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5 Listicle Ideas To Spark Inspiration

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In its most basic form, a listicle — a mash-up of the words “list” and “article” — is a blog post with numbered topic items. However, when done right, a well-written listicle provides value to readers and drives traffic to your business.

Try These 5 Listicle Ideas To Attract Readers

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A listicle should inform, educate or entertain, leaving the reader with more than useless clickbait. Consider these five simple listicle ideas and a few high-ranking examples of each.

1. Informational Listicles for Offering Expertise

Do you have facts to share? Informational listicles add value to the readers’ experiences, giving them a fun and easy way to absorb information without boring them in the first act. This type of blog presents the information in a way that allows readers to skim and pick up the pieces of information that will benefit them most. Examples of informational listicle ideas include:

  • 13 Fashion Tips for a Minimalist Wardrobe
  • 11 Best Horror Movies of 2022
  • 21 Ways To Reduce Stress Naturally
  • 7 Things You Should Do After an Auto Accident

The topics have buzzwords and address things people search for online, such as legal topics and professional beauty tips. Some require minimal written content and focus more on visuals; others offer great ways to organize information into memorable bullet points. Informational listicles can represent your informed opinion mixed with a bit of research-based content.

2. Educational Listicles for Presenting Facts

Educational and information listicles are similar but with one distinct difference. Each heading presents a fact, followed by content to elaborate on or prove it. Think of this listicle as flashcards — offering fast access to critical information:

  • 17 Nutritional Facts About Whole Wheat Products
  • 5 Ways Academic Pressure Can Impact Your Mental Health
  • 7 Historical Facts About Epic Battles of the 18th Century
  • 4 Laws Victims of Personal Injury Should Know

If someone Googles a question about the stock market, the first link on the search engine results page could be to a blog titled “9 Stock Market Facts Every Investor Should Know.” Readers will spend more time on that page because the information is educational and displayed in a way that is easy to follow and retain.

3. Recommendation Listicles for Promoting Products

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Recommendation listicle ideas are a fast and straightforward way to get the word out about your products or services without using in-your-face advertising. Creating meaningful, relevant content brings the people you want to reach to your website, down the sales funnel and back for more.

If you sell beard care products, for example, your ideas for listicles should include rankings of your favorite products on the market with subtle links to some you offer. Think “11 Beard Growth Supplements That Work” or ” 15 Products To Help You Grow a Thicker Beard.”

Recommendation lists can cover one product, such as the “12 Best Scented Candles for Summer.” Some ideas may follow a theme, such as “16 Amazon Home Finds You Didn’t Know You Needed.” When you have a vast inventory of many products, recommendation listicles are a great way to drive traffic to best sellers or discontinued items you want to sell quickly.

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4. How-To Listicles for Providing Easy Instructions

Do you have knowledge about a subject the general public can use? How-to listicles are a genuine way to show readers what you know and help them use it, combining informational, educational and recommendation listicles into one big subtle brag. These attract readers across industries with DIY content:

  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Backyard Garden
  • How To Clean a Rusty Grill With Products From Home
  • How To Use CSS Coding Language for Beginners
  • 7 Steps to Building a Reading Nook
  • How To Create the Perfect Smokey Eye

Headers for how-to listicle ideas should clearly define the step. Remember, some readers want to scan the bold lines to see if the article is what they need before investing in a full read. The easier you make it for them to follow, the more likely they are to stick around, check out the content, click on a few product recommendations and see how else you might be capable of helping them.

5. Countdown Listicles for Entertaining Your Audience

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Think of countdown listicles as a way to stake your claim as a source of information in your field. These require a topic and a ranking system. For example, countdown the most recognizable songs to play on the piano from easiest to hardest. Avid readers and creators on TikTok’s booktok might click on “25 Best Heartwarming Reads for the Season,” a listicle that ranks each book by how much of a tearjerker it is.

Countdown listicle ideas can be informative and subtly promotional as well. For example, a beauty company might share its top 10 locations for select skin care treatments from the most expensive to the more affordable. A personal injury attorney might list examples of settlements they achieved from lowest to highest. You can work products and keywords into the content without triggering Google filters and share these on your social media to break up more serious content.

Write Valuable and Clickable Listicles

Add value to your listicles with featured ideas for each point. Research is your best friend. When you hire professional content writers, they prioritize readability and information-rich content over fluff.

Listicles are also often link-heavy, but not just any old link will do. Links should take readers to usable advice from reliable and relevant sources, further solidifying your status as an expert in the field.

Turn Your Listicle Ideas Into Content Marketing

Listicles make it easy to share valuable information in a fun way without sacrificing quality. Using these five formats with topics relevant to your industry and business lets potential customers know you are a force in your field.

Content marketing methods constantly evolve, sometimes making it challenging to keep up. Listicles are a timeless way to stay relevant, and the right marketing team can help you maintain quality content. Need help crafting listicle ideas for SEO-optimized content? Contact BKA Content to learn how we can help you!

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