3 Habits To Stop Procrastinating and Start Writing

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The most successful people in any industry have developed habits that enable them to exceed deadlines. They get adequate sleep, exercise regularly, seek feedback and have mentors. They also stop procrastinating by employing the following techniques. Writers who do the same please their clients consistently and keep a positive attitude about the demands of professional writing, which typically makes them easier writers to work with. (Translation: They’re given more assignments and earn more money!)

1. First the Worst

Does your writing assignment contain three blogs on cute vizsla puppies and one on compressor plates? First write the article you dread the most, and attack it with energy. Once you’ve completed that one, your enthusiasm for the rest of your workload will increase, and you’ll be motivated to write even more.

2. Beat the Clock

Whenever you find yourself putting off a task, set the timer on your phone for 10 minutes. Discipline yourself to write for that entire amount of time. Chances are you’ll become engrossed in your work and continue writing long after the timer goes off. But if your motivation is still lacking, focus on the fact that you hit your target, which is something to be proud of. Giving yourself kudos can help inspire you to set additional goals. After regularly reaching the 10-minute mark without stopping, raise the stakes and train yourself to work for longer periods.

3. Reward Progress

Set daily writing goals and reward yourself when you meet them. Your reward could be stalking your favorite celebrities (Bradley Cooper, perhaps?) online for a few minutes, going out to lunch with friends, or something else entirely. The bigger your accomplishment is, the bigger your reward should be.

If you want to stop procrastinating and start writing, then follow these three guidelines with the same dedication you put toward checking your Instagram account. Your clients and your pocketbook will thank you.

Do you have any additional tips that you use to keep procrastination at bay? Please share them with us below!

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