SEO checklist for mobile devices.

Mobile SEO Checklist To Help Improve Your Rankings

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According to studies, smartphones are the go-to shopping avenue for 76% of Americans, and the trend shows no signs of slowing. As a result, companies must develop their search engine optimization with an eye for mobile platforms. Fortunately, our mobile SEO checklist can help you get started.

A Comprehensive Mobile SEO Checklist

For best results, your checklist must encompass web design and development. Both affect the visitor experience, prompting consumers to stay on the page or click away. The following four items can improve user experience and boost your metrics.

1. Implement Voice Search

Voice search is on the rise with the popularity of virtual assistants. As a result, it’s critical to make your site as VA-friendly as possible. The first step is incorporating skills into your web development. Skills are applications that allow VAs to interact with your web pages. For example, if you deliver pizza, you can create a skill enabling users to order via voice request.

You also need to make your web pages easy for algorithms to crawl. Implementing a schema markup approach can vastly improve search engine results page rankings by using code that algorithms and bots understand. Creating a site map also improves crawlability.

2. Incorporate Local SEO

Local SEO on mobile devices.

Targeting consumers within your geographic area gives you more bang for your buck, as your business will show up for people most likely to need your services. To boost your local search rankings, add the following steps to your mobile SEO checklist:

  • Include location in keywords
  • Maintain social media accounts with location information
  • Keep online directory profiles consistent and updated

3. Make Mobile-Friendly Content

Mobile SEO vs desktop SEO goes beyond portability — these devices also play a major role in how consumers access and perceive your website. One of the biggest mistakes we see is a “wall of text” that is hard to read on a small phone screen. To avoid this, we recommend keeping paragraphs to no more than four sentences and sentences to less than four lines.

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Also, keep in mind that many users may only skim your content looking for specific info. Professional content writers ensure readers still get the important points by including the following elements:

  • Descriptive headers
  • Summaries
  • Strategic calls-to-action
  • Engaging graphics

4. Test Design for Usability

Testing a site for mobile SEO.

Finally, you should periodically test your site for mobile compatibility. There are plenty of tools that can analyze your site and pinpoint areas of improvement, which you can then add to your mobile SEO checklist.

One of the worst offenders against usability is pop-ups, which can interfere with consumers’ access to your webpage. You should always test your setup to ensure visitors can easily exit these windows.

You should also ensure your site has a mobile-responsive design. These designs adjust to device dimensions so your banner, links and graphics are always in the right place.

Lastly, ensure your website only uses markup languages that mobile devices support. HTML5 is a popular option that runs animations, music and videos.

The Mobile SEO Checklist Experts

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