The 7 Best Social Posts for Embedding

by | Nov 16, 2015 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Embedding social posts on your website, blog, emails, SMS messages or elsewhere should be a regular component in your overall content development strategy. Doing so opens up a whole new world for sharing and curating your content.

Like creating completely original content, however, social embedding should be executed responsibly and with some forethought. Some posts more naturally lend themselves to being embedded and will be the ones that garner you the engagement you’re looking for.

Following is our list of the seven most “embeddable” types of social posts:

1. Contest Results

You no doubt promote any contests that you run across many of your vehicles so it only makes sense to publish your results in a similar manner. Results, however, can be showcased in video format or other engaging ways that can originally be put out on one social platform and then shared via embedding across other social sites, your blog, your website and even in email or text marketing messages. Take our writer contest we did this past Christmas for example. Writers were asked to come up with alternate lyrics for “Jingle Bells” and we would perform the winning writer’s lyrics. Here is the result:

2. Surveys

Embedding surveys from social posts in other places is a great way to cross-market the surveys themselves and increase your number of responses—an important point, we hope, since you shouldn’t be putting out polls if you don’t really want to get the answers.

3. SlideShares

A SlideShare allows you to visualize the content from a longer, more copy-intensive article, page or post. This type of medium is ideally suited to being embedded as a way of keeping people on your site for longer periods of time.

4. Stories

SlideShares are one way to tell a cohesive story. Another option is to weave together multiple social posts into a consolidated and embedded post. When doing this, you can even use posts from different platforms to increase reach.

5. Testimonials

Promoting customer testimonials and reviews is a great way to not only let the good news be heard but also to solicit additional testimonials. You can grab such testimonials from reviews, customer social posts, case studies and more.

6. Online Conversations About You

Sometimes the power of a short, to-the-point testimonial cannot be beat. These may not likely be the only things being said about you in the online world. Keep your feelers out for any conversations online that may be about or refer to you as these make ideal social embeds. Putting these out lets the rest of the world know you’re worth talking about (without you having to say it).

7. Your Own Posts

Yep, that’s right! If you’ve created a great social post, why not embed it and use it in other ways and in other vehicles? The whole point is to get the word out, not keep it a secret.

Any social strategy relies on and tries to encourage sharing and curating content. Let yourself be part of doing that for your own business rather than relying solely on others. Embedding posts is doing exactly this.

Variety is the spice of life so they say and that is true for your content development. Don’t only embed testimonials, for example. Make sure your social embeds, like your native posts, feature a mix of types and topics to keep your content fresh—and to keep people coming back for more.

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