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The 6 Best Website Builders for SEO in 2024

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So, you’d like to build a new website. Whether you’re building an online presence for the first time or looking to migrate your older site to a new platform, it’s important to make strategic choices to improve your online visibility. 

After all, when 92% of global traffic comes from Google, optimization is not just a good marketing tactic but an essential part of building a digital business. 

You want your website to do more than just look amazing. It’s got to attract visitors. That raises the question – what is the best SEO website builder? Read on to discover the top platforms and website builders that have the SEO features you need to ensure your website is a success. 

The Best SEO Website Builders

best website platform for seo

1. WordPress

WordPress has long been favored by both small and large businesses for its robust feature set and well-stocked module library. From custom titles to auto-generated XML sitemaps, WordPress has gone out of its way to provide SEO tools for business owners. Their AMP open-source framework enables WordPress sites to load faster on mobile devices, improving a key SEO metric. 

WordPress also auto-installs SSL certificates to improve trustworthiness, another of Google’s important ranking factors. Perhaps the ultimate reason so many developers recommend WordPress is the complete control and customization the platform offers. Few other platforms on this list provide the granularity of customization and optimization that WordPress provides. Of course, to truly take advantage of these features, you may need to either have WordPress development experience or hire a WordPress developer. 

2. Wix

Wix is another well-known website builder, but is it the best website platform for SEO? It’s certainly in contention for the top spot. Wix possess a wide range of SEO features including server-side-rendering (SSR), content delivery networks (CDN), visitor behavior tracking, and integrations with other tools such as Semrush and Google. Additionally, Wix sites are automatically mobile-optimized, enabling you to create the site you want without having to worry about how different it will look on mobile devices. 

One of the most important SEO ranking factors for modern websites is page load speed. Page speed can be impacted by a number of factors, but images are often the largest files uploaded to a site. These files can quickly bog down a typical website, causing slow load times that can harm your SEO performance. However, Wix provides automatic image optimization. Even if you upload a large image in a slow-loading format, Wix will compress the image and convert it into a format that is SEO-friendly. 

3. Shopify

Next up on our list of the best seo website builders is Shopify, the website builder called “the best builder for selling” by WebsiteBuilderExpert, includes a number of key SEO features to boost your site’s ranking. Designed primarily to support ecommerce businesses, Shopify takes care of SEO for you. By auto-generating tags and creating important backend files hands-free, Shopify takes steps to ensure your website ranks higher. They have also included various SEO requirements in their themes. For instance, themes must have social media linking and sharing options, both of which can help optimize for SEO. 

Shopify also provides the control you need to make custom optimizations. The platform allows you to edit title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs, as well as the alt text for images. In terms of tools to make your life easier, Shopify has partnered with Semrush to create the Ecommerce Booster app. A solution that provides you with an SEO plan for optimizing your site. 

Take Your Website’s SEO up a Notch With Next-Level Content Strategy

Whether you have a website already built or are looking to build a new one, a content strategy is a must for any SEO campaign. Find out more about how BKA Content can help your business thrive online and rank higher in search rankings.  

4. Hostinger

Hostinger is an AI-powered website builder with SEO strategy tools that enable you to build an effective online presence with ease. It’s the AI features that make Hostinger stand out. By providing some information on their platform, you can let their AI engine generate a unique website for you. Alternatively, you can also customize one of their 150 different templates. 

When it comes to SEO features, Hostinger doesn’t bring as much to the table as WordPress or Wix. However, it does provide automatic website speed optimization and sitemap generation. It also features an SEO settings tool that makes it easy to add meta titles, descriptions custom URLs, and focus keywords. Hostinger also provides an AI SEO Assistant that can generate new SEO content for things like meta descriptions. 

5. Squarespace

best seo website builder

Squarespace is a very popular website builder that offers an easy-to-use platform for creating stunning websites. It’s likely most well-known for its sleek templates and simple drag-and-drop editor. The question is, how does it stack up when it comes to SEO?

With a robust feature set and library of SEO tools, Squarespace can comfortably take its place as an excellent SEO website builder. As the first website builder to integrate directly with Google Search Console, Squarespace has consistently demonstrated its dedication to helping its customers build optimized websites. Squarespace also provides an SEO checklist to give you practical steps you can take to improve your website’s ranking. 

6. Hubspot 

Hubspot is one of the most powerful digital marketing platforms, providing analytics and features for customer relationship management (CRM), customer support, and sales. They also provide a free, drag-and-drop website builder. The website is automatically connected to Hubspot’s platform, enabling you to take advantage of all their features. Hubspot provides a strong set of SEO tools, including a content strategy tool, analytics tracking, and automatic SEO recommendations. Not sure which keyword to focus on next? Rely on Hubspot to give you the guidance you need to build a site that ranks higher on Google. 

However, the downside to using Hubspot is that you’ll likely not find the user interface very navigable. Its editor is also not as flexible as other platforms. In general, Hubspot is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a simple website to inform others of their services. However, if you want to build an ecommerce site or a more complex online presence, you may want to rely on another website builder. 

The Best SEO Services for the Best SEO Website Builders

Ultimately, the website builder you choose is up to you. Although different platforms will provide different features and levels of SEO support, your SEO success ultimately depends on having a comprehensive strategy powered by content. BKA Content can help your business achieve better online visibility through SEO-optimized content on any platform. 

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