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The 6 Top Social Media Content Creation Services To Save You Time in 2024

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With 4.8 billion people (roughly 60% of the world’s population) active on social media, your business can’t afford to ignore platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Do you know how to make the most of your accounts, though?

If your business is in the market for a new air conditioner, you would call an HVAC company. For office remodeling projects, general contractors can take care of everything. Who do you call if your business needs help creating content to meet social media goals? This up-to-date guide lists the top social media content creation services you can count on.

What Are the Best Social Media Content Creation Services for Your Needs?

social media management and content creation services

Your company can approach social media content marketing in many different ways. The content creation partner you choose should align closely with your goals.

1. BKA Content: The SEO Content Experts

At BKA, we specialize in amazing writing, and social media posts are no exception. Our diverse team creates high-quality social media content that shows off your company’s expertise and personality. We work with retailers, doctors, lawyers, manufacturers — even ad agencies that want the best content.

Highlights: Full-service content creation for social media, website development and SEO

Great fit for: Marketing agencies, small businesses and other companies looking for incredible content

Areas of expertise: Huge range of B2B and B2C industries and markets, including international businesses

Our content marketing is SEO focused and connects your social media and website channels. Attention-grabbing social media posts drive traffic to your website, boosting page visits and leads. Engaging blog articles keep visitors on the site, helping you increase your sales or reach other e-commerce goals.

2. We Are Social: Impressions Via Influencers

We Are Social is a global ad agency that specializes in social media content creation services. This NYC digital PR powerhouse has worked with major international brands, such as eBay, Adidas and EA Sports.

Highlights: Influencer marketing and video advertising

Good fit for: Brands with younger target audiences who follow streamers and other social media personalities

Area of expertise: Sports, apparel and gaming

Influencer marketing involves using well-known social media personalities to promote brands. When influencers get excited about certain video games, clothing brands, vehicles or other products, their followers are more likely to check out the items, too.

3. HawkSEM: Social Media Content Creation Services for Paid Ads 

If you’re looking for experts in the analytics side of social media, HawkSEM can help. This large agency sets up social media advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Highlights: Paid social media advertising and pay-per-click campaigns

Good fit for: Large brands with sizeable ad budgets and well-defined target customers

Area of expertise: Healthcare, finance and professional services

Social media advertising involves paying to promote sponsored content to your audience. The advantage of this method is that you can fine-tune demographic details to reach a very specific type of customer.

4. Bright Age: Social Media Community Building

This digital PR agency from Los Angeles offers a wide variety of social media management and content creation services, including reputation management. Bright Age works with the likes of ABC and Disney.

Highlights: Community management and social media customer care

Good fit for: Brands looking for hands-on social media interactions and reputation assistance

Area of expertise: Entertainment and hospitality

With social media community management services, you hire a marketing agency to run your brand’s social media account 24/7. If a customer comments on one of your posts, the agency responds (using your account) and keeps the conversation going.

Expert SEO and Social Media Creation in One Package

With the proper approach, your social media and SEO content creation can work together, making your process more efficient and effective. Learn how we can help you get started.

5. Social Media 55: Video Advertising for Niche Audiences

This relatively young marketing agency doesn’t have many big-name brands under its belt, but that’s kind of the point.

Highlights: Social media content creation services and videos

Good fit for: Companies that need branding and social media video creation services

Area of expertise: Niche industries

Social Media 55 takes branding to the Nth level with campaigns planned down to the smallest detail. Using the correct brand voice in content can have a huge impact on the impression that visitors take away. Social media posts from a perfume company need a very different “personality” than tweets from a coffee shop, for example.

6. Gleam.io: Easy App for Social Media Promotions

Gleam.io is more of a support platform for your own marketing efforts than an agency. Still, its tools are popular enough to warrant a mention.

Highlights: Apps for social media competitions, rewards and promotions

Good fit for: Companies with in-house marketing staff

Area of expertise: Community building and social media growth

Brick-and-mortar stores have used giveaways for ages. Promotions work. People love getting free things and discounted items. With the right social media tools, you can use that interest to get your brand name out there, snag valuable leads, win over new customers, and keep current clients happy.

Why Choose BKA Social Media Content Creation Services?

The best social media management.

What makes us stand out from advertising agencies that provide social media content creation service packages? We sum our advantages up in five Cs: customization, care, commitment, color and cost.


We still believe that “The customer is always right.” Our managed service packages customize every aspect of content to your business goals, from the topics you want to the type of voice that represents your brand best.


Our client managers are friendly, authentic and attentive to your needs. We can set up a one-on-one video chat to answer your questions anytime.


Quality isn’t just a word to us; it’s a promise. We’re committed to delivering content that makes you proud — every time and on time.


We wanted to say passion, but we needed a word that starts with C. Our social media posts are never bland. We create content that is energetic and interesting (with a touch of humor if you want). Excitement moves people to action.


We work with our share of great brands, but we’re not on the speed dial for Disney or Nike. That’s actually an advantage because it means your business can afford top-tier social media management and content creation services even if you don’t have a million-dollar marketing budget.

How Can Our Social Media Content Creation Services Help Your Business?

Social media is vital for modern marketing, but putting together an effective campaign takes time and know-how. That’s where our social media content creation services shine. See for yourself how amazing our content is and how easy the process is.

The BKA Writing Team

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