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What An SEO Campaign Is

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If your business lands on the second search engine results page, it might as well be invisible, as only 1% of internet users bother to look that far. Fortunately, search engine optimization can boost your position. Of course, effective SEO requires a well-planned and -executed campaign. What is an SEO campaign, and why do you need one?

What Is an SEO Campaign?

SEO campaigns are plans to optimize your website content for search engines. Doing so requires appealing to your target audience.

Wait a minute — don’t algorithms decide who ranks high on SERPs? Why not appeal to them? Yes, search algorithms assign SERP rankings. However, their objective is to present internet users with the most helpful results.

Google has explicitly stated that its algorithms prioritize content with the following qualities:

  • People-first
  • Reliable
  • Knowledgeable

By aligning your content with these qualities, you appeal to both the audience and search engine algorithms.

What do these traits mean in a living web page? Reliable and knowledgable are pretty straightforward: The content should contain accurate information that answers the user’s question.

However, “people-first” is a bit more esoteric. Results vary, but they all start with putting yourself in the shoes of average consumers, asking: What information do potential customers need during their purchasing journeys? What provides a satisfying experience to website visitors? These questions should guide your campaign.

What Does Creating an SEO Campaign Entail?

what an SEO campaign is

What are the components of an SEO campaign at their most basic? There are three important aspects:

  • On-Page SEO: This type of SEO optimizes your website through content marketing, keyword usage and branding.
  • Off-Page SEO: Optimization that occurs on third-party websites is off-page SEO.
  • Technical SEO: User experience impacts whether consumers remain on your website; technical SEO optimizes your website’s design and development to improve navigation.

What your SEO campaign accomplishes will depend on your areas of focus. To plan the perfect SEO campaign, you must know where to improve. This is where website audits come in.

Website Audit

A website audit reviews your website and identifies low-ranking pages. It also pinpoints specific items that require adjustments:

  • Keyword choice, frequency and usage
  • Site content structure
  • HTML sitemap and internal linking
  • Metadata

Audits also delve into the backend of your website, determining technical SEO elements you can work on:

  • Crawlability and indexation
  • Duplication
  • URL structure
  • Page load speed
  • Redirects

A comprehensive audit shows the big picture, allowing you to allocate resources appropriately. While there are plenty of SEO auditing tools on the market, they offer limited analysis. Our SEO experts can extrapolate data and tailor solutions to your goals.

Keyword Research

What is an SEO campaign without keywords? Keywords play a crucial role SEO by impacting which SERPs your web pages appear on. Algorithms crawl pages for relevant keywords and then connect them to searches. For instance, “plumber” may show up in the following queries:

  • What does a plumber do?
  • Plumber near me
  • Signs I need a plumber

Which of these searches will bring potential customers to your website? Keyword research can help you figure it out.

A good starting point is to analyze your competition, looking at what keywords similar, high-ranking businesses use. Once you have a general idea, develop your own keywords and phrases. These should be slightly different to avoid too much direct competition but similar enough to rank in common searches.

Again, you can utilize tools and third-party expertise to streamline this process. SEO professionals can also provide insight into which long-tail keywords best match your target audience.

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Content Creation

What is an SEO campaign content schedule? Once you have a list of keywords, you shouldn’t cram them all into a single piece of content. In fact, doing so will undermine your goals, as algorithms penalize keyword stuffing.

Instead, you need to create varied content thoughtfully released on a timeline:

  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • Landing pages

For example, you can update your SEO blog on a weekly basis and link to the newest installment in a social media post. Not only are these two opportunities to rank for keywords, but they also reach different audiences.

Of course, creating content is time-consuming, especially if you want high-quality results. Our SEO professionals can customize content for your purposes while managing your posting schedule, refreshing old pages, and monitoring keyword performance.

How Long Should an SEO Campaign Be?

what is an seo campaign

A full SEO campaign takes between four and 12 months. The planning stage should only take about two months, followed by several months of implementation. It may then take up to six months to see results. To gauge whether your efforts are successful, you’ll need to look at key performance indicators.

What is an SEO campaign KPI? There are several to focus on:

  • Conversion Rate: This is the percentage of website visitors taking meaningful actions, such as signing up for newsletters or purchasing items. Increased conversion rates signal the SEO is bringing interested consumers to your site.
  • Backlinks: Backlinks are links to your website posted on third-party pages. A successful SEO campaign can increase the number of backlinks, which broadens your reach. Algorithms generally reward websites with a high number of backlinks since it implies the content is valuable and high-quality.
  • Click-Through and Bounce Rates: The click-through rate is the percentage of searchers who click your website link. A boosted click-through rate indicates successful SEO. The bounce rate measures the percentage of visitors who leave your website without taking meaningful action. Lower bounce rates indicate your links are reaching your target audience and the user experience is acceptable.
  • Organic Traffic: Organic traffic measures how many visitors reach your website through internet searches.
  • Keyword Rankings: Your link’s position on a SERP is its “ranking.” Top-tier SEO should boost your ranking for particular keyword searches.

Tracking and analyzing this data is essential for keeping your SEO campaign effective. While you can do so with the right software, entrusting the task to a professional means less on your plate and a fast response to algorithm changes.

What Does an SEO Campaign Look Like for You?

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