How Stay-At-Home Parents Can Do Freelance Writing Jobs Online for Beginners

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Being a stay-at-home parent has many benefits. You enjoy more significant involvement in your children’s daily lives, and they generally experience less stress and have better school performance. However, you also forfeit your income and sometimes feel a little stir-crazy. Accepting freelance writing jobs online for beginners can be an excellent way to feel like an adult again, save your sanity, and earn money!

freelance writing jobs online for beginners

Get Started With Freelance Writing Jobs Online for Beginners

Starting an online writing career as a stay-at-home parent may seem like an overwhelming prospect. You like to write, but there are other variables to consider. How can you juggle kids and assignments and still be productive? Where do you find online writing jobs without prior experience? Here are some tips for beginning your new career from home:

1. Share Your Goals

If your kids are old enough, let them know your plans. Tell them why you are starting a writing career and share your objectives. Make a chart, a poster or a vision board and tell them how they can help you achieve your dreams. Share your enthusiasm for embarking on this project, and let them know how they can participate. When your spouse and family understand your goals, they will be more willing to help you obtain them.

2. Create a Productivity Plan

Landing freelance writing jobs online for beginners and meeting deadlines requires a strategy. Take time to plan out your days. Each day’s routine may look different depending on your family’s needs and obligations, but if everyone knows what to expect, you will all get more tasks accomplished.

Children function better with a schedule, and you will, too. Schedule your work time just as you would schedule any other appointment. Set timers for your little ones and for yourself. Give them specific play activities during this time. You can also assign children age-appropriate chores to help with housework and other duties so you have more time to dedicate to writing. Once your family knows the routine, they will be less likely to interrupt.

3. Spend Time With Your Children First

You may think you should finish all your work and then give your family attention. However, focusing on your children first thing each morning works best. When you play with, snuggle or talk with your family at the start of the day, it is much easier to address tasks without struggles. Dedicating this time to your children will help them feel secure and valued, making the transition to independent play while you write less stressful.

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4. Write When You Have Downtime

When doing freelance writing jobs online for beginners, schedule time for writing when your children are napping, at school or participating in activities. Planning to work when your family has other obligations is an excellent way to stay productive and maximize your time.

Eliminate distractions as much as possible to remain hyper-focused on your writing. When you know you have limited time, you can accomplish more than when you try to write for long periods and divide your attention among several things. Scheduling writing time in this way also forces you to work in short bursts, improving productivity, focus and concentration.

5. Be Realistic

If you expect perfection during this process from yourself or your family, you will end up frustrated and disheartened. Set attainable goals, and understand there will be hiccups along the way and likely some messes. Only accept freelance writing jobs online for beginners that you have the time and energy to complete. It may be tempting to tackle a wordy, specialized project, but it will only cause stress if you cannot accomplish the task while caring for your family’s needs. Start small and grow your skills and opportunities over time.

Be mindful of the family calendar, too. If you have a school party, a piano recital and a soccer game to attend in the same week, don’t accept new projects. Take a break from writing, and jump back in when you have more breathing room to meet deadlines without feeling frantic.

6. Enlist Help

If you have toddlers, it can be especially challenging to get any work done while they are awake. And often, you are too tired once they are asleep. Consider hiring part-time childcare or swapping babysitting hours with another parent. Your little ones will love having playdates, and you will get time to focus without distraction.

freelance writing jobs

You Can Get Freelance Writing Jobs Online for Beginners!

Earning money from home as a writer is within your reach. If you are self-motivated and ready to start, you can achieve your goals by taking one step at a time. Making a plan, creating a schedule and finding freelance work that provides training will get you on the path to a new, flexible career or side hustle. Share your thoughts in the comments if you have insights or tips for beginners looking for freelance writing jobs online.

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