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The 5 Best Dental SEO Companies: 2024 Guide

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Most businesses, including dental practices, rely on a solid digital presence to reach potential clients — even locally. According to Google, 30% of all mobile searches relate to location. Your clinic must rank high in search results for patients to find you. Fortunately, the best dental SEO practices can get you there.

If you prefer to focus on your patients, you can hire professionals to handle SEO. You don’t need to sort through the myriad choices yourself, though, since we’re here to help.

The Best Dental SEO Companies

best dental seo companies

Search for the best dental SEO companies, and you’ll quickly run across a dizzying array of options. Fortunately, we’ve cleaned and polished a list of the top five dental SEO companies.

1. BKA Content

BKA Content provides SEO services for dentists, orthodontists, endodontists, oral surgeons and other dental health providers. We already work with many clients in the dental industry and know what creates success for them. We also have more than 15 years of experience with SEO.

BKA Content uses the best dental SEO strategies to provide our clients with:

  • Custom white-label solutions
  • High-quality, human-written blog content
  • On-page SEO services
  • Content refreshing
  • Social media management

Additionally, we offer organic, custom white-hat link-building services to improve your rankings.

High-quality website content is an excellent SEO method that maintains value over time. BKA Content’s blog services include writing, tracking and updating to provide continuous SEO benefits.

With so many options on the market, why work with BKA? The numbers speak for themselves. While the industry average ranks 10% to 20% of the time, our clients see their content ranking 80% of the time. That’s a significant difference — and assurance that BKA Content provides some of the best dental SEO services.

2. PatientGain

If you’re looking for a company that focuses exclusively on medical and dental professionals, PatientGain provides SEO for hundreds of healthcare companies throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Customer service is a priority for PatientGain. The company emphasizes that clients are always welcome to contact staff members with questions. It also strives to help non-customers, so you can feel comfortable reaching out with SEO inquiries.

Other services PatientGain provides include:

  • Digital advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Two-way texting

The company also offers online billing, patient intake forms and patient surveys.

PatientGain uses a tiered service system, making it convenient to choose the best dental SEO package for your budget. SEO services are available through its Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus and Enterprise packages.

3. Harris & Ward

Harris & Ward provides marketing and SEO services to dental offices, veterinarians, optometrists, med spas and other small businesses. The company emphasizes the value of organic search results and the role SEO plays.

Harris & Ward works with dental practices of all sizes, so you can feel confident inquiring about its services no matter the size of your practice.

Harris & Ward has more than 10 years of experience with web design and digital marketing. If you’re interested in telling your dental practice story through video, the company may be a good fit for you, as it has a foundation in videography and documentary creation.

Harris & Ward also provides paid advertising, website design and customized digital HIPAA forms.

SEO To Make You Smile

Make your website sparkle with high-quality, SEO-boosting blog services from BKA Content.

4. WebFX

WebFX is an award-winning company that provides a spectrum of marketing and SEO products. They include:

  • SEO services and audits
  • Digital/pay-per-click advertising
  • Enterprise services
  • Marketing automation
  • Advertising management

WebFX is not a niche company for dental practice. It works with a range of industries. However, WebFX’s track record assures you that it uses the best dental SEO strategies for its clients.

If you want to work with a large company, WebFX may be for you. It employs over 500 digital experts in SEO, Google ads, copywriting, CRM and other related fields.

WebFX uses tiered plans to provide SEO services. You can choose from Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Enterprise plans to meet your goals and budget requirements. Its site is informative and transparent, with tables explaining the pricing and services included in each package.

5. RevLocal

As its name suggests, RevLocal places an emphasis on local marketing. This approach is essential for your dental practice — after all, most of your clients probably live in your area. Rather than focusing solely on directories and listings, RevLocal incorporates social media, website strategy, review marketing and paid advertising to target your potential clients.

RevLocal’s organic SEO approach includes strategies that emphasize:

  • Traffic conversion
  • Improved bounce rate
  • Traffic quality over quantity

RevLocal works with a variety of industries. It has local sales consultants across the U.S. and serves clients anywhere, so it can provide services even if there’s no representative in your area.

How To Choose the Best Dental SEO Service for Your Practice

best dental seo

Once you’ve narrowed your search to a few companies, how do you choose the best one? A few qualities can make an SEO provider stand out from the rest.


When it comes to SEO, experience matters. The industry is a moving target; search engines are always modifying algorithms. It’s a lot to keep up with.

Companies with experience in the industry for a decade or more have grown and adapted to ever-changing best practices. They understand the difference between what used to work and what works best today.


Your dental practice probably operates on a carefully set budget. Therefore, your SEO company must have a proven track record so that you don’t have to experiment.

Many companies that partner with BKA for content writing see an increase of eight to 15 times what they previously ranked for — all within 90 days. We are confident our method works; the results demonstrate it.


Are you still on the fence about which SEO company to choose? Look for reviews and testimonials. See what other customers say about them online. If they have less-than-favorable reviews, note how, or if, the company responds.

The Best Dental SEO To Build Your Practice

Your dental patients rely on you for a healthy smile. Rely on BKA Content to keep your SEO healthy. See for yourself how the best dental SEO can increase your site traffic and generate more leads.

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