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7 Lead Generation Strategies for Home Improvement Companies

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If you are a freelance handyman, an interior designer, or a professional contractor who specializes in home remodeling, you may be wondering how to generate leads for home improvement projects. Many small businesses connect with people by using social media — but as you do most of your work in non-digital spaces, you may feel behind when it comes to this aspect of your business.

Don’t worry. It’s entirely possible to integrate a home remodeling business with digital marketing plans. Learn more about how to develop your online presence, how to generate leads for home improvement businesses if you’re used to a word-of-mouth paradigm, and why your content strategy may be the best way to advertise for home improvement leads.

Learn How To Generate Leads for Home Improvement Contractors

lead generation for home remodeling

Finding leads for home remodeling can be difficult because contractors, interior designers, painters, and others who work in the home improvement industry get much of their work by word-of-mouth. The more you work, the more potential clients will notice your work, and the more homeowners will give out your name to their friends.

This framework can be great or terrible for business, but at the very least, it’ll make your career unpredictable. You may experience a “feast or famine” trend where you receive several requests for quotes, jobs, and leads in a short amount of time — and then you receive none. Learning how to generate leads in times of famine can be the factor that makes or breaks your home improvement business.

7 Ideas for How To Generate Leads for Home Improvement and Remodeling Companies

Now that you know why you should continuously generate leads, how do you find leads for home remodeling? Consider the following ways to find potential clients who are in the market for — and will likely be willing to invest in — your home improvement services.

1. Blog Consistently and Use SEO-Optimized Content

Blogging consistently is one of the best ways to show off your home improvement knowledge. You can tailor your content to your specific industry. For example, if you mainly work on remodels, you may write a series of articles explaining when the best time to remodel is or how to work with a contractor to design a remodel that’s within your budget.

Perhaps most importantly, good content gives your search engine optimization ratings a boost. If you’re unfamiliar with SEO, it’s simply the way search engines find the content that best matches what you’ve typed into a search box. The more content you write for your website, and the more consistently you use great SEO techniques such as keyword optimization, SEO-friendly formatting, and well-written content, the more likely it is that your site will attain a higher rank, thus bringing more leads for your home improvement business.

Hubspot captures this perfectly. Note how consistent blogging leads to compounding results:

hubspot lead generation case study

As a home improvement or remodeling service, you need to get the attention of customers online. Blogging is a cost-effective way to get more attention from search engines. Many potential customers are asking questions on Google that you can answer. This will ultimately lead them down the sales funnel.

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2. Find Your Niche

Regardless of whether you’re a handyman, general contractor, interior designer, or another home improvement specialist, you need to determine your niche before you begin to market yourself. Finding your niche is important to building your brand, and letting people know that you are an expert in a specific area will go a long way to fostering confidence in your skills.

It may weaken your business if you claim to be able to do everything involved in home improvement (even if you are proficient in many areas). You may wish to brand yourself as a small business that can renovate basements and bonus rooms, or perhaps you specialize in remodeling bathrooms.

Once you determine your home improvement niche, write several articles for your blog with your expert-level knowledge to boost your SEO in this specific area and attract potential clients. If you’re stuck when considering how to generate leads for home improvement clients, consider what it is you do best or most often for clients and work from there.

3. Market to the Right Audience

how to get home improvement leads

It doesn’t matter how good you are at your job if the people who would most likely hire you don’t know you exist! Review your marketing strategy, if you have one, and determine why you’re trying to sell your services to each group you market to. For example, you wouldn’t want to advertise home improvement services in a newly built neighborhood.

You also probably won’t attract many customers in neighborhoods where most people rent instead of buy (usually, renters aren’t able to make modifications to their spaces). Focus on selling your services and home remodeling expertise, whatever it may be, to the people who are most likely to hire you.

4. Post Online Ads To Generate Local Leads for Home Improvement

Target your demographic online by using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other groups that offer paid online advertising. This can help you generate leads from people who have recently searched for home improvement topics online or have joined specific social media groups that discuss home improvement topics. Crafting well-written ads can play into your content marketing strategy as they can direct potential customers to your blog.

If you’re considering generating leads for home improvement in this fashion, it’s crucial to update your blog regularly or consider working with a blog writing subscription service. This will ensure that your future customers see fresh, season-relevant content when they click through to your site.

5. Feature Customer Reviews

customer reviews for home improvement

Over 90% of people regularly check online reviews before making a purchase, choosing a contractor, or ordering a product. You’ve probably used this strategy at some point to find everything from affordable hair salons to new restaurants to high-quality healthcare clinics, too.

Using customer reviews of your products can be a great way to generate leads for home remodeling. When combined with your content and descriptions of the services you offer, written proof that you’ve exceeded your prior customers’ expectations can go a long way to attracting new clients. Using a star rating system may be helpful as well.

6. Distribute Business Cards or Flyers To Target Neighborhoods

This piece of advice doesn’t require you to use digital marketing tactics, but you’ll have to be just as careful — if not more so — to ensure that the content on your flyer or business card is proofread, accurate, and timely. First, determine which of the neighborhoods in your area will be most likely to hire a contractor or home improvement professional within the next few months. Then, create a mailing list to directly mail business cards, flyers, or other promotional materials. You could also go door-to-door to talk to each homeowner about your services.

When you’re learning how to generate leads for home improvement using this approach, you’ll notice quickly whether people are amenable to speaking with you or not, and you’ll have to adjust your tactics from there. Note that in most areas of the United States, it’s not legal to put unposted mail, paperwork, or business cards directly into people’s mailboxes.

7. Utilize Social Media To Connect With Locals

Consider joining local social media groups for home improvement professionals. You can network with others to receive referrals, post your contact information, and direct potential clients to your blog.

Having a professional website and an expert content strategy in place may be the best way to separate you from the local competition: If your home improvement knowledge is out there for others to see and your site is regularly updated with helpful information, potential clients may be more likely to choose you over another local contractor they’re not familiar with.

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