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The 9 Best SEO Automation Tools To Save You Time in 2024

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Automation and generative artificial intelligence are among the leading technical and business trends for 2024. Recent advances in these areas have also increased the capabilities of automated search engine optimization tools.

Automating SEO has the potential to save you effort, money and time. Learn more about nine of the leading SEO automation tools and find out whether you will be more likely to get results from using these tools or by outsourcing organic SEO and content writing to experts.

How We Rank SEO Automation Tools

automated seo tools

A growing number of automated SEO tools are available to website owners. Our ranking factors in the particular area in which each tool excels and the cost to use each tool. Many automation tools offer free versions with limited features or results that can still be useful for developing a SEO strategy.

Our ranking of the nine best SEO automation tools follows the general flow of the optimization process, starting with auditing the current performance and standing of a website, researching keywords and doing competitor analysis. We then rank the best technical, on-page, off-page, link building and content writing tools. Even if you choose to use all of these tools, you will still need to have a clear SEO strategy to get results.

The 9 Best SEO Automation Tools

A single SEO tool cannot provide all of the data and guidance necessary to fully optimize a website. While all-in-one SEO suites are available, the tools in these packages can vary in terms of accuracy, cost, ease of use and quality. Here are the best automated SEO tools for every stage of the optimization process.

1. The Best Tool for Automating Website Audits: Netpeak Spider

Automate in-depth website audits with Netpeak Spider. This tool examines the structure of your website and identifies issues that could prevent search engine crawlers from fully indexing the site, and can generate an XML sitemap to submit to search engines. Crawl up to 500 URLs with a free trial.

2. The Best Keyword Research Automation Tool: Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

Semrush offers a full suite of SEO automation tools, but the Keyword Magic Tool is particularly useful for finding short- and long-tail phrases and organizing keywords into clusters. Run up to 10 keyword searches a day for free with reports limited to 10 results.

3. The Best Tool to Automate Competitor Research: SE Ranking

Analyzing the SEO strategies of your competitors can help you make informed decisions. SE Ranking is one of the best automated SEO tools for tracking keywords and generating comprehensive reports on rival websites.

4. The Best Technical SEO Automation Tool: Merkle SEO Tools

Technical SEO can be particularly challenging unless you have a web development background. Merkle offers a wide range of technical SEO automation tools to help you enhance site performance and raise search results rankings.

5. The Best Automation Tool for Search Engine Indexing: Google Search Console

A free toolkit from Google is one of the best SEO automation tools that you can use to rank higher in results. Find out how the leading search engine views your website to troubleshoot potential issues and get data on clicks, impressions, traffic and query positions.

Take a Hands-Off Approach to SEO

At BKA Content, we specialize in providing managed organic SEO packages and content writing. Let experts handle your SEO needs rather than relying on automated tools that can miss the mark.

6. The Best On-Page SEO Automation Tool: SEO PowerSuite

Optimizing your website calls for SEO automation tools that can assess technical settings and content. SEO PowerSuite provides a wide range of tools, many of which you can use for free.

7. The Best Off-Page SEO Automation Tool: SERPWoo

Rank tracking is essential for off-page SEO. SERPWoo stands out as one of the leading automated SEO tools for tracking the ranking of pages on your site in search engine results, keyword positions and your online reputation.

8. The Best Tool to Automate Link Building: Respona

seo automation tools

Link building is a process that can benefit from using SEO automation tools designed for outreach. Respona is one of the best email platforms for building backlinks, identifying public relations opportunities and tracking relationships.

9. The Best Content Writing Automation Tool: Surfer

There are several ways to use automated SEO tools to create content. Surfer provides recommendations for optimizing content as you write and improving existing content and now offers AI-generated articles. The content on your site should be high-quality and relevant and use keywords effectively to contribute towards higher search rankings.

Automated SEO Tools vs. Managed Organic SEO Services

Advances in AI are making SEO automation tools more powerful and practical, but these tools are not a substitute for expertise. Organic SEO specialists can develop a strategy to increase the visibility of your website on search engine results pages for relevant queries. Once you outsource your SEO, you do not have to stay involved in the day-to-day process of optimization.

The organic search experts at BKA Content can create an affordable and effective SEO strategy for your website. We also offer managed writing services to keep your site updated with original content written by trained and vetted writers. Search engines prioritize high-quality content, and our skilled SEO writers craft people-first content by factoring in the intent of site visitors and using keywords naturally.

It’s also worth noting that most automated tools still require manual input. You might need to provide data and will likely need to make decisions based on the results that these tools return. Many automated tools assume that users will manually make changes to websites. If you’re hoping to rely on automation to get around the need to adjust technical settings or optimize content on your website, you should consider using managed SEO services instead.

Deciding To Outsource SEO or Try SEO Automation Tools

If you choose to use automated tools for SEO, you should have a clear strategy in mind. Even the leading SEO automation tools cannot account for all of the factors that affect the ranking of pages on your site in search results.

When you outsource SEO to BKA Content, we will develop a customized strategy to raise search rankings, attract traffic and increase conversions on your website. Contact us to learn more about our affordable organic SEO and managed writing services.

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