A Quick Guide to Correctly Writing SEO and General Internet Terms

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Do you ever wonder if you are writing social media, SEO writing terms and general internet terms correctly? Use this quick list to help keep your work grammatically correct and maintain your online cred.


Keep backlink one word and never hyphenate it. Always use standard capitalization rules.


The AP Stylebook no longer accepts “e-mail” and has adopted the cleaner, hyphen-free email. Always use standard capitalization rules.


Keep Facebook one word and never hyphenate it. Avoid any yearning you may have to write “FaceBook.” Also, if you want to kick a Facebook friend to the curb, you are unfriending them, not defriending them.


If you want to follow the AP rules, then write out Google Plus. Otherwise, Google+ is just fine. Note that there is no space between the word and the symbol.


The # symbol is called a hashtag, not a hash tag. To use a hashtag is called hashtagging, and the past tense of that ishashtagged. Always use standard capitalization rules.


The Yahoo Style Guide has declared that homepage is correct, not home page. However, both forms are still regularly used, and both follow the standard capitalization rules.


Keep hyperlink one word and never hyphenate it. Always use standard capitalization rules.


Go for the lowercase internet.


Keep forms of keyword one word and never hyphenate them. Always use standard capitalization rules.


Keep forms of online one word and never hyphenate them. Always use standard capitalization rules.


Pin + interest = Pinterest. Make sure you don’t drop the first E, which is a common mistake (Pintrest ).


Posting messages on Twitter is called tweeting (not twittering), and reposting them is called retweeting. Additionally, RT (always capitalized) is the abbreviated form of retweet, which uses standard capitalization rules.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the well-known acronym for search engine optimization, which uses all standard capitalization rules.


Twitter is a company and brand name, so it follows the rules of proper nouns and is always capitalized. A message on Twitter is called a tweet.


URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator. Since all acronyms are capitalized, a lowercase version of URL should never be used. Likewise, U.R.L. is not an accepted form. More than one URL should be URLs.


When Web is used alone, always capitalize it. When referring to a website, a webcam, or a webmaster, abide by standard capitalization rules (and also keep them one word). Note: Web site is no longer recognized by the AP Stylebook.


Many people try to crunch this word together (wifi), but the correct use is Wi-Fi (always hyphenated and always capitalized).


You can do the word crunching when writing YouTube. Make sure the Y and T are always capitalized.

Are there any internet or SEO terms that you struggle with? If so, comment below!


Updated 3/16/17

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