is squarespace good for seo

How Good Is Squarespace for SEO?

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Squarespace is a popular code-free website builder that offers templates and hosting solutions to make designing and publishing a website easy. Is Squarespace good for SEO? It depends on if you know how to use SEO and your content management system. This site builder lets users customize some essential factors for on-site search engine optimization (SEO). Find out how well this service works for SEO and get tips to optimize your website for higher rankings in search engine results.

Is Squarespace Good for SEO?

Squarespace SEO

Squarespace is great for SEO if you know how to use it. Building an organized website is the first step toward successful SEO. The main selling point for Squarespace is the ability to make and maintain a polished website without coding. Simply select a template, choose a domain name and start creating pages.

Squarespace has several SEO advantages over competing site builders. You can customize information about web pages that some platforms automatically generate and don’t allow users to change. Web addresses, page descriptions and titles are ideal places to include keywords for which you want your site to rank.

Publishing optimized content is essential for on-site SEO. Squarespace makes adding web pages and posting blogs on your website easy. Whether you plan to create your own content or are considering engaging blog writing services, organic SEO strategies can help your site rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Are There Any Advantages to Using Squarespace for SEO?

Squarespace offers easy access to settings that let you get under the hood of your website. The SEO appearance panel and SEO tab under page settings provide access to options that are less accessible on other site builders.

This service also offers internal analytics and the ability to connect your site with Google Analytics and Search Console. You can use these resources to track site visitors and the rankings of pages on your site. The built-in analytics on this service are more robust than similar features on other platforms.

Regarding technical SEO, it is noteworthy that Squarespace optimizes every site template for mobile performance. While Google mobile-first indexing made responsive web design an industry standard in recent years, the templates for this site builder are more stylish than the competition. Using a service that provides and maintains templates rather than requiring or allowing for third-party themes could also make your site more stable.

What Are Some Common SEO Challenges on Squarespace?

Squarespace uses proprietary code to build every website, meaning site owners cannot optimize this code to speed up loading times. Sites on this service generally load more slowly than websites optimized for page speed. This platform also lacks support for some compressed image formats.

The limits of customization on Squarespace could present another SEO challenge. If you plan to build an e-commerce site, you should know that you cannot add or edit meta descriptions or titles on category pages. This service assumes that bloggers prefer to hide category and tag pages from search engine crawlers, although these pages are important for online stores.

While Squarespace is good for basic SEO, site owners could benefit from insights available through third-party extensions and plugins. Unfortunately, many leading optimization tools are incompatible with this platform.

SEO Solutions for Squarespace Sites

From organic SEO and content writing services to white hat backlink generation, we can help you optimize your website on Squarespace. Find out how a BKA Content blog subscription can help your site rank higher in searches.

How Should You Do SEO on Squarespace?

You can optimize a Squarespace website using organic SEO best practices as much as possible. Research the most relevant keywords for each page of your website and use these terms in titles and content and site and page descriptions. Try to spread keywords out naturally rather than making a list.

Customizing the URL slugs (the last part of the web address) for each page on your site is also a good idea. This service automatically generates page addresses based on titles, which can work if you optimize your titles before saving each page. If you do not create a title or custom address, the page builder may use a random string of characters not optimized for search.

This platform also allows users to create custom 404 error or page-not-found messages. These pages do not help you in search rankings but can keep visitors on your site after encountering broken links. A combination of technical and content-based SEO has the potential to make pages on Squarespace sites rank higher in search engine results.


is squarespace good for seo

Whether you already have a website or are comparing site-building services, you may wonder if Squarespace is good for SEO. Get answers to frequently asked questions about optimizing sites made with this service.

Does SEO Work With Squarespace?

You can do basic SEO when creating pages with this site builder. It is also easy to publish search-optimized content on a Squarespace website. This service provides Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificates for HTTPS connections and automatically generates a sitemap to help search crawlers index your website.

Is SEO Better on WordPress or Squarespace?

Your skill level or willingness to work with web design and SEO experts will determine whether WordPress or Squarespace is better for SEO. WordPress is fully customizable and can be more complex. Squarespace offers code-free site building complete with basic analytics and SEO for a higher price.

What Are the Limitations of Squarespace SEO?

SEO descriptions on Squarespace are only available for blog posts, events and products in version 7.0. The inability to alter the codebase of this site builder can also be a significant limitation for technical SEO.

What Is the Best Way To Use Squarespace for SEO?

Squarespace is good for SEO if you know or are willing to learn how to research and use keywords to customize your pages’ addresses, titles, descriptions and content. You will also need to post relevant content that contains these keywords regularly. BKA Content can provide blog posts optimized for higher search results rankings and increased click-through rates. Choose a monthly SEO blog writing plan to see how high-quality content can increase the visibility of your website.

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