How To Generate Personal Injury Leads

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The difference between personal injury attorneys who do well and those who don’t is the number of cases they work. Utilizing your firm’s website to generate personal injury leads is a tactic that is often underutilized but can make a huge difference when done properly.

Here are some tips and ideas on how to generate more personal injury leads for your practice.

1. Use Your Blog To Generate Personal Injury Leads

The chances are good that your practice has a website, but does your website have an active blog or article section? Most attorneys struggle to find the time or the workforce to keep the blog section of their site active. However, if you don’t write blog content consistently, you’ll miss out on serious traffic and leads.

The Numbers:

  • Businesses that blog consistently each month see 55% more monthly traffic
  • Businesses that blog consistently get 67% more leads
  • Businesses that blog consistently see 30% more revenue

These numbers cannot be ignored, because blogging consistently is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your site, thus increasing the chances of that traffic converting into leads and clients.

Why does blogging help to generate personal injury leads?

Blogging works so well because you can target a new subset of keywords with each blog post you write. Once the post is published, Google will crawl it and start ranking your content for certain keywords over time.

Once your content starts to rank on Google, your website will start to get more traffic. More traffic increases your chances of getting more leads and clients.

Blogging consistently increases traffic, and blogs have a unique compounding effect when it comes to leads as more time goes by.

HubSpot did a recent study that showed that over 50% of their website traffic came from older blog posts. Not only that, but they found that most of their leads came from older blog posts as well.

This shows that by blogging consistently each month, you can achieve a compounding effect when generating personal injury leads every month.

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2. Use Lead Generation Forms

Once you’ve started blogging consistently, traffic should start to increase.

Now that you have more visitors to your website, it is important to make sure that you have some personal injury lead generation forms on your website.

Where should you put personal injury lead generation forms?

The first place you should make sure has a lead generation form is your home page. This is because most website visitors hit the home page first, before any other page.

Next, use Google Analytics to quickly see what your top 10 pages are for monthly traffic. These pages may include blog posts, services, or other pages – that’s OK!

Always put a personal injury lead generation form on your top 10 pages that garner the most monthly traffic.

Doing this will help to increase your chances of seeing an increased number of submitted forms each month.

3. Respond in a Timely Fashion To Convert Personal Injury Leads

Once you’ve got the lead, respond to them as quickly as possible.

According to an L.R.M. study, you are 21 times more likely to convert a lead if you can follow up with them within 30 minutes of them submitting their form.

To accomplish this, you could set up your lead gen forms to notify someone within your office whenever a lead comes in. This person’s job could be to call the lead immediately after a lead comes in. Doing this will help to increase your conversion rate when it comes to turning leads into working cases.

If you don’t have the staff resources to make immediate contact, you can create an autoresponder using automation tools such as Mailchimp to send leads an email instantly after they submit the form.

4. Build Trust To Nurture Your Personal Injury Leads

People want to feel like their personal information is valued. One of the best ways to accomplish this when generating personal injury leads is to set up your lead gen form to send leads to a thank you page once they’ve submitted their information.

Sending leads to a thank you page not only helps them feel safe about where their information was sent but also confirms that you received their information.

Another good practice to follow when it comes to lead gen form submission is to send leads a confirmation email. This confirmation email can be automated, and most lead form platforms have this function built in. However, if your lead gen platform does not have this built-in function, using a platform such as Zapier or Mailchimp should make it easy to accomplish.

The point is that personal information is sacred to the user giving it to you, so by acknowledging that you got their information and thanking them for it, you can build trust and help to increase your chances of conversion.

5. Ask for Reviews From Past Personal Injury Clients

Nothing beats the power of word-of-mouth referrals. The internet has made this incredibly easy with the ability to leave an online review via Google or other platforms.

When you work with a client, asking them to leave you a review is extremely important. The more positive reviews your practice has, the more social proof there is to help convince potential new clients to hire you.

You can also use those reviews on your website to show people that your services have worked for others and will work for them, too.

Social proof is an incredibly powerful motivator to fill out and submit a personal injury lead gen form.

Generate Personal Injury Leads Today

The best way to increase the number of submitted lead gen forms is by first focusing on getting more traffic to your website. Writing and posting blog content consistently is one of the best ways to do this. If you need help with your blogging efforts, BKA Content can help! Check out our blog writing services.

Once you have more traffic, implementing these tips and ideas can help you to further increase your conversion rate when generating personal injury leads.

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