, there are many things that may come standard with using a guest blog writing service like organization methods, delivery methods, etc.

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Hire a Guest Blog Writing Service Today!

Once you’ve answered the question of where to guest blog, you are now in a position to hire a guest blog writing service. The key is to make sure you find a partner that has great writers, account management to help organize the process and the ability to customize to your current content marketing plan. Once you have that, you’re ready to go full steam ahead!

Guest blogging offers many benefits for your business and content writing portfolio. It helps build brand authority, trust and exposure. By utilizing keyword research, a carefully crafted content marketing plan and a guest blog writing service, you may be able to appeal to a wider audience and reap the benefits of writing for other blogs in your niche. Not only that, earning high-quality backlinks from great guest posts is one of the quickest ways to boost the SEO of your site.

Whether you need a few guest blogs for your own content marketing campaigns, or are looking for white hat link building services that do it all, we can help! Contact us today!


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