how to get google adsense approval without writing blog post

How To Get Google AdSense Approval Without Writing Blog Posts

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Many content creators don’t find blogging to be fulfilling, and because of this, they might wonder how to get Google AdSense approval without writing blog posts. Fortunately, there are several avenues creators can take to secure AdSense approval, so if you’re one of these creators, you’re in luck.

Let’s explore a few non-blogging options that can help you achieve AdSense approval.

Getting AdSense Approval

how to get google adsense approval without writing blog post

Before covering the content types you can use to gain AdSense approval, it’s important to get familiar with Google AdSense’s approval requirements. The specifics may vary slightly based on your location or the language you use, but in addition to complying with Google’s content policies, there are a few universal requirements you’ll need to meet. Maintaining the following prerequisites is a must for securing AdSense approval, regardless of your content’s format.

  • You need to own and control your website.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Your website needs clear navigation menus.
  • You must post content that’s unique and engaging.
  • Your content must be written in a supported language.
  • You cannot publish content that’s already copyrighted.
  • You cannot attempt to pull in fake site traffic.

In addition, some unofficial requirements may include having a website that’s at least six months old and getting regular, sufficient traffic to your pages.

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Non-Blogging Content Options for AdSense Approval

When it comes to getting Google AdSense approval without writing blog posts, many content creators get around blogging with the power of YouTube channels. By producing high-quality videos and maintaining a consistent upload schedule, you too can gradually pursue AdSense approval. 

Gaining a significant following on social media platforms can also make it easier to secure AdSense approval for your content. Engaging with your audience, sharing relevant content, and collaborating with others in your niche can help you meet AdSense’s eligibility criteria.

Finally, instead of creating a traditional blog, consider developing a user-friendly website that focuses on a specific topic in your industry. From there, create an array of relevant, high-quality pages and use intuitive designs for your formats and page organization. Add engaging visuals to your content (such as images and infographics), maintain fast loading speeds, and follow good SEO practices for the best results.

Google AdSense and AI Content

Some content creators want to save time and use AI content to build a body of work for their websites. Among them, plenty wonder if they can monetize this content with Google AdSense. According to Google’s publications on the topic, it’s challenging to gain approval for AI-written content, but it’s possible to do so with high-quality pieces that meet all of Google’s compliance rules.

Learn How to Get Google AdSense Approval Without Blog Posts

Securing Google AdSense approval without writing traditional blog posts is possible, thanks to the wide variety of content formats creators can choose. The options mentioned above only cover some of the steps creators can take when they want to explore how to get Google AdSense approval without writing blog posts. So, research the path you’re going to take carefully, because by understanding the requirements in place and developing a strategy to follow, you’re far more likely to achieve success.

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