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SEO for Therapists: How To Create an Effective Strategy

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According to data provided by the National Institute for Mental Health, 20% of Americans suffer from at least one type of mental illness. Another study shows that as of 2023, 83% of therapists see more patients than they used to. It’s easy to see why so many people are looking to work in this field and help others. SEO for therapists can help you stand out among the competition. 

As a therapist working in an increasingly digital world, you probably use a website, social media, or even online advertising to bring in new clients. However, none of these venues can provide what you need from them without the right search engine optimization methods.

What Is SEO for Therapists?

SEO for therapists uses a combination of keywords, key phrases, local information, metadata, images, videos, and, of course, well-written content to increase the chances of a website or social media profile climbing to the top of Google’s search engine results pages.  

How To Do SEO as a Therapist

Digital marketing for therapists.

There are a number of steps in the search engine optimization process. 

1. Set Up and Update an SEO Blog

Setting up and maintaining a blog is one of the best types of digital marketing for therapists. There is a lot to consider as you start your blog. First, think about your audience. Do you hope to interact with potential clients, network with other therapists, or do a combination of both? 

Once you’ve narrowed down your audience, choose a topic. What do you want your readers to learn about you, your role in the therapy community, or therapy in general? Some options include detailing the types of therapy you do and how they can help your clients or talking about problems to solve such as how to talk to your kids about depression.

With your topic, create a catchy title and an outline for your blog post. Use headings and subheadings to organize content. This not only makes it easier for your audience to read the post but also makes it easier for Google’s web crawlers to index what’s on the page.

Finally, write your content. Pay special attention to your introduction and conclusion. Facts at the beginning can draw the reader’s attention, while a clear call to action at the end increases your chances of bringing in new clients or new networking opportunities. 

2. Audit Your Site Content

Research shows that mobile searching is the preferred method among U.S. searchers as of July 2023. In fact, it accounts for more than half of internet traffic. This means a therapist’s website must be mobile-friendly. A good website is responsive, which means it loads quickly and is easy to navigate whether the user is on a laptop or a mobile phone. 

Site speed is also an important part of SEO for therapists. Research shows that users will click away from a website that takes much longer than a second to load. One of the biggest culprits is poor HTML coding. A site that provides insight into your page speed and where it slows down can help you find faulty code not only on your homepage but on popular subpages as well, such as your blog posts. 

While these are a couple of the most important components of a site audit, this list is by no means exhaustive. Also look at removing pages that are no longer relevant, determining where your organic traffic comes from, and analyzing backlinks.

3. Refresh Old Website Content

In order to work for SEO as well as provide value to readers, the information on your website needs to be up to date. Ensure you provide only the most relevant info about modern therapy practices, nixing outdated content as needed. It also helps to add new images, videos, or other visuals. As you’re reviewing your pages, fix any errors you find, create relevant links to newer blog posts or content on your site, and make older content interactive by asking questions and sharing previous posts on social media.

We Make Managing SEO a Breeze for Therapists

We can help you boost the traffic on your therapy website with high quality blogging and SEO strategy. Our content isn’t just for search engines. It provides real value to readers as well!

4. Utilize Link-Building Strategies

Building high-quality links is vital for the success of SEO for therapists. The right combination includes internal links, outgoing links, and backlinks. You already spent time building your own internal links and hopefully have linked to high-authority websites in your blogs. This means it’s time to focus on backlinks, which are links from high-quality sites to your own blog posts or pages.

If you have friends in the industry, consider trading links with them. It also helps to write guest blog posts for relevant websites and link back to posts on your own website. 

5. Manage Social Media Content

Social media is an essential part of any SEO campaign. Use popular platforms to post links to your content, share industry news, host Q&A sessions, and even provide therapy advice such as healthy coping mechanisms. The key is to provide the right type of content on each platform.

  • Facebook – Share inspiration, create groups that build community, and network with other therapists.
  • Instagram – Share motivational or funny, relatable memes, or even give prospective clients a glimpse at your office.
  • TikTok – Offer thoughts on mental health or tie platform trends back to therapy.
  • LinkedIn – Network with other people in your industry and find new opportunities. 

The Importance of Ongoing SEO Maintenance

SEO helps bring new patients to a therapist's clinic.

SEO services for therapists are not a one-off job but ongoing processes. At a minimum, you should once a month complete the key tasks of using trackers to determine how your keywords are measuring up, keeping track of your page’s speed, checking for broken links, and adding new and more relevant content. This ensures your website and social media pages are always doing their best work for you.

Why Is SEO Worth It for Therapists?

Naturally, SEO helps you expand your reach across the community, but its value goes well beyond getting clicks to your website. High-quality SEO helps you rank higher on Google, demonstrating that you are trustworthy and an authority in your field. Colleagues and clients alike flock to high-ranking websites, which help you connect with the people who need you most. Moreover, SEO is a solid business investment because when properly implemented and maintained, it can work for you for years to come. 

Let Us Help You With SEO for Therapists

You help people better understand their own minds and learn to thrive in life. Let us help you out behind the scenes. BKA Content provides a robust list of services to improve SEO for therapists. Talk to us to find out how you can benefit from our affordable SEO options for small businesses.

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