4 Ways To Market Yourself for Freelance Content Writing Jobs

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When I tell someone I’m a freelance writer, they almost always ask, “How did you get into that?” After all, freelance content writing jobs may not be an obvious choice for someone with a dental hygiene degree. However, freelancers come from many job sectors, and the content writing industry continues to grow.

If you have been wanting to join the ranks of freelance writers but don’t know where to begin, you are not alone. Many new writers struggle with effectively marketing themselves. However, promoting your skills is essential to gain worthwhile freelance work. You must stand out by creating quality content and demonstrating dedication to your craft.

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How To Market Yourself for Freelance Content Writing Jobs

Marketing yourself for freelance writing jobs might sound challenging, but the internet has simplified the process. While you can promote yourself for individual projects that interest you, you can also choose to apply for a content creation company such as BKA Content. This way, you have access to more work than you might be able to find on your own; this allows you to gain experience while building your portfolio. Consider these four tips for successfully marketing yourself in the freelance writing world.

1. Create an Online Presence

Branding yourself is an essential part of being a freelancer. You can maximize your chances of getting freelance content writing jobs by creating an online presence. You can follow the social media profiles of companies you work with to stay updated about company happenings. Following companies’ pages allows you to feel like a part of a team as you interact with the company’s other writers.

Create social media profiles for yourself that list your writing qualifications. Invite other writers to share tricks and tips about the freelance world. By creating an engaging online presence, you can make connections that can help your further your writing career.

2. Choose a Niche

When creating your online writing profile, be as specific as possible about the kind of writing you enjoy. For example, you might list that you enjoy creating SEO content. A company such as BKA Content that markets SEO writing might show up as a potential match for you. You might not find personalized matches if you only list yourself as a freelance writer.

Not only should you list the style of writing you enjoy, but you can also list topics that interest you. For example, you might be passionate about writing about gardening or lawn care. This specificity can help you link with freelancers that have similar interests; these connections can help you find companies that need writers with your expertise.

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3. Network With Writers and Companies

New freelance writers should not overestimate the power of online networking. By creating an online presence, you can connect with other writers and companies looking to hire writers for freelance content writing jobs. Sites like LinkedIn have made it simple and fast for you to network with those in your niche. Reaching out to other freelancers is invaluable when trying to break into the business. With their advice, you can learn how to create your online presence and find work related to your interests.

If you are considering writing for a company that is new to you, you can ask other writers what their experience has been. Potential employers can search for you online and see your portfolio or resume displayed. Be sure to list what topics you enjoy writing about; this way, employers can match you with work you find engaging.

4. Make Your Resume Stand Out

Many freelancers post their resumes to online networking sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed or ZipRecruiter. Make your resume stand out by putting some effort into the design. If you want to give your resume the edge it needs, consider hiring a freelance designer to help you. A professional, aesthetically pleasing design makes your resume memorable. Because employers make their first impression about you based on your resume, ensure it reflects your top-quality work.

You don’t have to include only writing experience on your resume. While this is the most relevant information, it is also necessary to list your other skills and accolades. List all degrees and certifications you have, whether or not they pertain to your writing career. You never know when a company might need writers with your specific knowledge.

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You Can Succeed at Finding Freelance Content Writing Jobs!

Jumping off the freelance diving board can be scary, but with the right tips and tricks, you will be on your way to a successful writing career. Start building your networking skills now so you can find freelance content writing jobs that are the right fit for you.

BKA Content wants you to succeed in your freelance writing venture! If you are a freelance writer or editor with advice for creating an online presence, please leave a comment below.

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