why does seo for personal injury lawyers matter

Why Does SEO for Personal Injury Lawyers Matter?

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In today’s world, everyone seems to have an online presence, including personal injury attorneys, which may make you wonder why SEO for personal injury lawyers matters. You have steep competition from the 87% of 1.3 million attorneys in the U.S. who have a website, and you need to set yourself apart from your competition.

Does SEO for Personal Injury Lawyers Really Matter?

You may still wonder why you should invest your time and money into SEO strategies. Did you know that of your local customers, 76% will conduct online research before they come into your office, and 35% of your potential clients will research recommendations before contacting you. In addition, up to 88% of your competition planned to invest the same or more in their SEO strategies in 2023 than in 2022.

Your new client base largely depends on your availability online, but fewer than 1% of people move on to the second page of Google results. Therefore, you need a strategy that moves you up the rankings. This is where SEO comes in.

How SEO Works

seo for personal injury lawyers

If you are like most people, the majority of your internet usage starts with a search engine. However, with the sheer number of websites available, these sites have to have ways to rank websites so users have access to those they need most. SEO uses keywords, user experience, content and external and internal links to determine your website’s focus, value and rank. These search engines also review how your visitors behave when they come to your site in addition to your website’s structure and design and how many other reputable sites link back to you.

Search engines crawl through your website to determine its usability, applicability and usefulness. Then, they take all these factors and index them, a process similar to a filing system. Once indexed, these search engines place it in the retrieval or ranked position the algorithm deems appropriate.

You may wonder how this investment benefits you. When you optimize your website and content, search engines can better categorize it, resulting in higher rankings.

SEO Increases Visibility and Traffic

SEO for personal injury lawyers matters because it increases your visibility. If you can move your website ranking up to the first in the list of Google results, you can experience an organic click-through rate of up to 39.8% because two-thirds of those who click through after their search will select the first website in the rankings.

Organic listings, those that move up the rankings due to SEO, receive 73% of clicks. You can compete more effectively when you outrank your competition. As you move up, those needing your personal injury legal services have access to information about your firm and are likely to click on your link.

SEO Targets Your Preferred Audience and Gives You High-Quality Leads

As you increase your visibility, you can target clients who need your services and are actively seeking your help. When you start your SEO journey, you determine the keywords your clients will use to search for your services. Then, you create posts that draw your ranking up for these specific keywords. However, your website should receive a 45% higher click rate on posts with keywords that appear or are similar to those in your URL.

Why does SEO for personal injury lawyers matter if you only serve local clients? Local SEO also allows you to better target those in your preferred market who need your specific services. Through SEO, you can give these individuals easy access. Of those who conduct local searches, 50% visit the business they found within a day.

Get Expert Help With Your Personal Injury SEO

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SEO Offers Competitive Advantages

SEO helps you fully optimize your website. That is important since 96% of those aged 16-64 who use the internet have a smartphone, and 57% of people conduct searches on devices other than desktop computers. SEO allows you to give your clients a better user experience.

In addition, these investments help you build credibility and trust with your potential clients. As you post more relevant, keyword-specific content on your website and social media platforms, potential clients will see you as an authority. As you optimize your content and website, you also increase your brand recognition, reputation and equity.

You can increase this trust by filling out a business profile, increasing your potential visits to 70% and your likely conversion to 50%. Also, in 2022, 98% of your potential clients read through online reviews before making contact. Therefore, you should set up places for your clients to review your firm, which increases conversion rates in potential clients.

Can SEO Provide Measurable, Long-Term Results?

why does seo for personal injury lawyers matter

Another reason SEO for personal injury lawyers matters is that it allows many companies and firms to reduce marketing expenditures. Only 27% of clicks are the result of paid advertising. In addition, with traditional or even pay-per-click advertising, you may see immediate results, but you have to continue to push money into these avenues to keep the momentum going. This has increased the cost of every lead received through advertising by 91%.

SEO is highly cost-effective, and you only pay for advertising targeting individuals who have an interest, need your services, or are ready to invest, producing high-quality leads. SEO also optimizes your content and website to convert these visitors.

In addition, as you add more keywords, you gain more clicks. For example, if you increase your keywords by 20%, you can expect an increase in your click-through rate of up to 120%. Therefore, you earn compound benefits for every dollar you invest in SEO. In addition, the results are long-lasting. As your website rises, you receive more clicks, which causes it to rise faster and further.

Learn More About Why SEO for Personal Injury Lawyers Matters

Now that you know why SEO for personal injury lawyers matters, you’re likely looking for SEO solutions. At BKA Content, we provide SEO services. We not only provide content that will move you up in search engine rankings, but we analyze your results, track your blogs and update your content over time. We also offer white-hat link building, which further increases your rankings. Those in second place often have 3.8 times fewer backlinks than the top rating. You can start your SEO journey now by contacting BKA Content.

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