45 Reasons Why Freelance Writing Is the Perfect Work From Home Job

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In the Age of Coronavirus, pretty much everything is starting to look different.  From grocery shopping to walking the dog, we’ve entered a “new normal,” and no one is sure if life will ever quite be the same. Unfortunately, this also means that unemployment rates are hitting all-time highs nationwide. Suddenly, people are asking, “What kind of work can I do from home?” If you’ve never had a real work from home job, the prospect might be daunting. The truth is, though, it might be the best thing you ever do.

If you find yourself stuck at home with nothing but extra time and a Wi-Fi connection, you might be a perfect candidate for one of the best work-from-home jobs there is: freelance content writing.


Work From Home Writing Jobs on the Rise

I know, I know, people always say, “You can’t make any money as a writer.” In this day, however, literally everything is being sold, talked about, shared and researched online by millions of users every day. All of that content has to be written by someone, and a whole lot of businesses are willing to pay for it. In fact, around 70% of marketers are investing in content writing to drive online traffic. All you have to do is get in on the gig.

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We’ll take a page out of Lavar Burton’s book and say, “But don’t take our word for it.” Who better than a group of actual freelance writers to give you the low-down on what it’s really like to do work from home writing jobs? We asked a group of 50 content writing pros what they thought about their real work from home writing jobs. This is what they had to say.


Why Freelance Content Writing is the Perfect Work From Home Job

Let me count the ways…

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1. You can control your own workload.

Whether you are balancing several jobs at a time, caring for aging parents, micromanaging busy kids, or simply working around a unique life schedule, having control over your own workload can be one of the greatest perks of freelance writing from home.

“I love having the freedom to select my own work or to change the amount of work I do depending on my commitments or schedule at home. I know that sometimes assigned work is unavoidable, but the majority of the time, it’s my choice, both for quantity and variety.” – Amy B.

“I can take as many or as few articles as I want depending on my schedule. Controlling my workload has become especially important now that my young children are homebound for the foreseeable future.” – Deanna A.

“Being able to control your workload means you also control your income. That is very important to me as a single mom who is the only source of income for our household.” – Heather H.


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2. You can make money doing something you love.

It’ll still be work, but if it’s a real work from home writing job, it will be both interesting and satisfying to your inner writer.

“I never thought I could get paid to write before learning about BKA. It was very exciting to me to find a job I could actually enjoy doing. I’ve learned a lot more than I ever thought I could about what makes strong writing, and greatly enjoyed the variety of topics we get to work on.” – Jessica P.

“Freelance writing, particularly with BKA Content, allows me to explore so many new, interesting topics and use them to practice my writing skills, all while making money. Some days it feels like actual leisure time to be able to learn something new and write about it, sharing it with others in the world.” – Lindsey F.

“I’m 54. A lot of people my age have started counting down the time to retirement. I feel incredibly fortunate to do something I love enough not to feel that way.” – Mary H.



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3. You can set your own writing schedule.

Early bird? Night owl? With a work from home freelance writing gig, you can work whenever you want.

“I love having the ability to work an hour here and there during the day or sit down for a solid block. This allows me to adjust my work schedule around appointments, school activities and family projects instead of the other way around. On busy weeks, I can take fewer articles; and, on slower weeks, I can take on more work.” – Daneen H.

“I really appreciate the flexibility that comes with writing for BKA.  I can work a little every day, or lump it all into just a day or two; work mornings, afternoons, evenings or weekends. It is comforting to know that each week I can have a different schedule – customized to suit my life.” – Leni D.

“The freedom of setting and controlling your own schedule is a literal dream come true. Being able to work at the most convenient time in the day helps reduce stress and increase productivity. This is especially helpful for parents. I am able to work when my daughter is in bed so I can fully concentrate on my writing and be at my best.” – Victoria H.


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4. You can write from anywhere.

Your desk is whatever (and wherever) you want it to be.

“This one is crucial for me! My husband and I live in our RV and both work remotely. We have been in two different time zones, 10 states and half a dozen national parks since I started working for BKA. It is the best office environment I’ve ever had!” – Diane F.

“One of the biggest perks of freelance writing is the ability to take it anywhere. Whether it’s packing up the laptop and heading to a coffee shop or taking a notebook outside to write my first draft freehand, having a job that’s portable is the best. A change of scenery can many times offer a new perspective on the subject I’m writing about. It’s one of my very favorite parts of the job.” – Sue G.


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5. You can make more time for your family or friends.

You know you’ve picked a winner when your work from home job allows you the flexibility to make your loved ones a priority.

“With the crazy COVID-19 problems and kids being home from school, I appreciate my job more than ever before. I have had to rearrange my schedule and get up earlier to get my work done, but I am so grateful I have that option. By getting my work done earlier, I have been able to make more time for my daughter and husband.” – Shellie P.

“This is essential. I am my kids’ only parent, so I have to put them first. The nature of working at home lets me do that.” – Heather H.

“It’s really nice to know that if something comes up with someone I care for I can simply not take any extra work that day, and go spend time with them instead. This means helping someone out moving, caring for a friend who’s sick, or even just taking an impromptu beach day.” – Jessica P.


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6. Writing from home jobs are a great side hustle.

Already have a job that pays most of the bills? Great! Freelance writing from home can help fill in the cracks.

“I love making a decent amount of money doing something I love without having to work crazy hours. I make as much as I did working retail and work fewer hours each week.” – Laura A.

“Many people struggle to make ends meet. When I realized my full-time job didn’t quite cover all the things I wanted or needed, freelance work was just the answer I needed.” – Suzanne T.


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7. You don’t have to commute.

Save the ozone – and your road rage. How does working from your living room sound?

“Avoiding all that comes with commuting is a primary benefit of remote work, for me. I have spinal injuries that make driving, especially sitting in traffic, hard on my body. I love being able to get up and sit down at my ergonomic computer station, in sweatpants and messy hair, and start working. It’s crucial for me to be able to take frequent breaks and even lie down for a few minutes, through the day. I don’t have to endure the risks associated with driving, no commuter stress, no expenditure on gasoline, and no wear and tear on my car. What’s not to love about the commute-free work day?” – Eva D.

“Point blank, this job saves me $100s on gas money. I used to drive 20-30 minutes to and from work every day. With this job, I don’t even have to start up my car. That means I’m keeping more of the money I’m making, as opposed to spending it on gas.” – Lily S.

“#Truth – My car is covered in bird poop.” – Susannah B.


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8. You can make more time for personal pursuits.

You know you need a change when your current job leaves no “you time.” Work from home jobs, like writing, give you the flexibility to pursue your passions between article writing.

“This has always been a key part of freelancing for me. I have many pursuits that add value to my life and nurture my spirit. Working from home helps me maintain these connections and still make money.” – Joe P.

“I have been able to make more time for doing the things I love. I spent 2 months with my family while my dad went through a complicated, invasive surgery. Then, once he was beginning to recover, I was able to go spend a week visiting my friend in New Mexico (giving me some time to recover). All the while I was able to write articles and keep earning money.” – Lily S.

“Since I’m not wasting time commuting and I have control over my hours, I can easily schedule time in my day for hobbies. Learning guitar and studying Spanish are two personal pursuits I might not have time for if I had a traditional job.” – Shellie P.


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9. You may enjoy unique tax benefits.

It might take some getting used to, but there are some great reasons to switch to a 1099-kind of job. When you have a work from home job, sometimes your home internet, office space and computer equipment are deductible.

“I love being able to put much of my income into a 401(k)!” – Abby J.

“It is nice to not have taxes taken out of each check. Plus, being able to get deductions on my taxes for work supplies and space is a perk.” – Heather H.


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10. You decide the dress code.

Working where, when, and in whatever state of “dressed up” you want can be a game-changer. This is the true beauty of a work from home writing job.

“I prefer to sleep in and I live alone. Those two facts mean I’m usually in my pjs until lunchtime. However, this doesn’t mean I can’t work! I am the most focused and ready to work right after I wake up, so this job allows me to roll out of bed and hop on the computer. I don’t know of many jobs that let you do that.” – Lily S.

“Yoga pants. Every day. All day. I’m never going back to an office.” – April M.


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11. You can stretch your writing skills.

Seeking ways to nurture growth is essential to your self-confidence, satisfaction, and overall sense of well-being. Getting paid to do it is just the cherry on top. When you find great freelance writing opportunities, you should take advantage of them.

“Writing is hard! At least good writing is. Practice helps, but to really learn the skill, one needs to regularly have their work evaluated by professional editors such as the BKA team. “Tough but Fair!” Even more than writing, though, one must have a keen sense of how to research quickly and effectively, and that’s where the skill stretching really happens.” – Chris C.

“Although I’ve been writing professionally for over nine years now, it seems like I am always learning something new and getting opportunities to stretch my skills. Whether I’m writing for a company that has a very specific voice or I’m tackling a new type of content I’ve never written before, I love being able to experience continuous growth with freelance writing.” – Shellie P.


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12. Your typing speed will improve.

When it comes to freelance writing, your typing speed can equal dollar signs. Marry that speed with quality content and you can make some solid income writing from home!

“When you write for a living, you quickly get the hang of typing at a fast speed while making minimal errors.” – Amy H.

“When you type for hours every day, you can’t avoid suddenly becoming a super typist. It’s like a party trick, and people will always be in awe of your speed.” – Heather H.

“Don’t worry if you start out slow. You WILL get faster with time! My average typing speed has gotten very fast since I started freelance writing.” – Shellie P.

“I can now type almost as fast as I can think. This is a game changer.” – Zibby A.

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13. You can take breaks when (and in whichever way) you need to.

Coffee run? Solitaire break? Beautiful morning? Having a good work from home writing job means that your breaks are on your own schedule.

“Another huge perk to working from home is being able to walk away from your desk without a manager, supervisor, or nosy coworker getting all up in your business about why. At home, you can do your thing and finish your work however you’d like.” – Joe P.

“Some days, I’ll write for hours without a break, but other days I need breaks every ten minutes. It’s great not having to ask anyone if you can go to the bathroom or get a drink. You can even run to the store if you need to. No limits on breaks as long as you meet deadlines.” – Heather H.


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14. Writing from home jobs can fit a unique lifestyle.

The modern working world is growing and changing to reflect all kinds of lifestyles. Whether you deal with chronic illness, young children, a busy schedule, or life on the road, work from home jobs are perfect for those who don’t fit the typical career molds and want to find their own paths.

 “We are a blended family with kids in all different directions. Having a conventional job for both of us won’t work. Being able to freelance and work from home gives me the ability to shuttle kids wherever they need to go. If my husband happens to be available, then I’m free to take my work somewhere fun, like the beach.”

– Jennifer S.

“As someone who suffers from several chronic illnesses, my lifestyle doesn’t really allow for a traditional job. Working for BKA allows me to fit my work around my doctor’s appointments and to be with my therapy dogs, who help keep me happy and motivated!” – Krista E.


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15. You can work from home without distractions of a typical workplace.

When you can choose your “workplace,” you get to determine what distractions you deal with on a daily basis. While there’s no guaranteeing there won’t be any distractions, when you get a freelance writing job from home, you typically have more control over what those distractions might be.

“No coworkers popping in to chat with you and waste your time. No odd smells from the break room. You can just get things done so you work four hours a day instead of eight.” – Heather H.

“It’s really nice to be able to set my own background noise level. No phone ringing or chatter behind me, just complete silence, or soft music if I feel the desire. I also don’t have to worry about other people piping in to chat or ask me to do other projects. I just take an assignment and work on it in my preferred environment.”

– Jessica P.


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16. You don’t have to be scrunched into a cubicle.

Work while you lounge in bed or type away on the beach. If a traditional desk isn’t your thing, being a freelance content writer means that you can do whatever works for you.

“I love being able to work from where I feel most comfortable. I will usually have my laptop with me while on the couch, but sometimes I’m writing while in bed or at my desk.” – Amy H.

“I love being able to work at my own home office space, decorated and organized the way I want it to be. BKA Content allows me to do this as a remote freelance writer. I can use whatever chair, lighting and work supplies I want or need to use. That’s a big deal for me.” – Lindsey F.

“Back in February, I sat down at the top of a mountain in Utah and typed an article without even taking my snowboard off.” – Zibby A.


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17. You can work with your windows open.

It may seem silly, but this can be a big one. Fresh air is actually important to good health. Working in an office without access to natural light or fresh air may contribute to issues such as depression and fatigue. Working from home or the comfort of, well, anywhere gives you as many opportunities as you need to get a breath of fresh air during the workday.

“No hermetically-sealed windows. YEA! Fresh air, bird calls, children’s laughter. What more could you want for a work environment?” – Kitty P.


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18. Writing from home works with your physical or mental health needs.

We all have different needs, and not everyone can sit in an office chair for 40+ hours a week. Having the opportunity to alternate between tasks and select your own workload can literally be a lifesaver for anyone dealing with chronic illness, anxiety, or unforeseen life circumstances. Writing from home jobs offer this exact kind of flexibility.

“I have a chronic illness and used to use so many vacation days for doctor’s appointments. I love that my illness no longer feels like a burden on other people because I just work around my appointments.” – April M.

“…Pertinent to current times, if I worked in an office, I would be missing work and paychecks right now because my immune system requires self-isolation due to the pandemic. Before we know it, working remotely will be the desired employment model. As freelance writers, we may be on the cutting edge of a new wave.”

– Eva D.

“I’ve struggled with depression in the past, and I needed to stop working for a while. Thanks to my freelance writing career, I had the ability to take a break while I worked on my mental health needs. That meant a lot to me and I was so grateful for the reprieve.” – Shellie P.

“Having physical or mental health restrictions often makes it hard to find consistent work. Writing for BKA allows anyone the flexibility to work within their own means. Since no one is judging you for how slowly you work, or giving you grief when you need a day off, the work can be much more rewarding than a traditional job.” – Sirah


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19. There is potential to earn as much as you want.

We can’t speak for all content writing companies, but our writing teams have access to a steady stream of work without having to hunt down their own clients. You have the ability to select as many writing jobs as you feel you can handle,

“With plenty of work to do, I can earn as much as I want or need to make. It all depends on how many hours I can put into writing each day.” – Amy H.

“It’s kind of nice not having my salary capped! If there’s a month where I really need the cash, I can stock up on as many articles as I can take on, and I get to decide between the ones that pay more and the ones that I can write more quickly. Both have their pros and cons, but in both cases, I get to choose!” – BKA Writer


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20. Working from home saves you money elsewhere (commuting, work attire, eating out.)

Did you know that the average American worker spends around $3,000 a year on coffee and lunch while at work? Work from home jobs might be more beneficial than you think.

“I lost 70 pounds when I left my last very physical job and started writing at home. Indeed, it was only after leaving that job where I realized the staggering sum I was spending on restaurant food. Work clothes also cost real money, and I was always buying some sort of gadget or tool that was nominally to make my job easier.” – Chris C.

“So much money saved. No special clothes. No gas or car repair costs. Once my kids were older, I had no childcare costs. I saved so much that I was making three times more than I would working outside of the house.” – Heather H.


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21. You can work independently and at your own pace.

When you’re the master of your schedule and an independent member of a writing team, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with someone else’s idea of success. Some content companies (like us) offer the ability to interact with the writing community, but it’s purely optional as a part of this work from home job.

“The flexibility and independence I get from this job is amazing. If I have to run to a school for a sick kid in the middle of an article, it’s perfectly fine. I can work without my boss checking in or redirecting my efforts multiple times a day, and if I need an hour of research to understand a topic for one article and five minutes on another one, I can still do it right.” – Daneen H.

“I prefer independent work because I’m a fast worker. I don’t like being held back or having to follow what everyone else is doing. Having control makes me happier when I’m working.” – Heather H.

“As someone who has always been a self-starter and an introvert, working independently keeps me motivated and in a positive mood. I can choose the length of articles that suit my mood or schedule, and even though the managers are always there if I need them, they let me do my own thing every day, which is wonderful!”

– Krista E.


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22. You can still build unique and meaningful relationships.

Just because you might work from home by yourself doesn’t mean that you’ll be all alone. Freelance writing jobs from home might open avenues for other friendships you’d never have encountered any other way.

“I initially thought that working independently from home would be more isolating than it is, especially when my coworkers are scattered in different states. I still feel connected to everyone through company newsletters and activities as well as through social media groups. I have made some good friends through this job and it has expanded my social circle to include writers from around the world.” – Daneen H.

“Even though I don’t work in a physical location with other people, I still get to build meaningful relationships with others. I have interacted directly with customers to develop a rapport and I’ve worked with account managers and editors who give me great feedback on my work.” – Shellie P.


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23. You may enjoy a virtual culture or connection with others who write (or the company you contract with).

As an independent writer with a content creation company, there are plenty of digital ways you can still connect with the people you work alongside. Work from home jobs don’t have to be lonely.

“This is such a HUGE part of BKA. I feel like I personally know my account managers and several of my editors, even though we live across the country from each other and will never meet face-to-face. But kindness, courtesy. helpfulness and empathy know no geographical boundaries, do they?” – Kitty P.

“Freelance writers are a unique bunch. We tend to be pretty sensitive, but we’re also witty and creative. I enjoy interacting with others who are similar to me in a lot of ways.” – Shellie P.


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24. Taking time off is easy and painless.

Life happens, and sometimes you need to ask for time off without notice. In a “regular” job, this can be difficult, presenting somewhat awkward situations with your boss or coworkers. That’s not the case if you’re writing from home as one of the BKA Content team.

“… Like when you go into labor a couple of days early. With my first kid, my husband had to take a doctor’s note to my boss so I could start my mandatory 6 weeks leave early. With my second, I sent my [BKA Content] manager an email saying that I was going to miss the deadline and would prefer a day extension over the articles being reassigned because my daughter unexpectedly showed up on the bathroom floor. He gave me a longer extension and told me that I could take my time selecting another assignment. I only took a week off because I got restless and going back to work didn’t go against my bed rest instructions or stop me from cuddling my kiddos.” – Daneen H


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25. You’ll have guidance and support.

We know not every work from home writing job will connect you with an amazing group of managers and editors, but it’s something we’re proud of here at BKA. We think of ourselves as advocates, connecting clients with amazing, high-quality content and linking writers with steady work, helpful guides and ongoing support.

“I like the feedback on my mistakes. Also, every client isn’t reasonable with their requests, so it is nice to know that the managers have your back when a client wants a completely different topic on an edit than was originally requested.” – Lisa W.

“I treasure (and, yes, dread just a little bit) every time one of BKA’s editors takes the time to review my work, because real experience only happens when it counts. Um, is this a good time to plead for mercy? Soldiers practice war, but it’s all a game until the real deal. Until a real editor reads your writing, it’s just a cake-walk.“ – Chris C.


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26. You don’t have to deal with office politics.

Having a work from home job can give you a comfortable buffer between you and the drama that typically happens at the office.

“Everyone is equal. The only thing that differentiates us is the quality of our work. Nobody is judging you on what you wear or who you associate with. You don’t have to participate in activities if you don’t want to. Nobody will shame you.” – Heather H.

“At my last job I was bullied relentlessly. It got to the point where I was paranoid and terrified of making the wrong decision. The people there were, by far, the worst part of the job, but BKA doesn’t have any of those issues. I love the staff and the fact that I don’t have to interact with people on a daily basis.” – Lily S.

“I worked in several office/administrative positions before joining BKA, but nothing compares to my experience with this team. From support and communication from managers to input from fellow writers and editors, I am always bragging to my family and friends about how great it is to work with you all.“ – Jessica R.


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27. You can keep your pet in your home “office.”

Typing away with your best friend at your side (or at your feet)? We can’t think of anything better. Freelance writing jobs offer this and so much more.

“As I’m typing this, I can hear my dachshund, who is sleeping on the bed next to me, snoring lightly. Outside the door, three adorable pitties are waiting to greet me as soon as I decide I need to leave my bedroom. Downstairs, a Pomeranian and a cat are likely relaxing in a dog bed together. Animals are a big part of my emotional support on the rough days and being able to be so close to all of them even when I’m working has been a huge help. I love pausing in the middle of an article to pet my dog or taking a break to play with the pitbulls in the yard for a few minutes. It’s good for the soul and not something I could do at a brick-and-mortar job!” – Amy G.

“The best coworker I have ever had is my cat. She’s terrible at her job, but she knows how to keep the mood around the office light.” – Joe P.

“I have a dog and a cat, and I adore them both. If I attempt to keep either of them out of my office space, they will whine or scratch at the door. Fortunately, I can adopt any pet policy I want at my home office, so I usually choose to let them in (even though they’re highly distracting).” – Shellie P.


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28. You have access to *real* coffee.

No more lowering your standards to the office-variety cup of joe. The bliss of being able to brew your favorite coffee or grab your preferred snack whenever you want is one of the best perks of working from home in a writing job.

“I love the fact that I can go get a fresh cup of coffee or tea whenever I want, have access to all the flavors and additions I want, and don’t have to pack it with me every day. I can set the coffee pot to start when I get up and not have to share any of it, I can stop by a coffee shop after taking kids to school and not be late, or I can try out new types without judgment from co-workers. I also don’t have to drink the stuff you can see through or the stuff you can chew just because someone got to the maker before I did.” – Daneen H.

“Greetings, friend, I am originally from Seattle, Washington. Coffee is of the utmost importance and I can’t drink the garbage that South Carolina thinks is coffee. Yes, real coffee is one of my most important work perks!” – Hailey D.V.

“The fact that I never have to buy coffee en route to an office or rely on the subpar selection in a break room is enough for me to say working from home is the ideal situation for me.” – Joe P.


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29. You might learn unexpected things.

Ravenclaws of the world unite! There is no better way to pick up a wide load of interesting facts than to work from home as a content writer.

“I had no idea how much I would learn. At this point I’ve learned how to fix my own toilet, make smart investment choices, become certified to work with the elderly, pick out the best cannabis products, improve my home’s value and discover the best pet lodging options. I love learning new things, and freelance writing is perfect for that.” – Heather H.

“I have learned so many things while researching topics. The strangest thing I think I ever learned about was concrete. I had to create a 50-question quiz all about the history of concrete. That was almost two years ago, and I still remember it.” – Jennifer S.

“I’ve had the privilege of writing a few how to prevent your toilet from causing water damage articles. This knowledge I learned from these came in unexpectedly handy the other day when the flush handle on my home unit broke. I not only knew what was wrong, but also what part I needed to fix it, and was able to do so before any water damage occurred …” – Jessica P.


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30. You can up your A.P. Style game.

…While still lamenting the loss of the Oxford comma. Following a strict (and yet evolving) writing standard like A.P. Style can be a struggle unless you have a reason to keep up on it, and becoming a freelance content writer is the perfect way to do this.

“I never realized how important A.P. Style was outside of journalistic writing until I began freelancing. In fact, I didn’t know it was used in the marketing world at all. Now, my writing work allows me to practice my A.P. skills on a daily or weekly basis, stretching my mind and skill set while boosting my resume at the same time.” – Lindsey F.

“Oh, I have taken my grammar game to a whole new level. All my Facebook friends hate me.” – Zibby A.


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31. You’ll strengthen your research abilities.

In a world where people depend on Alexa and Siri to tell them what they need to know, gain the real research skills you need to help your content stand out from the crowd (and actually know what you’re talking about) through your work from home job.

“Friends and family members reach out to me constantly when they need to find information. Even though we all have access to Google on our phones and tablets, it isn’t always easy to find what you need. Freelancing makes you a pro at conducting relevant searches.” – Joe P.


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32. You can sharpen your proofreading skills.

Crafting error-free articles is essential to your success as a freelance writer. With the proper amount of support, you can gain the proofreading skills you need to get it right the first time. This saves you time – and therefore, money when writing from home.

“Who knew it was so easy to switch up “pool” with “poo” when you’re typing at full speed? I do, now. I’ve learned through trial and error that proofreading is essential whether you’re writing a basic SEO post or a landing page.”  – Shellie P.

“Actually, one thing I am doing a lot more now thanks to BKA is re-reading my work to make sure everything’s perfect. A lot of times you think you’ve gotten it all right on the first go, but when you go back, you sometimes run into a few surprises! I’m grateful that BKA’s taught me to be alert.” – BKA Writer


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33. You’ll gain real-world writing experience.

You know what they say: Writers write. The more you do something, the better you get at it and the easier it becomes. As a freelance writer, the pieces of content you create are being used by real companies out there in the world, which can be very exciting (not to mention, great for your writing portfolio).

“I would argue that freelancing gives you more real-world writing experience than other gigs. SEO practices are commonplace in all offices and content is huge for marketing. Writers who focus on these areas are literally experienced with the latest trends.” – Joe P.

“The feeling of seeing my own work on the real, live internet is indescribable. I send the links to my family and friends and they actually refer to me as “”a professional writer.” Every assignment I take, every research and source article I read, and every piece I craft makes me a better writer. And it feels pretty amazing to think that anyone in the world could read my works, too.” – Zibby A.


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34. You break out of “employee” status

Be the master of your schedule, your workload and your life. As a freelance content writer, you earn the title of “independent contractor,” and break the bonds of being someone else’s “employee.”

“Freelance can’t be spelled without ‘free.’  I never really appreciated how soul-crushing being an employee truly is. I suspected it, but never truly knew until I became freelance. The thought of belonging to someone else is now utterly unacceptable to me. As a freelancer, I may not make as much money as I used to, but I am now and forevermore (quoth the raven) my own master – and that’s absolutely priceless to me. Without the slightest hyperbole, I wouldn’t go back for 1,000 times the money.” – Chris C


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35. You get to watch your kids grow up.

Every parent has days where they wish their kid was already out of the house. The truth is, though, it’s too easy to miss their crucial growing-up years if you’re working a 9-5 job outside the home. Work from home jobs allow you to have the best of both worlds.

“I worked in an office job for brief period when my sons were 3 and 6-months old. I cried every day because I missed them, and because I couldn’t stand the fact that someone else would essentially raise them for 10 hours a day, five days a week. Someone else would see Theo take his first steps, and someone else would learn Finn’s language better than I could, and someone else would get all this quality time with my children while I would only see them for two hours before bed each night. I realized didn’t want that for my kids or myself, so I decided to put in my two-weeks. Though working from home with now 5- and 3-year-olds is stressful, to say the least, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Between all the stressful moments, there are millions of others that reaffirm my decision to work from home.”  

– Christina C


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36. You can have bad days.

A real work from home job like freelance content writing means there is nothing to stop you from venting to your BFF through text at any time of the day. Be unapologetically you in whatever state of chaos you may currently be in.

“In an office environment, you often need to put on a smile even when you’re dealing with personal issues. Working from home makes it a lot easier to work through a bad day or emotional situation without needing to go into detail or hide your feelings.” – Joe P.


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37. You are the envy of your commuting, 9-to-5, cubicle-bound, meeting-weary friends and family.

Something about rolling out of bed in your pajamas to make money writing content seems to be an enviable position to be in. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even start a trend in your social circle.

“Whenever I am asked what kind of work I do, an involved conversation ensues. People, especially those of my late-baby-boomer gen, are fascinated by the fact that one doesn’t need to leave the house to generate an income, and they want to hear all about it. “So you don’t have to go to any meetings?” and “Do you work in your pajamas?” are the most common wonderings. No, and yes. While envy by my friends is nice, the reasons I love being a home-based freelance writer are truly innumerable, and I am grateful to have the freedom to choose that.” – Eva D


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38. Your lunch break can last as long as you want.

Perhaps you need a little more time to prepare a healthy meal to keep your energy up throughout the rest of your work time. Maybe you just need to chat with a friend over lunch. Whatever the reason, your length of lunch break at your work from home writing job is entirely up to you, and no one else is keeping track.

“With a stomach condition, I have to be careful what I eat and how often I eat. It’s so nice to not have to worry about a grouchy boss if my lunch break goes longer than I anticipated thanks to my diet.” – Hailey D.V.


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39. You’ll read SO much.

All that reading for your work from home writing gig might actually benefit you in other ways. One of the best tricks to learn how to read faster is simply to do a lot of reading. The faster you can read, the faster you can write, so it’s a perfect combination for the freelance writer.

“Reading for pleasure is a passion of many writers. If you’re falling out of the habit, working from home is a perfect way to adjust your schedule. When you write, you HAVE to read both what you’re working on and research material. A perfect way to get back into the swing of reading.” – Joe P.


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40. You can cuss at your laptop whenever necessary.

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, your sailor heritage just needs to rear its vocabulary – especially when you lose a document you forgot to save in advance. Even work from home jobs can have a setback or two.

“Who’s to tell you you can’t? Who’s to tell you it’s not lady-like (or gentleman-like)? Who’s to tell you swearing is forbidden in the workplace?” – Kitty P.


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41. You can exercise your brain and challenge yourself when writing from home.

Can you imagine playing a game of Balderdash or Trivial Pursuit with a group of freelance writers? That would be epic.

“I love learning about things I might not have thought to research before. It can be fun coming up with topics when you have to include difficult keywords or phrases like “Titanium Tanks in Timbuctoo.” – Lisa W.


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42. You’ll use (or gain) transferable writing skills.

You might be surprised at the huge array of writing topics on the table for freelance writing work. Just about any experience you might have gained in life up to this point will likely be put to use at some point in your writing.  On the flip side, your hours of researching and writing may easily transfer into skills usable in other areas of your life.

“I like to write on health care topics that allow me to apply the skills I learned as a medical transcriptionist/editor. I still have medical spellcheck installed on my computer as well, so that saves me a lot of time proofreading.” – Mary D.

“As a freelance writer, I’ve written about everything from mortgage loans to proper resume structures. Through extensive research and repetition, I have gained knowledge of things that will help me in my own life.“ – Shellie P.


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42. You can learn how to market your own business.

It’s true. Having some content writing experience can go a long way in helping you build your own brand and website, or simply managing your own blog. Once your business grows big enough, you’ll also have a direct contact with a content writing company that can provide the resources you need to run a larger operation.

“When you’re a freelance writer, you gain the experience you need to create content for your own business.” – Shellie P.



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44. You gain confidence in your freelance writing skills.

Working from home as a freelance content writer will build and stretch you in many ways, but boosting your confidence is a major (and welcome) side effect of continued, successful writing.

“Before I started freelance writing, I enjoyed writing but didn’t know if I was actually good at it. When you work hard every day to hone your skills, you gain confidence in your craft.” – Shellie P.


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45. You learn how to handle rejection and keep moving forward.

As with any career, a real work from home writing job can come with moments where you realize you’ve messed up. Moving forward is part of the game, and we try to ensure all of our team members have the guidance they need to rise up stronger.

You’ll inevitably experience rejection at some point during your freelance writing career. I have experienced it many times. I used to get really hurt and depressed when I would get negative feedback or when a client would request a rewrite. Since then, I have learned not to take things personally and to handle criticism professionally and with an open mind. My primary goal now is to learn from the experience instead of letting it get me down.” – Shellie P.


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