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The 5 Best Keyword Research Services To Try in 2023

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Every search query contains keywords, or words and phrases that potential website visitors use to find information online. Researching keywords for your business can help you create content that raises the ranking of your site in search results for relevant queries. Discover the best keyword research service in 2023 and learn more about five services and tools that you can try as part of your SEO strategy.

The Best Keyword Research Services

There are more options available for keyword research than ever before. You can choose a service or tool that fits your budget and level of familiarity with SEO best practices. A keyword research and content writing service can do research and create unique content that boosts the ranking of pages on your website in search engine results. You can also choose from free and paid tools that report search volumes, click-through rates and the difficulty of ranking for keywords. 

Keyword research can seem simple, but you may find it difficult to rank for keywords unless you have SEO experience. It can also be a challenge to create site content that contains relevant keywords while being interesting and informative enough to attract site visitors and lead to conversions.

For these reasons, a service that has experienced strategists who will assist you with keyword research for organic SEO stands out from tools that provide useful data but require you to know how to interpret and act on findings. Our list of services and tools factors in the availability of keyword research features and ease of use, starting with the most full-featured keyword research service.

1. BKA Content: An All-inclusive Keyword Research Service

keyword research service

One of the best keyword research services to try in 2023, our company can help you develop an SEO strategy that gets results. The SEO strategists at BKA Content specialize in using the findings of keyword research to create original content for your website. 

A combination of keyword research, blog writing services and white hat link building can raise the ranking of your website for any keyword. Regularly posting content that offers value to site visitors can help you reach and maintain a high ranking in search results for keywords that lead directly to conversions. 

2. Ahrefs: A Strong Research Tool With Free Features

Ahrefs is one of the leading suites of SEO tools, with a free keyword generator and difficulty checker. This free tool can generate up to 150 keyword suggestions, including 100 phrase-match keywords and 50 question-based keywords. 

The free version of the Ahrefs keyword generator provides monthly search volume data and difficulty ratings for the top 10 keywords. The SEO functionality of Ahrefs goes beyond keyword research to include webmaster tools for auditing your site and inspecting backlinks. 

Expert Help With Keyword Research!

Let us save you time by doing the research for you and giving you high-quality content that gets the right keywords on your site. 

3. Moz: A Beginner-Friendly Keyword Research Tool

Moz is one of the most beginner-friendly keyword research tools. The Moz Keyword Explorer scores the priority of keywords based on click-through rates, difficulty and volume. You can also set your own score based on the importance of a keyword.

Use Moz Keyword Explorer to search for any keyword and view data to help you decide which keywords to prioritize in your on-page SEO strategy. The free version of Keyword Explorer supports 10 queries per month and provides up to 1,000 keyword suggestions and 10 search engine results page analyses for each query.

4. Semrush: An Advanced Tool for Experienced SEO Strategists

Some keyword research services and tools are geared to users who have SEO experience. Semrush has advanced features and functions that are useful for SEO pros, but these tools can be overly specialized for users who are still learning how to research keywords and optimize on-page SEO.

Semrush provides granular keyword data about search volume and traffic, competitive keyword gap analysis and search engine results page features. Free users can generate up to 10 analytics reports per day and track 10 keywords.

5. Google: General Keyword Research Services To Support Your Site

keyword research services

The leading search engine also offers several free tools that you can use for keyword research. Google Keyword Planner is a tool for developing pay-per-click search ads that is free to Google Ads users. Keyword Planner is less relevant for organic SEO but provides basic data on monthly search volume and related keywords.

While Google Search Console is not a dedicated keyword research tool, this service shows queries that drive traffic to your site that you can use to identify keywords. Lastly, Google Trends is a free resource that shows trending keywords by region over time. 

What To Look For in a Keyword Research Service

When you are ready to do keyword research, you should look for a service or tool that meets your needs and matches your level of SEO experience. Even if you don’t have much personal expertise, a service that has SEO experts do keyword research on your behalf can identify the best keywords to raise the search ranking of pages on your website and attract visitors who have the intention to convert.

You can use keyword research tools to make data-driven decisions, but there is no substitute for extensive SEO experience. Some tools can recommend keywords that you may find easier to rank for, but you will still have to decide whether these keywords are relevant to your website.

Whether you choose to have a service research keywords for your site or try a do-it-yourself tool, it’s useful to reference current search volume data, changes over time and competition for the most relevant keywords. The right services and tools can provide accurate and useful keyword data to help you make informed decisions about on-page SEO.

Choose From the Best Keyword Research Services

BKA is the best keyword research service thanks to our experienced SEO strategists who can do the research for you and explain how you can use keywords to raise the rank of your website in search engine results. BKA Content is one of the only keyword research services that can create high-quality, original content that draws traffic to your website and keeps providing value over time. Get started now with our affordable SEO services for small businesses.

The BKA Writing Team

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