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7 Tactics To Generate Roofing Leads for Your Business

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Roofing companies have to work tirelessly to win each project. To get new leads with regularity, you need to be extremely resourceful and adaptive.

A comprehensive outreach campaign uses many channels to connect a broad base of prospective clients and generate interest in your services. You don’t need to resort to trial and error to learn how to generate roofing leads. Instead, you can use proven models for lead generation to begin producing positive results as soon as possible. Here are some of the best tactics that you can use to build up your commercial roofing business.

How Can Digital Marketing Improve Roofing Lead Generation?

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To gain a good number of inbound leads every day, having a solid online presence is essential. A well-rounded marketing campaign that includes high-quality content and outreach materials should bring in a steady stream of web traffic and inquiries. An expansive online profile can sustain roofing lead generation quarter after quarter.

What Tactics Need To Be Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Working to increase your company’s visibility will help you stand toe-to-toe with competing businesses. When planning out how to generate roofing leads for your business, prioritize tactics that are cost-efficient and capable of producing a large number of leads.

1. Write High-Quality Content Consistently

Contractors in highly skilled fields need marketing materials that call attention to their experience and professional competence. In the roofing industry, content that shows a strong understanding of roofing system installation and maintenance principles showcases your company’s know-how. Informative articles and blog posts can make potential clients regard your company as authoritative. Educating your audience establishes credibility and shows that your team members are masters of their craft.

Posting articles with regular frequency also demonstrates that your company is resourceful and well-organized. Publish posts that feature original content that stays up-to-date with emerging trends. This assures your audience that you’re on top of developments in your industry.

If you’re not quite convinced that blogging is the way to go for your roofing business, consider this data from Hubspot:

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Blogging consistently leads to compounding results, specifically for lead generation. The best thing about producing content is how affordable it is when compared to other marketing strategies. Begin today to start seeing results.

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2. Improve Your Website’s Functionality

When you’re evaluating how to generate roofing leads online, bear in mind that the quality of your website may play a big role in the first impression people get of your business. It’s crucial that every page and link on your site works correctly.

Many people will be viewing your site on a phone, so you’ve got to make sure that it’s easy to navigate in a mobile format. The layout should be pleasing and intuitive. Visitors should be able to readily find basic information about your company, the services that you offer, and the informative resources that you’ve provided.

Contact information should be conspicuous on every page. Engaging visitors to contact you with a fillable form can prompt responses.

3. Boost Your SEO Rankings

When strategizing how to get the most from your website and how to generate commercial roofing leads, you’ve got to make boosting your business ranking on search engines a top goal. A meticulously maintained website won’t deliver leads if it doesn’t have enough visibility.

Build SEO features directly into your web design to elevate rankings. Review your site traffic patterns to identify which keywords and themes are drawing the most interest.

4. Network With Manufacturers

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In examining how to generate roofing leads, think about harnessing professional relationships and networking. Businesses that have to coordinate commercial roofing system work may begin their process by looking for a well-known brand of roofing materials or by finding materials that meet specific criteria. For example, they may seek out sustainably sourced materials or roofing systems that can make buildings more energy efficient. If people are searching for roofing products online, you should try to turn that into an opportunity to generate leads.

Having your business information on a supplier’s site could prove to be advantageous. Many manufacturers make an effort to point people in the direction of contractors who can install and repair their specific systems. Also, manufacturers may be willing to include links to your site if you do the same for them on yours. These types of associations show people that your business is an industry leader.

5. Develop Your Business Profile on Directories

Third-party directories need to figure prominently into your game plan for how to generate roofing leads. People like the convenience of being able to go to one site to find multiple service providers. They also tend to put more stock in business reviews listed on third-party platforms rather than those on a company’s own website or other marketing materials. Include links on your website to your scores or reviews on directories and other search pages. This makes a bold statement that you’re committed to providing great service.

Verify that all the information for your business on popular directories is accurate and descriptive. Including as much detail as you can about your business can help your information stand out from other listings. Make sure to include several ways to contact your company. Include your website, email address, and social media account information.

Some professional directories offer the option to pay for enhanced account features. You may be able to get more detail in your listings or become a sponsored search result. Track how much those types of memberships are paying off for you to see if the investment is worthwhile. Collect data about how many of your leads are finding you on specific directories.

6. Take Aim at Specific Industries and Businesses

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Work on identifying and connecting with the types of businesses that would be likely to need commercial roofing services. Condominium associations and property managers, for example, could be receptive audiences. Many states have online search platforms with information about incorporated business entities. These platforms generally include contact information for registered agents. You can also search county records for information about which owners and investment companies are responsible for the physical maintenance of specific properties. You can compile a list and make contact by phone, email, direct mail, or other channels. In the materials that you send to those companies, highlight your experience serving clients in their specific industry.

7. Create Materials That Convey Business-to-Business Professionalism

Cultivating business-to-business relationships can take a fair amount of finesse. Business owners and managers tend to be very discerning about which service companies they rely on.

Your primary business contacts need to be confident promoting your company to the people to whom they’re accountable. They should be able to point directly to your company’s qualifications. In addition, they should be able to show the advantages of working with your company instead of with one of your competitors. To pass muster with business owners and managers, you need to wow them with what you bring to bear. All your marketing efforts and direct interactions have to exhibit a high degree of professionalism. Make it a point to underscore your business achievements, experience, and core values.

Start Generating More Roofing Leads Now

Ultimately, aggressive marketing and outreach can get more traffic to your website. This can produce a steady stream of direct inquiries for service. If you need to produce more content to step up your presence online and get more project leads, BKA Content can help. Contact us to learn more about how to generate roofing leads with high-quality blogs and informative articles. BKA’s experienced writing team can take care of your company’s content so you can keep your focus on converting your leads into contracts.

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