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The Best SEO Tools for Small Businesses in 2024

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Search engine optimization is more important than ever before for small businesses competing in crowded markets. Business owners who are wary of the rates that many SEO services charge might consider using the best SEO tools for small businesses to save money. Discover some of the best free and low-cost optimization tools geared towards small businesses and find out how the results you can get by using these tools compare to affordable managed organic SEO services.

What Are the Best SEO Tools for Small Businesses?

best seo tools for a small business

Search optimization tools range from free or low-cost resources to expensive enterprise suites. Our list of the best SEO tools for a small business includes the most affordable top picks for each stage of the optimization process.

The primary purpose of most SEO tools is to clear the way for search engines to index and rank pages on a website. These tools can provide useful data and insights for business owners and employees who have a basic understanding of web design.

Learn more about the best tools that you can use to audit a website, generate keywords and track positions. This list also includes tools for making technical improvements, optimizing content and monitoring backlinks. We conclude with e-commerce and local SEO tools that could be useful to certain types of businesses.

The Best SEO Site Audit Tool: Screaming Frog

A comprehensive tool for site audits can be one of the best SEO tools for small businesses. Screaming Frog offers a free version of its Spider Website Crawler that can crawl up to 500 URLs to locate broken links, check redirects, identify duplicate content and analyze page titles and meta descriptions.

The Best SEO Keyword Generator: Ubersuggest

Creating content for your business website that includes relevant keywords is an essential part of SEO. Ubersuggest provides up to three free keyword searches per day or more with a paid plan. This tool also shows the current top-ranking content for target keywords.

The Best Position Tracking Tool: SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker

You can monitor the most relevant keywords to your business website with a keyword tracking tool. Install SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker to monitor keyword activity across hundreds of search engines and get on-demand ranking updates. The free and paid tiers of this tool include unlimited keyword tracking and rank scheduling.

Why Spend Time and Money on Lots of SEO Tools?

Doing SEO yourself can be time-consuming and costly. BKA Content offers affordable custom organic SEO packages for small business owners.

The Best Technical SEO Tool: Google Search Console

When you are ready to make technical changes for higher search result rankings, you can use Google Search Search Console. This free tool makes it easy to review performance metrics and identify technical issues that could prevent search engine crawlers from indexing your website. GSC also works with some of the best SEO tools for small businesses, including Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights and Looker Studio.

The Best Content SEO Tool: Quillbot

One of the best SEO tools for a small business can generate fresh content based on existing text. Small business owners and employees can use Quillbot to paraphrase or reword text from competitors’ websites and change the tone of their own writing. Try the Standard or Fluency modes for free or upgrade for access to more modes.

The Best Backlink Analytics Tool: Monitor Backlinks Free Backlink Checker

best seo tools for small businesses

A resource for tracking backlinks can be a useful SEO tool for a small business. Monitor Backlinks Free Backlink Checker shows which websites link to any site and generates databases of potential sources. Backlinks on websites that search engines trust can help to raise the position of pages on your site in search engine results.

The Best E-Commerce SEO Tool: Semrush E-Commerce Booster

Owners of Shopify stores should consider using Semrush E-Commerce Booster. This SEO tool can optimize product pages with AI-generated descriptions that include keywords. Run more than 20 checks on your store and generate one product page for free, or upgrade to the paid version of this tool to generate descriptions for every product and run over 50 checks for optimization recommendations.

The Best Local SEO Tool: BrightLocal

One of the best SEO tools for small businesses with physical locations or geographical service areas is BrightLocal. This service offers several free tools, including a Google Review link generator, local search ranking, keyword monitoring and a resource that checks business listings for consistency. You can upgrade to access more comprehensive local SEO tools.

Why Should You Consider a Managed Organic SEO Package?

As a small business owner, you should consider the total cost of using SEO tools. The free versions of most tools only offer limited functionality, and you might need to upgrade to access more features. While many of these tools offer basic paid plans for less than $50 a month, the cost of using the best SEO tools for small businesses can quickly add up to several hundred dollars per month.

Learning how to do SEO also requires time and labor. Business owners or employees will have to figure out how to use these tools. Once you set up each tool, even more work is necessary to actually optimize your website or online store and continue making improvements to maintain high organic search rankings.

When you factor in the cost of using the best SEO tools for a small business and the learning curve for each tool, a company that provides affordable organic SEO packages is likely to get better results for a comparable price. An organic SEO package that includes managed writing services and white hat backlink building can be a better investment in increasing the online visibility of your business.

How Do You Use the Best SEO Tools for Small Businesses?

You can try free versions or trials of the best SEO tools for small businesses to determine how to use them to optimize your business website. An organic SEO package from BKA Content can raise the ranking of pages on your business website in search results without any additional work on your part. Get in touch with us to build a custom organic search optimization package that fits your budget.

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