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SEO for Accountants: Setting Up Your Website for Success

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Generating over $130 billion a year in the United States alone, the accounting industry is in a fantastic place in the modern business world. Companies of every size need accountants, from small retail stores to huge manufacturers. To seize on these amazing opportunities to grow your business, you need to keep current with search engine optimization for accountants.

What Is SEO for Accountants?

Search optimization involves implementing website strategies that help your business improve its ranking in online searches. When you employ these techniques correctly, your online content is more likely to show up on page one of Google Search results.

In a way, SEO is like the generally accepted accounting principles. Just like U.S. businesses have to adhere to GAAP to avoid problems with financial statements, your website needs to follow some Google “best practices” to improve its search rankings.

Do Accountants Need SEO?

seo for accounting firms

Effective SEO does for online businesses what a bright neon sign would do for a physical accounting office: grab attention. There’s no better way to put your content in front of smartphone users and people browsing online.

In the United States, there are more than 88,000 accounting businesses and 1.3 million accountants. The “Big Four” accounting firms — Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PwC and KPMG — dominate the industry with huge marketing budgets.

These statistics mean that companies looking to attract new clients face significant competition. Investing in SEO is essential for small businesses, national firms, accounting software developers, tax preparers and other accountants.

What Are Examples of SEO Keywords for Accountants?

Also known as search terms, keywords are phrases that users type into a search engine such as Google. Keywords are to SEO what numbers are to bookkeeping. Which search terms have the biggest impact on SEO for accountants?

Accounting Services Keywords

A good place to start with accounting keywords are the primary services that your company offers:

  • Full-service accounting: Payroll, bookkeeping, tax preparers
  • Bookkeepers: Accounts payables, accounts receivables, payroll management
  • Audit firms: Forensic accounting, independent financial audit
  • Tax professionals: Tax planning services, tax preparation, tax software
  • Financial advisory services: IRA, tax compliance, certified public accountant, CPA firm

These are the terms your target audience are likely to search for when they need help with accounting, so they’re a perfect fit for landing pages.

High-Volume Keywords for Accounting Firms

Depending on target customers and trends, some keywords get more traffic than others. High-volume keywords for accounting businesses include:

  • Accountant
  • Certified CPA near me
  • Accounting software
  • QuickBooks help
  • Tax advisor

Short keywords with lots of traffic offer more opportunities for clicks but also more competition. Longer SEO keywords for accountants, such as “payroll software for small businesses,” have a smaller audience, but visitors are more likely to make a purchase.

Ideas for Accounting Keyword Phrases

Keywords and content ideas go hand in hand. Notice how effectively the right keyword phrases can capture attention:

  • How To Use QuickBooks
  • Benefits of Hiring an Accountant Versus DIY Bookkeeping
  • What Does an Accounting Firm Do?
  • What Is Double Entry Bookkeeping?
  • The Difference Between a CPA and an Accountant
  • What Is an Enrolled Agent?

Our blogs are filled with great examples of friendly content. See the right way to include SEO keywords for accountants on your website.

What Does SEO Involve in the Accounting Industry?

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The SEO process depends on who your clients are, how large your market is and what type of content you already have. In general, our SEO services for accountants involve six pillars:

  1. Website audit: This step evaluates how effective your website is at bringing in traffic. Technical audits look at problems with page loading, broken links, and similar issues.
  2. Keyword research: Effective SEO depends on figuring out which search phrases your customers are using, what services they look for online, and which topics they care about.
  3. SEO strategy: Our team has extensive experience helping accounting firms set goals for keywords and SEO content. We can help you select search terms that support your main marketing objectives, such as traffic or lead generation.
  4. Content building: Next, you need to populate your website with engaging web pages and articles that contain your main keyword phrases.
  5. SERP optimization: People are more likely to click on your content when you use clear titles and concise page descriptions for search engine results pages.
  6. Link building: White-hat link-building services can increase your web traffic from reputable sites, boosting your online authority and search rankings at the same time.

Some accounting firms hire us just for our expert content writing. Others prefer to have our team set blog posting schedules, update content, perform keyword research, and coordinate link-building efforts.

Numbers You Can Take to the Bank: 200% Revenue From SEO

High-quality SEO consistently delivers more website traffic and drives more revenue than all other marketing avenues combined. See how our affordable SEO can do the same for you.

What Are the Benefits of Professional SEO for Accounting Firms?

In addition to being your main avenue for finding customers online, SEO is good for your business.

Connects You With More Customers

Accountants rely on a strong customer base to thrive. Having a few high-value accounts isn’t enough for a healthy cash flow. Fortunately, when you offer services online, the whole internet becomes your business market. Your business can find dozens, hundreds, or thousands of valuable leads this way.

Helps Potential Clients Find You

Even certified public accountants who mainly work solo can benefit from the power of SEO for accountants. Local SEO helps people and businesses in your area find your services online. These days, potential customers use the internet instead of the phone book when they want professional accounting assistance. An optimized website puts you front and center.

Highlights Your Expertise

Another reason your business needs good SEO is to build a solid reputation online. Every time you show up on page one of search results, it tells people that your firm is one of the best. You can make an excellent first impression with expert content.

How Can You Improve Your Website’s SEO?

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Whether you provide independent CPA services or manage an accounting firm with dozens of employees, we can help you use SEO smoothly.

Local SEO for Accounting Businesses

If most of your office’s clients live in your area, then your SEO efforts need a local focus. Follow these tips to improve your website’s local search rankings:

  • Create web content with your local audience in mind.
  • Use geographic references as keywords, such as city, region, and state names.
  • Build search-optimized landing pages for each city, suburb, or neighborhood you serve.
  • Ask happy customers to leave you positive reviews, and feature your favorites on your website.

Also, if you haven’t claimed your Google Business Profile yet, get on it right away. The information in your business’s profile shows up on Google Search and Maps results, telling people what you offer, why they should choose you and where your firm is located.

Smart Keyword Planning

One of the main challenges with SEO for accounting firms is how to choose the right keywords. Our answer is always the same: Focus on your customers. When you know what your clients need, it’s easy to guess what type of searches they do online. From there, picking the right keywords to grab their attention comes naturally.

Keyword research tools, such as Google’s free Keyword Planner, show you how much competition you have for specific keywords. These tools also display related search terms that can be valuable for your business.

Friendly Blog Articles

For local accounting firms, professionalism matters, but friendliness is just as important. Small business owners need someone they can trust to manage payroll and taxes. Families have questions, and they want to feel comfortable as you explain the answers.

Blog articles are a golden opportunity to connect with customers and use SEO for accountants simultaneously. We recommend an experienced yet friendly tone. Articles should be accurate, clear, always positive and easy for anybody to understand.

Expert Content

Many people formulate their search queries in the form of questions. That’s why so many accounting keywords start with “what is,” “how to,” and where to find” phrases. By building a collection of authoritative guides and blog posts, you show online customers you’re the ideal professional for the job.

Even though SEO content contributes significantly to improving your search rankings, never forget that you’re creating them for real people. Provide great answers and easy-to-remember tips, not generic spam.

Premium Link-Building Services

Link building takes time, but it’s worth it. Google prioritizes content that has inbound links from trusted websites.

No one expects you to take on the weight of building backlinks personally. You have a business to run.

That’s what our white-hat link-building services are there for. We can help you get reciprocal links from respected sources and attract clicks thanks to amazing content that readers love.

See Our Effective and Easy-To-Use SEO for Accountants

Instead of spending your money on ads that only last a few minutes, invest in tried-and-true SEO content that generates leads and traffic for years. Talk with one of our pros about SEO for accountants and run the numbers for yourself.

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