what is a white hat link building service?

What Is a White Hat Link Building Service?

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Did you know the first result in a Google search gets more than 30% of all clicks? Google’s algorithm uses more than 200 different factors when ranking websites, but building links is right at the top of the list. Links to and from other high-ranking websites are an essential part of an SEO campaign, but link building must focus on quality over quantity and come about via organic creation. Many business owners use a white hat link building service to ensure their links are top-tier.

What Is a White Hat Link Building Service?

White hat link building is an SEO technique that drives traffic to a website by linking to and from other relevant content on the internet. Organic white hat links boost the quality of a website’s content, which enhances the user experience and pushes the site higher in Google’s search engine results pages. Building white hat links is not the same as the spam tactic known as black hat link building. Black hat links do not add any value to the content and may not even have anything to do with what the user is reading. Because organic link building is beneficial to everyone who uses the internet, Google considers it an important SEO criterion and docks pages with bad linking practices or no linking practices at all.

Building links can be labor-intensive, but you don’t need to do it on your own. A white hat link building service provides keyword research, creates high-quality content, and helps you build organic relationships with other high-ranking pages in your industry. A good link-building campaign focuses on quality over quantity, performs custom outreach to potential linking partners, and creates unique and organic content that increases your online presence.

The right agency avoids link-building networks and focuses on relevant websites instead. It also provides transparency about the links it creates and offers reports about the links it acquired, where they point to, and the domain authority of the other website. Hiring someone to build your white hat links for you ensures you follow SEO best practices to the letter and that you have time to focus on other aspects of your business.

What Are Some Techniques for Creating White Hat Backlinks?

White hat backlinks.

There are a variety of techniques for building white hat links on the internet. For the best results, you must invest in each of them.

Writing and Sourcing Content Contributions

Contributing content to other high-ranking websites within your industry is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website organically. Many of the best websites on the internet allow guest posting. When you create high-quality content on another website, its readers are more likely to become interested in what you have to say on your own and click through. It also helps to allow others to guest post on your blog as it further increases quality content. Furthermore, it creates external links, which is good for SEO. When done correctly, an excellent guest post could bring traffic to your website for months or years to come.

Including Statistical Data

Whether you’re creating blog posts, long-form articles, or social media content, research shows that 74% of readers find content that includes statistical data to be more trustworthy. Data is especially helpful if you’ve compiled and analyzed it yourself. What are some interesting statistics you’d like to know about your industry? What are some current trending topics? Use social media to collect responses to a survey question that relates to the trends in your industry. Then, use the information you receive as a statistic in your content.

Removing Broken Links

Dead links are highly detrimental to your Google reputation. If your website has 404 errors or other internal or external broken links, it’s counting against you. Using tools to comb your site for these links and replacing them with more relevant, working ones helps boost your Google rankings.

You can use other websites’ broken links to your benefit as well. Add a competitor’s URL into your tool and comb it for broken links. Scan the list to find topics that are on brand for your own business and create content about those topics to fill in the gaps your competitors are missing.

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What Should You Look For in a White Hat Link Building Service?

When choosing a white hat link building service, keep a few key things to look for in mind.

Manual Outreach

The right link-building agency performs manual outreach. This means it emails, calls, or otherwise engages the owners of websites to ask if they would be interested in offering their space for a guest post. Manual outreach shows the service is honest and ethical as well as ensures your guest posts end up on legitimate websites.

Many link-building agencies do not build links manually but purchase them instead. This is admittedly the faster and easier way to build links, but it is also highly unethical. Furthermore, Google can tell the difference between manually created and purchased links and penalizes websites that purchase them.

In-Depth Analysis

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Before beginning a link-building campaign, your provider should do an in-depth analysis of your current backlink portfolio. This information shows your current backlink landscape, such as whether your backlinks use proper anchor text or whether they are spread evenly enough throughout the website.

Unique Referring Domains

A good white hat link building service uses unique referring domains for each link it creates for your website. Google devalues subsequent links from the same referring domain, so if too many of your incoming links are from the same one, your site will start to lose traction in rankings. This means avoiding websites that put their links in the sidebar or footer.

Proven Results

You need to know your link-building agency delivers what it promises. Ask for case studies and other evidence they increased traffic to websites on previous projects. Some agencies try to draw you in with a free link, but be wary. Sometimes they place these links on spammy pages that don’t have quality content or any domain authority.

Where Can You Find a White Hat Link Building Service You Can Trust?

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